Imaginary Friend (feat. JaidenAnimations)


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    My imaginary friend thinks I'm crazy...
    Animated by Mike/Piemations (
    Featuring Jaiden/JaidenAnimations (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography by Max Brill (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects and Compositing by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Camera Assistance by Erin Hopkins (
    Starring Alice Ann Stacey as Lily ( aliceannstacey)
    with James/TheOdd1sOut (
    and Rebecca/LetMeExplainStudios (
    CONTENT WARNING: Explosions, pill popping, and freaky animated hybrid creatures.
    TomSka Shirts (
    Twitter ( thetomska)
    Facebook ( thetomska)
    Tumblr (
    Secondary Channel (

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    1. King of Gurkey Turkeys

      i DoN’t ExIsT

    2. Jose Axell Satria Wibowo

      why is the animation is like Piemation and Jaiden stick together into one

    3. Lightning scared Gamer


    4. Antonia Fillinger

      This is cazy

    5. TrulEnNy Wastaken

      I need a link to that outro song now

    6. Not A nutshell

      wait.. mr. tibbles is a BOY?

    7. Chickadoogaming

      i bet Mr.tibbles would like pasta with no sauce

    8. salmon

      2:06 did anybody else hear james?

    9. Pixlecrusher -_-

      I just noticed rebbeca and James in the background

    10. ArcticSt0900


      1. ArcticSt0900

        @NoobPrePro Yea

      2. NoobPrePro

        @ArcticSt0900 yeah but can you be nostalgic about something only from 4 years ago at most?

      3. ArcticSt0900

        @NoobPrePro I used to watch this back then

      4. NoobPrePro

        what how?

    11. Super zig zag Gamer

      Lets sing the bomb song

    12. SAMVEL 1234 LIEK

      bomb nice

    13. Serek Pro 888

      Do part 2

    14. Jansen Frederic Casono

      plot twist ._.| -_-| '_'

    15. Potayto Quizzle

      *The fact that Jaiden voiced a boy has me questioning some things...*

    16. unoriginal one

      didn't realize that was Jaiden on first watch

    17. estrellita arcoiris

      i love this

    18. Parasol bimel

      When I first saw this I was wondering why it’s called imaginary friend.... I was stupid very very very *stupid*

    19. Super zig zag Gamer

      Remake please

    20. LarryTheChicken


    21. Gearo Mortem

      I'm sad that barely anyone realizes the joke in 2:10 "That's not your word"

      1. Gearo Mortem

        @Potayto Quizzle oh mein Kind

      2. Potayto Quizzle

        @Gearo Mortem OHHHHHHH

      3. Gearo Mortem

        @Potayto Quizzle The n-word, im talking about the fact that "waddle" is treated like the n-word. barely anyone has said anything about it

      4. Potayto Quizzle


    22. Harrison Seeber

      I like that twist

    23. Cretovtov

      The odd1sout was the dad

      1. Potayto Quizzle


    24. Serena Valdez

      Who voiced Mr. Tibbles?



    25. Thepeacefulgay

      The odd ones out and let me explain studios my fave

    26. Barrister Sarah Hassan

      Did you notice that THE bomb song was played at the end

    27. Gaming Lord Tomatse

      Mr. Tibbles being the real one actually makes this sketch make slightly more sense if you think about it

    28. What the Fools!

      MPAA: ugh cutscene for a while ALMOST PG - 13 0:27 WTFGuy: [ACTING ALCOLISM] Internet: Criticism Spanish: ¡QUÉ! ¡¿ESE TIPO DIJO UNA PALABRA DE JURADO ?! Russian: КАКОЙ ЧЕЛОВЕК Japenese: Omae wa mo shinde yo

    29. Zi Hermosilla

      Who’s jaiden?


        @Zi Hermosilla yes

      2. Zi Hermosilla

        Mr tiffles?

    30. predator423

      Mr tibbles was the inspiration for my new oc and hes a demoloitionist 😂

    31. Ant Animates


    32. Happy Apocalypse

      is there a full version of the song at the end?

    33. UI Pathan

      Is the dad TheOdd1sOut. It sounds like him.

    34. Gülpınar Türkiye

      He's So Cute 🥰🥰🥰

    35. the bread of your life is dead

      oh daaaaaaaaaaaamn

    36. Lucas Schipani

      Is the cat thing Jaden animations? It sounds like her

    37. thonydys gaming

      the demoman

    38. hahaha hahaha

      Fluff in Swedish is the "F" word

    39. Bray Bray

      The biggest plot twist was that mister tibbles is a guy

    40. Glitching Studios

      i think theodd1sout was in that too...

    41. Nikorek_pl

      when you got an animator for animation and a backup animator for voice acting

    42. Luin Rentrop

      Do you know what time it is? Its medication time!

    43. Jamie28gaming

      Chinese version of the world of gumball

    44. Kauã de Souza Alves

      they got us in the first half not gonna lie

    45. Kai Kai

      Jaden animations

    46. Itsa1orSo

      The Mr. Tibbles has the same wings as the ducktor... His father is thé ducktor

    47. GerarDeactivate The One

      I liked this video! Until I found out it was ft. Jaiden.... now I see why you don’t have 15m subs....

    48. Pancake Productions

      people: endgame was the most ambitious crossover event in history me:

    49. Memer Dreamer

      I have so many questions

      1. Memer Dreamer

        Ranging from how and ending in why

    50. Raygamericed

      I want an extended version of the bomb song

    51. blue boi

      dang jaiden did so well

    52. Chris the stickman


    53. Lunk 1113

      Wow piemations

    54. Bentley Wolfe

      mr tibbles is my favorite character out of the video

    55. Shattered Eye

      Endgame is the best crossover Tom: pathetic

    56. BingoBongo cartoons

      You know everyone is freaking out that it's tomska and jaiden animations but it's also Let Me Explain Studios and TheOdd1sOut

    57. Minecrafter Pictures

      Mr. Tibbles and KIrby have something in common. They're both missgenderable (that's why I call them both females, despite Mr. Tibbles' name and Kirby's bio in *Kirby's Adventure* )

    58. Justis Farmer

      I can't tell what is real anymore

      1. Justis Farmer

        I also have a urge to see a part 2 for this and i don't now why

    59. Green Ninja

      why is jaidens wings the same as the doctors? and not a dragon wing?

    60. • Stanley winston yap • cyan clayXD •

      My theory is that: the parents can see lily, they just don't want to admit they do because lily was a creature they despise of from another dimension that came inti their dimension to take them over but lily wasn't one of them until she got enough of Tibble's parents and made a bomb, the only thing that could get lily out(for a short period of time) is a pill, Tibble drank the pill(you know the effect) and the parents thought that she was gone, but... idk anymore. that's gonna be it from me thank you for reading until the end, have a good day/evening/night everyone!

    61. Nincotic

      I knew it was piemations before the credits even came. Keep up the great work my guy

    62. Kaito Darkness

      Imagine if Mr. Tibbles is actually the imaginary friend and Mr. Tibbles became the voice of reason in this broken creature

    63. lastman 36

      what a twist

    64. B2 gaming

      jaidens voice does not sound like her animated character she sound's like a nickalodeon character

    65. B2 gaming

      wow jaidenanimations with that "animations" (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ is amazing

    66. omgitistarek

      OMG thats so weird that the girl is not real

    67. David Mora

      uh. what a twist

    68. Jeffthecrazypatato

      Maiden and did I hear theodd1sout?

    69. Mateusz Bozek

      Well it went 1 to 11 really quickly 0:24

    70. Anna Johnson

      Mr tibbles is absolutely adorable

    71. Noobility

      *Animation looks so detailed the blonde girls animation too smooth animation looks realistic*

    72. Alan Ortega

      It doesn't sound like jaiden

    73. FAZE POOL Gamez&more

      Who is Mr. nibbles voice played by Jaden animations

    74. Halo

      Jaiden: no swearing this time

    75. ironmanjrb

      Jaiden Did a great job

    76. ArgoTheCheeseMan

      So wholesome but no

    77. I.M. Lazy

      I remember watching this back in 2017. God how I wish I could go back to those times.

    78. Green Ninja

      only came here for piemation and jaiden animation

    79. Star Noir

      “AH-“ *bomb drops and explodes everything* Me: Well quack.

    80. Kalil D-Wesley

      Ok I understand why jaiden was the cat

    81. Ivy Jones

      Do you Mr. live in sonic

    82. ʙʟᴀᴅᴇ

      I heard bong.....

    83. 8- BitBunnie

      1:57 why do they wait until lily has finished exploding to talk?

    84. Kenneth Herrans

      Why is this so... ...what's the word? *Accurate?*

    85. no one of importance

      I like lily's thinking

    86. OctophonesTheSanitizedOctoling

      Also Tibbles is a man?

    87. Owen Schirmer

      Jaiden match’s the character so much

    88. Starry Animations

      Jaidens voice acting is so nice. I dont know why

    89. Tootie Zack

      2021 anyone?

    90. Stefano Porcu


    91. Colton Rimmer

      Oh hi jaiden

    92. Pridefullsin

      I could instantly tell it was piemations from the hand and arm movement. Corona hits different.

    93. MilesAnimates

      Jaiden's neighbors: 👁👄👁

    94. Iaintnoname 6.9

      um, nice video tho...

    95. Quincey Gorton

      Energy demon have a bomb in her hands as a cartoon


      Top 10 anime twists 1:21

      1. Randollph'sNonsense


    97. Amy Wood

      WhAt ThE fLuFf

    98. Hyperion The Protogen

      I swear I heard james

    99. Eli Miller

      WHAT THE FLUFF LILY?!?!? -jaiden Also Jaiden: *DAMNIT* LILY

    100. Carrie Bodnar

      Hahaha you have just gained a viewer that is crazy because he likes trains.