Rejects (feat. Daniel Howell)


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    Tom & Dan knock off some knock-offs
    Featuring Dan 'danisnotonfire' Howell (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written, Produced and Assistant Directed by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography & Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Editing & Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough ( elliotexplicit)
    Costume & Makeup by Edie Flowers ( eed_flowers)
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Sound Recording by Ollie Drummond (
    with Dan Howell as Span (,
    Dan Howell as Doesn't Understand the Human Body Dan (,
    Dan Howell as Really Bad Advice Dan (,
    Dan Howell as Racist Dan (,
    Dan Howell as Secretly Asian Dan (,
    Dan Howell as Barbershop Quartet Dan (,
    Dan Howell as Suicidal Dan (,
    Dan Howell as Chan (,
    and Phil Lester as Phan (
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    Twitter ( thetomska)
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    Publicado em 5 anos atrás


    1. Egg2713


    2. Story time with da boys

      Did your hair loose wight

    3. Christina Anderson

      Dan dan HAM

    4. rooins

      the ending he is ham dan (its funny. laugh.)

    5. Sick arson

      (muffled screaming) (actual screaming) "HAM!" 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Anbun


    7. Tomi Oluwa

      DAN! DAN! HAM!!!

    8. doom slayer 1993

      How many shots do you have in that 6 shot revolver

    9. Nexnang 122


    10. ᴢʏxʀᴏ_

      *When the impostor is sus*

    11. J-Gamer 112

      *H A M*


      of course a revolver can shoot 9 shots with a 6 shoooter cylinder

    13. Woxy0w0

      wait... how did you got 10 bullets in revolver?

    14. Bakugo Or Kanchan

      ✨ ham ✨

    15. Demonic Wolf

      Can I have a Tom clone

    16. Kakyoin Noriaki

      Hola! *Gets shot* UGH! Adios! *falls dead*

    17. epic boi

      He had 11 rounds

    18. Laeeq Ahmed

      I think you could make a good video about a game called among us

    19. carlangas mangas largas

      1:04 dan dan ham

    20. Scott Costello

      How many bullets does a 6 round revolver have.Apparently 50 according to tomska.

    21. GordonFan No.488

      ‘Dan Ham Burmingham Brother Dam’s Sister Fan Picky Piper Flipping Lamb Chairman Cow Licking Sam.’

    22. Gracelin Smith


    23. Grainger

      0:47 uhh ham!

    24. Drake Fisher

      I choose to believe this entire video was made because Tom got a video of some guys menacingly saying "HAM" and wanted to use it

    25. Romeo Hou


    26. Ravenous_lad

      It's called a corpse Dan.

    27. Jeremy Elias Goretzki

      Wait that was a Six Shooter für he Fired more than six

    28. Cody Taylor

      Hola......... adios

    29. Tariq Rayman


    30. Azazel

      He didn't even reload his gun

    31. _

      Didn’t know it’s possible to clone bullets. He just shot 9 shots out of a revolver

    32. Coffee Wizard


    33. Breeze Ma

      how did he shoot a 6 round pistol 10 times without reloading it

    34. dogsareawesome 9197

      Alternate title: white man clones georgenotfound 87 times

    35. sushi cat

      AAAAAAHHHHH That is a nice chair

    36. Gaming Legend

      what the fuck tom

    37. patrik ajvazi

      clone food you have infinite food supply

    38. patrik ajvazi

      my freind:i lost my arms bec i play whit chainsaw :) :me: C L O N E

    39. RiOtBiRd

      I just love Span lol "HOLA" SHOT "ADIOS"

    40. Adam Darling

      "well, there is suicidal dan, but uh *BANG* Yeah, thats all of them"

    41. Tia Roden


    42. Kyvros Music

      What is a living room? Ah yes... Filosofi

    43. Bozmund Os

      One of the few crative contents that i validate enough for me to actually watch every once in a while, nice, simple, fast... and satisfying.

    44. Jonas Mercado rivera

      I N F I N I T E B U L L E T

    45. hehe hehe


    46. Alfi3 :D

      H A M

    47. OverSeerSam

      Tom hasn't reloaded once

    48. Tea guy

      He shot 9 shots from a revolver

    49. xXFreaks_GachaXx

      Imagine how much money tom is getting from these re-watch's lol

    50. MR BASS

      "Uuh…HAM!" Tomska.

    51. AvixK

      I genuinely remember a version of this video where Tom threw the ham at Dan and he said "I'm Muslim" and I think my brain is just that dumb to make a completely different joke

    52. AvixK

      Damn Daniel 😳😳😳

    53. Fragify

      I love how Spanish Dan “span” said “hola, UH, adios”

    54. Shari Lurie


    55. nobody


    56. Peacock

      Barbershop quartet Dan ow Ow OW OWWWWW

    57. OGFORGE THE 3rd

      Why did you clone me twice Tom: yes twice

    58. The Goggles Fam

      your clones are very impressive, you must be proud

    59. Casey Cook

      “Well, you know when you want to tell someone something but you don’t want to hurt their feelings so you kinda just bottle it up until it slowly but surely dissolves into the never dying urge to kill them?” “Obviously” “I cloned you just so I could kill you”

    60. Ryan Carr

      Ultimate weapon..........HAM..........

    61. SMIGU MAN


    62. Fe4R 2.0

      i wasnt ready for the spanish dan: holaaa *BANG* oh adios

    63. Jibril

      2:25 onne chan

    64. Spiral

      Daniel kind of looks like George

    65. Xeno Dreemurr your local shitposter

      Daniel looks like one of Wallace Well's boyfriend.

    66. Jack Richards

      You know when yo- HAM

    67. Ice cream Galaxy rainbow Fox

      My friend: where did all these bodies come from?! Me: uhhhh HAM

    68. okyanus incesu


    69. Dontdisturb

      This is my comfort video and I love how I can see Dan smile after the ham :)

    70. ll-fxsion-_-


    71. Jack R

      These skits never age

    72. Joel Bjornsson

      🎵Dan Dan ham!🎵

    73. Enter The Window

      DAN DAN HAM!

    74. Enter The Window

      Er, ham.

    75. 4ourthllaw

      0:07 HAM

    76. CJ the small gamer

      Hola *gunshot* Adios

    77. Debbie Rhoades

      the other clones are ham

    78. Aidan Dujakovic

      *gets shot in spanish*

    79. Sean McCall

      Hey man did your hair lose wait?

    80. Ava Suri

      ngl, he looks kinda sus

    81. gamer's only

      Ham Ham Ham Ham Ham is Great

    82. Benson :D


    83. Boop Doop

      Bruh his revolver has more ammo than movie gun's

    84. Boop Doop

      Did you get new ..... Arms

    85. Jay Bop

      Ok wait a minute was the last one a Markiplier Dan?

    86. failure

      did your hair lose... weight

    87. Inked * *


    88. Karlwayne petalcorin

      The first ham wasn't funny the last ham was

    89. Enchiwadas

      Span... GENIUS Ok adiós.👋

    90. The Mining King

      in electrical

    91. Greeny Bowen

      Tom is not that great at "Hitman"

    92. Roosemares


    93. wilbur87

      wait how does his revolver have 10 shots

    94. russian dog

      how many bullets did that revolver had?

    95. Gav

      "Well, there is suicidal Dan, but-" *bang* "Yep, that's all of them"

    96. Toasty

      What Bullets?

    97. Zikcraft

      H A M

    98. Mr Mysterious

      Dan dan H A M

    99. DarIty

      Dan chan lol

    100. Elle Ballendine

      sorry there’s no way that this was 5 years ago. I swear I just watched this the day it came out like 2 days ago