Magic Spoon (feat. Dean Dobbs)


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    There is no spoon… Oh wait, there it is.
    New merch tho! (
    Featuring Dean Dobbs ( deandobbs)
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written, Edited and Produced by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Co-Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Sound Recording by Ollie Drummond (
    Camera Assistance by Elisa Spigariol (
    Featuring Eddie Bowley as Wizzo (
    and Matt Ley as Baker Boy (
    with the voice of Abigail Thorn (
    and introducing Squidge the Pug
    CONTENT WARNING: Comedy violence, new haircut, spoon
    Twitter ( thetomska)
    Facebook ( thetomska)
    Tumblr (
    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Charlie Belle

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    1. Did you expect a name or something?

      "I dunno Dean, I need time to thin- alright let's do it." - TomSka 2018

    2. PurpleToons

      me: where did the spoon come from? TomSka: The Hole

    3. Connor 64

      I love cake!

    4. NG games

      This video is my favorite with the hole and the orb. By the way, you should make a part 3 to the hole, the lore is actually really interesting

    5. A YouTube Channel

      These are my dreams

    6. Omar Ahmed

      Hey, that' a reference to ''NOSFERATU!'' from spongebob!

    7. A Happy Pineapple

      Yeah it's cool and all but Wizzo did kill kittens and a cake guy.

    8. GAstudios

      I LOVE CAKE!

    9. Tyler Walters

      *Void nom*

    10. Shulk

      this is random....but so good..all at once

    11. Mahad Kunkoro

      "I love cake!"

    12. chug chomper

      1:07 is by far my favourite part of the video

    13. 4nt0ś

      This came out 3 years ago.

    14. JF the LOLZOR

      i swear to god these sketches are like modern-day monty python sketches like hot damn these are hysterical

    15. bumblebee


    16. i like water

      Wizzo did nothing wrong by destroying France he did us a favour Ps this is a joke do not take it seriously

    17. Millian Eagle Hawk

      I L O V E C A K E

    18. Itcomesun

      What's your zodiacal sign?

    19. gferrol118

      There is no spoon

    20. a random guy

      I hardly ever genuinely laugh, and i laughed really hard

    21. Commander Fiendfyre

      1:08 Soldier in TF2 whenever he’s mildly inconvenienced.

    22. pofitas

      I just realized tom has another hair color

    23. bongo is gnome

      the 2k dislikes are australians and french people

    24. m8y fartbrain 2.0


    25. lathspelz

      He is living in THE ROOM

    26. LJSA


    27. dogegamer 2995

      0:58 Captions: Magic PEW! Baker SPLAT! Edit: Whoever wrote those captions is a f*cking comedic genius

    28. Chicken Joe

      The pacing of this video is beyond any movie or tv show

    29. איש איש

      asdfmovie movie

    30. Sam Jonen

      A vegetal? Into the void with it!

    31. Sam Jonen

      I love cake

    32. Micaleah Gonzalez

      0:55 "I love cake!" Beauty at its finest

    33. ST003M

      Tom is like Soldier from TF2, his roommate is a wizard.

    34. Trapp

      I LOVE CAKE!

    35. SharkSprayYTP

      It destroyed France? Then its a hero.

    36. felixperez 132

      I love cake!

    37. Nintendo 3D.

      “Which?”(Witch.) “No, a wizard.” “No, Which one?”(No, Witch won.) “She did? Good for her.”

    38. Sapphire Dahlia

      "Every video under one minute is legendar-" *Tomska exists* "This is an excemption"

    39. Noodles

      “I LovE CAkE”

    40. u/WingsOfFireGeek

      This is prime humor omfg

      1. u/WingsOfFireGeek

        *A vegetal?! Into the void with it!* _Tosses a cake into a wormhole that just suddenly exists_

    41. John B

      0:16 when magic has no limits.

    42. SomethingManly Bob

      I posted on like 7 videos, I'm going for 16.

    43. Sleepy Lofi

      i know this came out a few years ago but i expect to see the comments filled with "I love cake":)

    44. Budhi Dharma

      No one: Litterly no one: Cake man: Eyo Cake is here Dean: I LOVE CAKE! Also Dean: *Uses magic spoon* Still also dean: Oh no.. did the magic spoon turn the cake into a carrot cake?

    45. the goose


    46. Kaiju Jabut [Kaïjou Yabeut]

      Mais pourquoi tu elle a détruit la France ? C'est bien la France !

    47. narelle melgaard

      Wizzo destroyed a country and murdered children and killed multiple adults WIzZoooO

    48. Char A

      spooky spoon

    49. Harasen

      I like how the clip of Dean saying "I love cake" appears twice. 0:16 0:54 ... or maybe Dean is just really good at doing/saying things in the exact same way twice.

    50. Rebecca MCLOONE

      This is like llamas in hats omg

    51. Hanrahan

      The magic spoon killed france. The magic spoon possibly caused the destruction of the Eiffel Tower in splatoon 3.

    52. Kelsior

      Who came for the keto cereal?

    53. Noxoreits

      I love cake!

    54. Pizstolz

      I remember when this said uploaded 5 minutes ago

    55. EpicGamerBoyAZ

      They forgot Wizzo killed someone.

    56. Dragon Pl


    57. Chayton C

      Fish love cake

    58. Tommy CJ

      Really? Magic spoon?? 😂😂

    59. The Elijah Show

      This is all of my conversations with my friend.

    60. Hotel Val Sinestra

      hold on was wizzo playd by pewdipie

    61. tri game and animation

      We never saw the 2and episode

    62. Mist McHaven

      1:07 ''I don't know Dean, I need to thi- alright let's do it.''

    63. Joseph Lucas

      Good reference to shell shock

    64. DiamondCompass

      I have the distinct feeling that Dean loves cake, but I’m not exactly sure...

    65. Eddiemcshrimple

      Because everyone has rocket propelled grenade launcher in their back pocket

    66. Blaziken Knight

      Where’d the spoon come from The orb And where’d the orb come from The hole And where’d the hole come from The spoon

    67. Ben Peck

      Where did you get an rpg

    68. wcmflips

      "well it destroyed france" "yeah" "then, it did some evil stuff" very convincing

    69. Marcus Sarcia

      Spiney fist time

    70. Jason Hasenfus

      I like how dean is suppose to be toms goldfish turn human and he doesn’t even bat an eye that he is now on 2 legs and breathing on land

    71. ttv temper

      So they based an entire sketch based on the name of a wizard in a short appearance

    72. Maksymilian Górski

      This is The most british video i have ever seen 🤣🤣🤣

    73. Bluey Tabby

      *And it destroyed france!* Wait... does that mean i'm REALLY english, now?

    74. GrimShock

      This was a really weird sketch. Why was Tom blonde?

    75. NOT BOBUU

      Why France ? 😂

    76. Explodedcake

      "well it destroyed France" "yeah" "and then it did some evil stuff" me: destroying France isn't evil?

    77. Ser Pounce

      Can't believe this is two years old. Also that fish tank still blows my mind.

    78. nevitsDJ22

      Warnings: comedy violence, SPOON, new haircut

    79. Dayton Huth

      “Hey Dean, look at that spoon” *spoon*

    80. Ace Bastistiana

      So random

    81. Mogesi Mogesii


    82. Jack Norie

      Can I come in ?

    83. PlayingMinecraft

      Plot twist:

    84. ewber

      i love cake

    85. Good Monday

      cake guy: did somebody order a cake! *instantly dies*

    86. Verdsmal

      Destroying France was the only good thing the spoon did

    87. Vinny Art

      v e g e t a l How dare you not like carrot cake that is a crime against humanity

    88. Bella Doggo

      You can progressively see Tom becoming fat


      Tom thinking about it be like me if my girl says she wants me back

    90. Wildflower Toocay


    91. Janelle Asencio

      Ren amamiya: guys where's my spoon to make coffee

    92. JJ le one

      *"I love cake!"*

    93. Ceelker

      Blonde TomSka can't hurt you. Blonde TomSka:

    94. epex 2020

      I really like this sketch because of how random the jokes are

    95. CaptainRemixer

      “A vegetale? Into the void with it.” I need a shirt that says that

    96. Dante Trinidad

      "I love cake!"

    97. 1940h

      "Oh no!" "This is a carrot cake..."

    98. Isabel Goldschmidt

      Get a magic knife that's not evil, get a super hero, get a SUPER KNIFE! LITTERALY STABS VILLAINS LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WOULD!

    99. Iesha Jones

      :me Holy crap its evil :my friend hmm I don't think so..

    100. Art Cat

      *I love cake !*