1 Man, 27 Impressions


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    Which impression did you think I did the best? Let me know!
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    Featuring the Voice of Broden Kelly ( @Aunty Donna )
    Written and Performed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( @TomSka )
    Co-Written by Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley ( @Eddache )
    Shot and Edited by Elliot Gough ( @Elliot Gough )
    Ad Animation by Billy Crinion ( @BillyBCreations )
    Special Thanks to Ed, Alice, and Todd.

    CONTENT WARNINGS: Weapons, suicide jokes, cancer jokes, self-deprecating jokes, honestly just about everything your parents warned you about.

    Secondary Channel ( @DarkSquidge ​)
    Twitter ( thetomska​ )
    Facebook ( thetomska​ )
    Tumblr ( thetomska.tumblr.com​ )

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    1. Liv Martin

      Oh my god, I love this! Can you guys make more of this, please? o^o

    2. [SC] Dont_Interupt_Boi

      "An american man: 🤌Im american🤌 A chinese man: uhhh 🤌ím ćhīņè§ə🤌" Had me dying xD

    3. Bang Christopher Chan

      "Oh my god, I'm trans" Ah, relatable

    4. Simon KR

      If you added give us ya oil to an American man it’d be perfect IMO

    5. Nobody

      still impressive that tom manages to edit in the eyes so well

    6. ActualGuyFieri

      I love how the American man sounds like Danny Devito

    7. Edward Clark


    8. Edward Clark

      Wow. I love this

    9. DunamisDylan

      ...Ahm losing meself

    10. Some Gamer

      2:16 Yeehaa, haayee, yeeyee, haahaa

    11. Some Gamer

      1:39 being trans myself, I find this to be hilarious lol

    12. Sir Laugh's a lot

      So genius Never gets old

    13. small rose

      this is GOOD

    14. Randomnesss E

      If you are reading this don’t skip through the surfshark ad it’s really funny

    15. Allan Ribergaard

      I’m glad he’s against being sexist

    16. Alfie 568

      2:03 I just got that

    17. Big Ben Games

      Teacher: what sound does a cow make? Kindergartener: moo Teacher: then why did you put "yee yee?"

      1. The Nyan

        Because that’s the sound a cowcow makes

      2. Raiden

        You wouldn’t get it

    18. Dr Coomer


    19. «crouton»

      1:40 I’ve never wheezed so hard in my life-

    20. Rainfire

      haha funny

    21. Perrin Bruh

      is it just me or are the british youtubers just really funny

    22. Pontiff Sullyvan

      Dude, we need to bring back jokes like these

    23. Finn The Crystal Penguin

      Part 2 uwu?

    24. Silis West


    25. s_tdn

      A pizza delivery guy. "AY I GOT YOUR THREE CHEESES" who wants to save your soul "WIT A FREE JESUS" lol 0:54

    26. Falgor

      Why can't I like your videos more than once? Also the reference to "Le Alien" at the end, yessss! :D

    27. Silis West

      2:16 This got me

    28. The Penguin Gamer’s Notebook

      How is no one talking about how the “here’s your 3 cheeses with a free Jesus!” is a reference to the original script for “Let Me In”?

    29. Lucas Hurpia

      Eliot's voice at 2:47 killed me. omg well done

    30. SentielFlames

      1:21 Should have been “NO! DON’T JUMP!” Line from asdf movie ngl

    31. relax jack


    32. Specialism


    33. MiotaLee

      "haha" x'D

    34. MiotaLee

      tom, is there something you want to tell us? jk, just loving the trans jokes

    35. gdub your local idiot

      28 actually cus that narrator is him

    36. Pokémanu

      My name is actualy my dads name

    37. tiky but dead


    38. Remy Cohn-Aronoff

      As an American, I was highly offended but the American Man impression. There was no racism and/or gun violence abuse.

    39. Master Conner

      The panda flying like a bald eagle was hilarious

    40. Shawn Furl

      I just realized this was Tomska. Not at all disappointed!

    41. Max Brooks

      These really made me laugh! Thanks for sharing :)

    42. Lee Cadman

      He has 69.7m subs :p

    43. Damien Slash

      TomSka is one of the most watchable people on the internet

    44. Cole Hoffman

      If you did not know Great Britain has a addiction to colonies

    45. CarterDoesStuff

      Lol I thought he was gonna say the f word lol 0:35

    46. BB Wong

      I am from a city in China and when he did a Chinese impression it not Anywhere close

    47. Radiical


    48. Inal Amier

      waiting for a cowdoy reference

    49. Rosalynd Byass

      "...a toast." gets me every time

    50. jeremy rodriguez

      0:36 I thought he was gonna say the f word

    51. 1Trapz

      I love the Texas reference lol yee YEE

    52. Howling Wolves

      POV: you watched this more than once

    53. Spy4367


    54. alex's PVZplayer

      “A spot of tea-give us your country” that made me laugh

    55. Danny

      Ah a spot of tea Give es ye contrey

    56. Charlie Levy

      How’s the weather up there Splat

    57. MintT Is Sain

      2:16 :)

    58. Trenten Hayden

      1:00 is that cheesus

    59. Mr.BlueCow

      “A man who has spent his entire life searching for fairies” I legit thought he was gonna do mr crocker

    60. Rachel Holt


    61. Gaming channel no one likes

      2:40 shoulda added “gotcha he’s a sexist”

    62. Zi Xin Yap

      Peak comedy

    63. Ferrari fan 750

      0:36 duck but with an f at the start = the f word with duck at the end

    64. shaky hands

      haha, fduck

    65. MechanicalAnimal

      Tom, I just have to say that I love the videos where you just sit in front of a green screen

    66. RDR 11

      As a Chinese man I can confirm that we do say "I'M A CHINESE MAN" all day long, and yes, pandas DO fly

      1. Engineer gaming

        @Engineer Gaming wait a damn minute partner

      2. Engineer Gaming

        Engineer Gaming

      3. Raiden

        @Engineer Gaming a true chad

      4. Engineer Gaming


      5. Engineer Gaming

        Oh shit I KNEW IT

    67. Kermit The POG

      A flying panda

    68. Jead lace Jead lace

      0:23 The flying panda bear is the icing on the cake

    69. R2D2Cambo02


    70. LightTime PL

      You need cry not laugh..

    71. SimplyEyolf

      Ey I'm a lil short man.

    72. witchdoctor.

      omg the free Jesus joke :)

    73. Eddie Crawford

      Hehe, fduck!

    74. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

      lmfao that 'eyyy I'm a chinese man' with the eagle screech but a flying panda instead

    75. ShinyDarkrai2000

      Funny, but I want to hug you

    76. InklingJak


    77. samuel stonebreaker

      I keep thinking the narrator sounds like Jeremy clarkson

    78. Eva-Marie/Wrixx

      Man I love these funny sketch videos

    79. AJ Apellido


    80. catrina

      i used the fliping cowboy joke i cracked up the whole class eaven the math teacher

    81. Adam Diggle

      Broden Kelly!?

    82. LordHansi

      0:05 when he said impressions it sounded like warowl when he does the voice

    83. ggyt1.0


    84. You Are The Best

      It's Feduck, Not Fuck!

    85. JosephwolfcommieboyYT

      I made you in gacha club and I’m so sorry. It looks terrible.

    86. Cast Away

      There seems like there are more then 27

    87. Hange Zoe

      2:14 my dad. LITERALLY.

    88. Daniel Wyss

      I thought I recognised Broden from Aunty Donna's voice

    89. Terraknite

      HEEEEY!!!! My laughs aren't cheap!!! They are VERY expensive. $5 = 1 laugh I laugh 111111111 times so you owe me $555555555 dollars TomSka. Im waiting

    90. Hysandel

      Where's asdfmovie14?

    91. ducky quack

      Why is it when he does the American impression sound like Danny devito

      1. ducky quack

        @Pedro Rosa oh

      2. Pedro Rosa

        That was the ideia.

    92. CharFox

      The American one was pretty accurate though...

    93. BirdZenZ

      hahahah green screen=funny lmao hahah xd such laugh

    94. RedShadow 24

      ok you got me there with “fduck” bruh.

    95. Whitty_Official

      1:37 bro why does that line make me so sad

    96. MySquad OurGaming

      ay im a little sponge man!

    97. Mattthematiques

      Did you know that Nicolas Sarkozy has the great pleasure to read "Le temps des tempêtes" for audible ?

    98. Captain Daveo

      His videos are never what you think they are and it’s great

    99. Radioactivedinosaur42

      “ ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello, d’you call this then?” “This is a BRcall video, sir” “I’m losing m’self...”

      1. Saber Tooth Panda

        It made me glad

      2. The Fourth Horde

        It made me sad