Any Regrets?


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    I regret nothing! Well... Apart from starting that zombie apocalypse...
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Starring Dodie ‘dodie’ Clark (,
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Costume and Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Camera Assistance by Erin Hopkins (
    Sound Recording by Karl Laeufer (
    Boom Operation by Matthew Baron
    Produced by Charlie Hicks and Marianne Turton
    On Set Assistance by Alex Guilford
    Featuring Sammy Paul (,
    Daniel J Layton (,
    and Deepraj Singh ( deepyraah),
    with Evan Edinger (,
    Elliot and Silvija as zombies and Eddie as Daddy Clark
    CONTENT WARNING: Mild gore, homoeroticism, and floppy hands.
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    Twitter ( thetomska)
    Facebook ( thetomska)
    Tumblr (
    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Jackalope Brighton for providing some of the costumes ( weheartjackalope)

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    1. Hawks

      jesus christ oh thank god best lines in the entire skit

    2. The SNES Man

      Wait Sammy slept with Dodie's dad the night before but she says that he turned into a zombie three days before. That means... oh no

    3. ThE_b0T_01

      1:50 did they really kiss or no

    4. Weebilicious Weirdo

      0:05 that would be me

    5. Mr.Potato

      God loves you

    6. Pneu

      this black ops 2 remake looks great

    7. Jeffthecrazypatato

      Love the Star Wars part I’ve always loved star wars

    8. YasYasTR2009

      CoD zm be like

    9. BONEL3SS

      “I regret what I did in the capital of Thailand...” “Bangkok?” “Who told you?” That is the funniest line in this XD

    10. Zom Love

      Love you, Tomska, But.. Being bi-racial "isn't a thing/is greedy"? Dude, like what the actual???

      1. Zom Love

        Just for context my mum's white and my dad's black. Been told I need to "pick sides" and am a freak since before I even knew what the word "race" meant. Again, literally.

    11. Realest Boi

      Hammering a screw

    12. Zlatý

      3:50 "mmm.. daddy"

    13. Red Led

      telling a zombie to ''fack off'' is such a british thing

    14. Goodboyhalo

      "Luke! I am your daddy man!" "FaThEr?" *kissing intensifies*

    15. M4 Meme

      I regret cause I didn't make zombie antidote

    16. стик

      I'm regret nothing

    17. Mr.X


      1. Courtney Persephone


    18. Tom Richmond

      What ya doing step trooper

    19. Super mutant Generation 4

      I feel like that one of them could have said I regret releasing the zombie virus in the first place.

    20. AidenKnowell26YT

      I Regret Watching this Video. (JK)

    21. RocketSmashers


    22. larry matrix

      Brown and sammy or gay

    23. not so funny comments

      I regret setting off that nuclear power plant

    24. Enzo Eijsermans

      My favourite part is Jesus and God saying "Jesus Christ" and "Thank god"

    25. Cumveyedmoth

      why are all the comments just quoting lines but with the punchline *like this*

    26. K4L

      'I regret sleeping with Dodies Dad last night' Thank goodness it wasn't her mom 'And I regret not saying anything about that Zombie that bit me yesterday' Seriously Sammy? You really need to do stuff like that while not being in a zombie apocalypse

    27. Vinny Art

      *trying to hammer a screw Zombie: ahdsafg Sammy: FUCK OFF

    28. Adrian Munoz


    29. Kakyoin Noriaki

      Luke, I am your daddy man. Fa-ther!

    30. Gacha life Lilly

      3:49 That Is not right

    31. basam kadh

      WTF was that

    32. blu berry

      I regret regretting

    33. Fireboy

      I Love how God and Jesus, said "Oh my god" and "Jesus Christ"

    34. Kalie Bryan


    35. No Name

      Zombiu 2 is looking real cool. Those graphics are so realistic.

    36. Mr cheese

      1:46 is that real ?

      1. Mr cheese

        Ok , that make sense

      2. yeet that by the star

        They could of 2 screen it

    37. Stanley Lemon

      Reminds me of Shaun of the dead

      1. yeet that by the star


    38. Your Local Idoit Mr. Toast


    39. Wes Admas

      “Luke I am your daddy-man” “faTHER”

    40. The First Gamer

      “LUKE- I AM YOUR DADDY MAN” *proceeds to make out* *gold*

    41. mr King

      Some one once said shoot all your problems

    42. Insanebruh


    43. Fork 2

      This was actually just a deleted scene from Shaun of the Dead

    44. Robert Morrissey

      I remember when the internet wasn’t so sensitive. Those were the good days.

      1. Robert Morrissey

        @belle morgan I’m gonna be honest, I feel bad seeing you waste your time writing these big paragraphs, so I’m just gonna cut off this pointless argument right here. And even though I don’t, I’m gonna say I agree with you so that you feel satisfied with the work you did.

      2. belle morgan

        @Robert Morrissey maybe you didn't get upset, but the victims of the jokes did. gay people, women, trans people, bipoc. straight white men find saying 'haha gay' funny, but gay people don't, you know? i wouldn't say people are more sensitive, people are just more considerate

      3. Robert Morrissey

        @belle morgan I mean this was made when the internet didn’t get so upset at 1 little joke and I miss that time. It’s not a very big deal.

      4. belle morgan

        @Robert Morrissey being sensitive in the context we are discussing is having, as google puts it, 'a quick and delicate appreciation of others' feelings.'. while this could be, as i imagine you see it, being offended easily, i would say that this is people waking up and realising that some things are wrong and deserved to be called out. this video isn't something i would consider offensive as they are never homophobic, racist, sexist or anything like that. the amount of homophobia i've seen in the comments is more sensitive than people who are progressive, anyway.

      5. Robert Morrissey

        @belle morgan yeah, no. That’s not even kind of what being sensitive is.

    45. Random Person

      Lol I,m Asian

    46. Winnamon 75


    47. Francis Rodrigo Ceblano

      did they just casually kiss?

      1. belle morgan

        hell yh

    48. Nicky Bailey

      They could of just held square to repair the barriers

    49. LeftyzAnimation

      2:34 when i get a F- on math

    50. Dzsibtron 11

      is everyone overlooking the fact that when they had to film this they may actually have had to be kissing? *shivers*

      1. belle morgan

        no i think everyone realised but no one cares lol

    51. Beckett Hazelton

      You have never seen Star Wars?

      1. User

        @Monokuma father!

      2. Monokuma

        I am your daddy man

    52. Zuber mohammad Miah hamza


    53. yigit2521

      I regret watching those kissing scenes

    54. Sky Night amv


    55. Mintii Fresh

      Content warning: Floppy hands.

    56. NuggetYT

      I am your daddy man Father...

    57. K J war thunder gamer

      how is this possible how do boys kiss boys :)

      1. belle morgan

        they just kiss

    58. Random wickerbeast Furry

      I like how God said oh God and Jesus said Jesus Christ

    59. Epic Toby

      Content warning: floppy hands?!?!!?!??!?!


      I ship it

    61. Umar Norris


    62. Reese

      0:08 He's hammering a screw. Nice detail.

    63. pan cake

      0:55 Yay​ thailand!

    64. dark bonnie 87 fan / duper kirby studios

      Deleted scene: Dodie: i regret not playing fnaf Tom: are you kidding m.... Black daniel (springtrap): MICHEAL I AM YOUR DADDY MAN sammy (micheal afton): FATHER *Start playing star wars music and daniel and sammy kiss agian* Matpat zombie: thats just a theory a ga... *Tom shots matpat zombie* Matpat zombie: fnaf lore *falls to a hole* Tom: hole run

    65. SavageBlitz


    66. An actual Space potato

      I am your daddy man

    67. Dayton Huth

      “I regret selling my hands to buy these gloves” For the longest time I thought she said “house” instead of “hands”

    68. VALLEY

      can we appreciate the amount of kissing that had to be done to make this video


      santa comin in 2:10

    70. Kierrific Gaming

      Swishy swishy fist fist


      Ow deam son

    72. Chaz Werner

      her: i regret not seeing star wars a guy: i regret not telling i got bit by a zombie tom: regr- YOU NEVER SEEN STAR WARS tom didnt care about him being bit lol

    73. Gamer Rat

      I don't remember this being in the walking dead before

    74. Icy BUNツ

      *I regret it*

    75. Too lazy To think of a name

      2:30 I like how God says: Oh my god and Jesus says: Jesus christ

    76. Chavo167

      Wut the fuck did you both kiss oh god

      1. belle morgan

        whats up

    77. Mechanic_ Man2005

      Jesus that hard to watch.

      1. belle morgan

        @Mechanic_ Man2005 why is it hard to watch? coming off as pretty homophobic

      2. Mechanic_ Man2005

        @belle morgan the gay kiss.

      3. belle morgan

        how so

    78. Live Wire

      Sam: “AAAHH FUCK OFF” Me when the kid reminds the teacher to give us homework: *I am ur daddy man*

    79. Thái Bình Trần

      Is that kiss even real?

      1. theamazingmaymay123

        It’s like actor real, like how most movie kisses aren’t real

    80. kent Vinas


    81. Echo Lyrua

      Gayment time xd

    82. I like Burgers

      My only regert is not learning how to spell regreat

      1. User

        My regret is not being able to finish sentenc-

    83. Doppio Vinegar

      (I know I'm late but) Dodie red the New Testment, chapeau!

    84. Idk what name should I put

      Everyone, I'm your daddy man!

    85. Jason Reacher

      Completly gay...

      1. belle morgan


    86. P O G

      hehe you kinda sus bro

    87. Calvin Gaston

      “Luke I am your daddy man” “Father”

    88. Cereal 123

      Meanwhile in a parallel universe Jesus Christ commits a cardinal sin and eats a car

    89. My name is jeff

      I am your daddy man

    90. dimcat

      "ohhh, fuck off"

    91. Mostafa RSOOL

      I'm of Arabic and i want caption Arabic if u can if u can or u not that okay

    92. tymatheetj tyu


    93. tymatheetj tyu


    94. •Kanao•

      Me thinking he is gonna say wait what you got bit by a zombie yesterday but instead he said you’ve never seen Star Wars?!

    95. The Only King

      1:45 I-...I don't remember that happening in the movie. DAMN FANFIC WRITERRRSSSS

    96. High Noon

      god are they actually kissing? nothing against gay people it's just that... why did they actually do the skit?

      1. azucena

        Cause it connects the "slept with your dad" bit and the punchline

      2. Nathan Young

        Cause it's so strange it's funny

    97. An Artist

      This is possibly the best group to be in a zombie apocalypse

    98. Karen HH

      Why are they supposed die? They Cleary have enough of stuff to barricade the door and they have Tom and Evans gun. By the way what happened to even and Tom's guns?

    99. Hoi It’same

      Luke! I am your Daddy Man!!

    100. Lilly M.

      The real question is where did they get all the hats.