Any Regrets?


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    I regret nothing! Well... Apart from starting that zombie apocalypse...
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( )
    Co-Starring Dodie ‘dodie’ Clark ( ),
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley ( )
    Cinematography by Max Brill ( )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( )
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post ( )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Costume and Makeup by Silvija Vil ( )
    Camera Assistance by Erin Hopkins ( )
    Sound Recording by Karl Laeufer ( )
    Boom Operation by Matthew Baron
    Produced by Charlie Hicks and Marianne Turton
    On Set Assistance by Alex Guilford

    Featuring Sammy Paul ( ),
    Daniel J Layton ( ),
    and Deepraj Singh ( deepyraah ),
    with Evan Edinger ( ),
    Elliot and Silvija as zombies and Eddie as Daddy Clark

    CONTENT WARNING: Mild gore, homoeroticism, and floppy hands.

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    Special thanks to Jackalope Brighton for providing some of the costumes ( weheartjackalope )

    Publicado em 3 anos atrás


    1. Otton

      Rainbow Six Siedge defenders be like:

    2. Shuichi Saihara

      The fuck-

    3. Shuichi Saihara

      The fuck-

    4. Dawn Draws

      U can actually see Sam being repelled by kissing dudes it's helarious

    5. Burger Man Gaming

      When you’ve got the last McDonald’s

    6. Oliver Patton

      3:00 oddly specific

    7. Duane Limbaugh

      only regret i have living

    8. rawan alahmed


    9. Allan Ribergaard

      That was gay

    10. Steph & Jay


    11. Steph & Jay


    12. Steph & Jay


    13. UnLucky Catfish

      This video was just an excuse to film some gay fanservice

    14. a short  man wearing shorts


    15. Hank J. Wimbleton

      1:45 Subtitles should say [Star Wars music but not Star Wars music]

    16. mary :D

      1:41 At this point im questioning what am I doing with my life JAJAJA-

    17. smiley face cult

      I only have 1 reaction what the fu-

    18. AJ842919

      that cantina mix

    19. HangTime

      "Luke, I AM your daddy-man" "Faathaaaaa" *very intimate noises*

    20. Shoto Todoroki

      how do they do the making out scenes without barfing i can barley kiss my bff on the cheek without cringing

    21. Seif Ibrahim


    22. Jerry

      This is gay

    23. Totally Hilarious Movie Reviews

      This reminds me of Shaun of the dead and I love it

    24. dumb bomb

      i regret waching this video

    25. Boom Box

      “Luke, I am your daddy man.” “Fathaa.” *weird ass make out section*

    26. EazyBreezyWasNotLost

      Hey kiddo I know what you’re thinking...and the answer is yes you watched that and I don’t know what the fuck we just witnessed either...

    27. E Wells

      I regret not having watched this video before this

    28. 21Ds

      I was waiting for Sam to turn

    29. Antoni Klimarczyk


    30. AlexicFFA

      I’m just back here for nostalgia!

    31. Mark MacLeod

      I AM YOUR DADDY MAN. In 2021 this didn't age well.

    32. Babyironceeth YT

      Honestly why not look for an exit instead of waiting to die?

    33. Manh Tuyen Duong

      Why when they are on helium they sound like minion from Despicable ME

    34. Button Mash

      Oh damn so many kisses

    35. Penguin Studios


    36. plant


    37. Expurgation_Endless

      UR GAY

    38. FBI Zap

      Shoot all your problems away

    39. Minilla Tea

      Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

    40. ᄒᴥᄒLittle Karol

      Ah shit i'm gay now

    41. SweeterBright

      wait, what did you do in my country again?

    42. goomba3456

      Im questioning why toms got slugs in his shotgun


      "i am your daddy man" "faTHER" spslsnksslksaklsakhskdkkfldksl

    44. Shari Blizzard

      The guy who was god said oh my god! And the guy who was jesus said jesus christ!

    45. Keith

      Luke I am your daddyman *faatha* is the highlight of this video

    46. bill nye fan episodes

      "shoot all your problems away"

    47. Ultimate Ibuki Kinnie

      Yes. I.. regret watching this vid. I need the holy BLEACH

    48. XroRxxx

      The new trailer to.. SURVIVAL WITH TOM AND FRIENDS

    49. Gloomzy mk

      I think one of them might be gay

      1. Salahgames

        2 of them

    50. MadlyPlayzz23

      call of duty zombies be like

    51. Siva fan Lol

      Is he gay

      1. Salahgames

        The both are

    52. ThyAsianGamer

      The dislikes are from the zombies

    53. Rayz Schmlif ඞ

      Me and the boys playing BO2 zombies be like

    54. DUCK BOY !

      I am your daddy man

      1. THE SHiNGAMi


    55. Lucaz 37

      0:55 After 3 years, I finally get the joke

      1. Salahgames

        @Lucaz 37 yeah its random and funny 😂

      2. Lucaz 37

        @Salahgames What? That IS the joke.

      3. Salahgames

        @Lucaz 37 wtf

      4. Lucaz 37

        @THE SHiNGAMi Tom says he regrets what he did in the capital of Thailand: Which if you didn’t know is ‘Bangkok’. When Sam says ‘Bangkok?’ And Tom asks ‘Who told you?’ The joke here is that Tom ‘Banged his Kok’ in ‘Bangkok’. And when Sam says ‘Bangkok?’ Tom thought that Sam knew that he ‘Banged his Kok’ in ‘Bangkok’.

      5. THE SHiNGAMi

        Then can you plz explain it to me

    56. astonmartinboy


    57. Mclekfkeiw Disidido


    58. Szymon Hudy

      That was disgusting.

    59. ibtastico

      the Father came down and bellowed "Jesus, I am your daddy man", to which Jesus Christ, hallowed be thy name replied "Father!" *intense kissing noises* - Matthew 6:9

      1. TheGhostlyTerror

        Genius comment

    60. Linda Mårtensson

      I'm a child👍

    61. frenticspy851

      Well I'm biracial that dosen't exist stop being greedy

    62. XxLyssa.GachaxX

      I- *this was amazing-*

    63. Jifix

      evan is dead

    64. Extreme


    65. jaz (๑•̀ㅂ•́)

      I would just like to say its kinda gay

      1. Salahgames

        Not kinda it is hay

    66. Bree

      2:32 "god" said "oh thank god" and "jesus" said "jesus christ" HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    67. Idan Iluz

      2:28 wish they would have gone further

    68. Mr. Maritime Train 1912

      Now we got gay zombies??? Oh nooo... this is *much* worse.

    69. ttv temper

      The beginning of this is the most shaun of the dead thing I have ever seen

    70. The Random dude

      I have regrets of watching this

      1. Salahgames

        Me to

    71. Ultra blackboy vision Etoxic breach

      The plot twist of star wars

    72. Confusion Intensifies

      2:33 2:35

    73. Evan Bolt

      Guys I’m still outside

      1. Salahgames


    74. jo collier

      Quick question, did Sammy say daddy at the end?

      1. Idan Iluz


    75. Emanplayz

      Luke, I am your daddy man I love that part but why did u make them kiss at the end?

    76. Emanplayz

      Oh nice a MP5 well if u had it use it!

    77. Matthew Lam

      0:34 Any Regrets?

      1. THE SHiNGAMi

        Yes I regret not being around my grandpa before he died

    78. playstation gang

      Any regrets ya watching this lol

    79. Bryan cool

      UK zombies local play

    80. Crack Cocanius

      “Never seen fan fiction” “Are you kidding me” I think it’s for the sake of sanity we resign in showing her

    81. DerpiestDude

      | eeee|

    82. DerpiestDude


    83. Bruised Turtle

      “OH, Fuck off.”

    84. The King

      Watching them re-enact things is better than the original stuff

    85. DAKAR

      were thoses actors gayor just really pasonit about the role

    86. Michael Vogel

      Why dident they just Use evans Gun?

    87. Kit Cat

      HAHA Incest!

    88. Igorusz


    89. Indecision

      Person:I've been bitten by a zombie Person:I've never seen Star Wars've never seen Star Wars 🤣

    90. Toxic intruders

      Did they actually makeout?

    91. infectedrobot2926

      I just realised. You see more of tom and others men kiss in this rather than female. This reminds me of the Cornetto trilogy. This is aweoemm!!

    92. Jules R.B. Gaylord

      How do they get this things

    93. NotJeremiYT

      Very *gay*

    94. popy pants

      Tom: Guys I have a brilliant idea for a sketch about zombies Everyone: oh hey that's coo- Tom: and dudes making out Everyone:not again

    95. Caitlin M

      jesus christ oh thank god best lines in the entire skit

    96. The SNES Man

      Wait Sammy slept with Dodie's dad the night before but she says that he turned into a zombie three days before. That means... oh no

    97. Weebilicious Weirdo

      0:05 that would be me

    98. Mr.Potato

      God loves you

    99. pneukkj

      this black ops 2 remake looks great

    100. Jeffthecrazypatato

      Love the Star Wars part I’ve always loved star wars