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    Grab your coat... Because Ben is cold.
    Animated by Billy Crinion ( BillyBCreations )
    and Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman ( )
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell ( )
    and Eddie Bowley ( )
    Featuring Alice Ann Stacey ( AliceAnnStacey )
    Patrick McKinley and Nayha Ahmad ( nayhaofficial )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton ( )
    Jeremy "Skatune Network" Hunter ( )
    Backgrounds by David Kalev-Roy ( DavidToonsYT )
    and Jonti ‘Weebl’ Picking ( )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( elliotexplicit )

    CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, mild gore, nakey cartoon boy (no peen!!!)

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    Publicado em 2 anos atrás


    1. TomSka

      Oh no.

      1. Simón Smith

        Jajaja tiene miedo tiene miedo

      2. • Keith •

        I love theese crash zoom videos make more!!

      3. Rana Abdullah

        @Skeletor. Ca ^^

      4. Rana Abdullah

        @Skeletor. Ca ^^

      5. Rana Abdullah

        Oh no.

    2. Koko Coco XD Makes decent content :l

      Wow… I was going to walk my cat until my cat started barking so I just told it to shut up -.-

    3. Koko Coco XD Makes decent content :l

      I didn’t know the person with the brown hair was a girl till I realized…

    4. Charlie_King2012

      I'm... *cold...*

    5. Mrew 601

      Fun fact In 1:26 you can see the child that was taken from the family in the video memories and sam (Idk if the others) Edit: also the kid from magical bed I think it was called can be seen too

    6. WelshGiraffa93

      Never fear!! (Heroic trumpeting is played)

    7. pee nis fart

      bird vore

    8. whats this youtube name?

    9. Let's Talk.

      Is that first coat supposed to be arthur morgans?

    10. Liss Edminister

      Baby with a gun reference 1:28

    11. Reiko Burton

      0:47 wait what happened with the you know what being censored?

      1. Reiko Burton

        Ohhhhhhhhh now that makes sense.

      2. Dzul_335

        It was censored cause of coppa,but now is gone because BRcall now for Pg-13 and above

    12. Jenn Ruiz

      1:06 if you pause when scientist 2 says never fear Kate's rocking animation resets

    13. Najmo Abdisalaan

      What the heck

    14. Boruto Naruto

      Where did he find those big doctor

    15. SilverFlight01

      0:26 Jack?

    16. Insert name here

      while probably unintentional, I miss the "missing media" joke

    17. jersky


    18. Kai Phillips

      2:05 Doctor:PUSH MA’AM PUSH Me:SHE HAVING A BABY YES! Lucy:*Gets Ben Out Of The Coats* Also Me:Oh

    19. Matt Levine

      *BIRD UP*

    20. Hayden Dickinson

      Never fear!-

    21. Lorenzo Gaming XL

      Hope this dosen’t get demonitized.

    22. Karl Corey

      There’s are Imaginary Friend, Sam kills Christmas, and Baby with a gun references but I’m not saying where

    23. UndefeatedFantasy

      2:14 look at the 69th door l i g m a

    24. dreamer


    25. dreamer

      HOW DID HE GET ALL OF THEM!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?

    26. ImThatJoestar 12

      Holy shit i forgot about this whole series. Good to be back

    27. bendyred gaming


    28. VERY Inferior, Somehow.

      How does this work? You die from getting sucked into winter coverings, how?

    29. Aashish Gurung

      1:27 some characters from different videos.

    30. Bradie C

      Inconsistency’s ahoy because in one scene Ben stole her coat and then a few seconds she has it back yay!

    31. Dustin 2019

      1:27 so there a kid who hate santa and this make me question is the universe crash zoom and the whoo hate santa same?

    32. Dracula Gonzales


    33. RC REZA

      1:27 Fun dead, Tomee bear

    34. Fikri yeet stuff

      Lol this was funny 😂

    35. ItsPhoen8x

      Scientist 2: my giant laser will do the trick! Random Norwegian man comes: never fear! My giant robot can fix this!

    36. Lorenzo Mulargia

      This's almost what I dreamed after 4 litres of beer and 2 bottles of wine

    37. Jitendra Rekhi

      Woat. Oh. No

    38. Here's Trappie!

      If i say im hungry I can get pizza?

    39. RedpandaPlays

      I like how you can see the girl from the imaginary friend video as one of the army guys 16 motherless children she’s even holding that pink cat

    40. nightsky

      2:07 Why does she look like...... Luz

    41. Soviet cat

      After 50 years during summer he is still cold

    42. Ethan Abraham


    43. DomiDaGamer

      The f how did the mountain guy get killed?

    44. Alternate top hat

      Attack on Titan

    45. Shatterd Code

      Lucy: so many orphans Technoblade: Bonjour

    46. Crusader

      0:18 i love the red dead redemption 2 referance

    47. Bonnie UvU

      hey wait the first motherless child had the imaginary kid who wanted to explode teh school

    48. drunkrussianbear

      0:17 ain't this Arthur Morgan coat?

    49. SharkBoiChomp :D

      ben in this scenario is literally my mom and my oldest sister.

    50. TD Tayrim

      c o l d

    51. Angel The Impostor

      This episode is just Cold

    52. Erencan Örün

      0:01 Content warnings in the description description: Grab your coat,Ben is cold.

    53. Itz. Hafsa

      0:11 mum: we have the snogre at home the snogre at home:

    54. Demion

      1:32 Grenade throwing gone wrong.

    55. Burnt Chicken Nugget

      Bro that enegalion refferance tho.

    56. SuperWhatBros Des

      0:29 Das a kenny

    57. Julian Gonzales

      What did I just watch

    58. Matthew Conza


    59. Amazing Stuff

      0:29 Is it Kenny?

    60. Tetrisonyt

      cursed image 0:48

    61. mèo giang hồ

      1:28 baby with a gun!

    62. Trevor Waldemar Heredia Gonzalez


    63. troll face

      Whaaa, no full intro song? It's the signature move of this series

    64. Drayevin Lewis

      Lucy: hug it Me: WHAT THE F*CK Kate: repeat that?

    65. Your cursed thing

      "never fear every man is here!"

    66. Lemon Demon

      2:15 amazing

    67. Lemon Demon

      0:12 ITS ALIVE

    68. Drayko


    69. Doge

      0:12 nice snow MAN you got there kate

    70. James Merrill

      Don't you hate when your freind out get out of a burning furnace

    71. Katsuki Bakugo

      I see that spirited away reference at the furnace scene

    72. Gucciboy L L

      Don’t I would never wanna if I was in an old never got a room 69 that’s just a scary number and a funny number

    73. Xballthe odd one

      *so cold*

    74. Tiky

      I've forgotten so much but there's one thing i do remember... Im cold!

    75. Drago gamer

      Someone was drunk alright

    76. Darvell77x

      I feel bad for the soldier, it was his last day on the job and had 16 kids Like Lucy said: “so many orphans”

    77. ZayneAnimates

      Ben is a demon 100% confirmed

    78. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

      2:19 Hey, I recognise those shoes

    79. Idiot nub

      lol this is really cool this the aven guy is ded lol

    80. oof Loops ッ

      0:47 (turn on captions) "mild gore"

    81. sylvia sego

      Mommy yes

    82. zeltic

      0:25 and 0:52 how can something so evil be so cute

    83. Abdulaziz Khan

      Techno would be disappointed 1:22

    84. gatito world

      That was the fastest intro in all of zoom crash

    85. Little Hollow

      1:27 there’s so much references in this scene... but all the one’s I can recall is Mr Tibbles, magic dream bed and baby with a gun... Edit: I just noticed the kid from fun dead, the one with the ak47

    86. MR coffee


    87. Pixelated Pufferfish

      Never fear@

      1. Pixelated Pufferfish


    88. Ink


    89. Gabriel Rodriguez

      0:29 oh no

    90. Unofficial_Computer

      we not going to talk about how the hospital scene fulfilled so many fantasies?

    91. crystal x

      am i the only one who spotted south park references

    92. Shaka Allen


      1. Yes, It's bee.

        Its tomska, what do you expect

    93. Shaka Allen

      He died 😔

    94. ∆kamaleão guerrerø∆

      0:47 😐

    95. Martin van Buren

      never fear

    96. Dylantwopoint0

      Me sliding around the house with socks on like: 2:10

    97. Aartyyyt

      crash zoom is a show that shows u what u can do when zoom crashes i made that up because the name is crash zoom lol

    98. Okegom loser

      'Ben get out of the furnace.'

    99. the-guy-with-pc

      Maybe he's just unable to produce heat, so it stayed cold inside the coats and when he arrived at the hospital, the heat from the radiators is unable to break through the coats, so the only option was indeed to throw him in a fire. I just scienced the shit out of a sketch, look at me I'm smart.

    100. thatguyjax

      Did anybody notice how the first coat he put on was Arthur morgans coat

      1. thatguyjax

        I thought Noone would reply!

      2. Lynn Luv