CRASH ZOOM - Out Of Time


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    The gang are back, and it's about time!
    Animated by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman (@Wonchop)
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka)
    and Eddie Bowley (@Eddache)
    Backgrounds and Visual Effects by Jonti ‘Weebl’ Picking (@Weebl's Stuff)
    Featuring Alice Ann Stacey ( AliceAnnStacey)
    and Stefan Johnson (@SJohnsonVoiceOvers)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
    Jeremy "Skatune Network" Hunter (@Ska Tune Network)
    With Additional Voices by Jason Kucey ( Kuce31542863),
    Joseph Whitley, Cammy Darling, and Rik Bowley
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, mild gore, bad puns.
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    #Comedy #Animation #Cartoon

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    1. Malechi Pankow

      3:20 I think Kate just gathered some power to take over the world, and its the same staff in the after credits scene from Firing Squad.

    2. Jansen Manalo

      5:40 cutest uh oh

    3. Lemon Demon

      5:36 *why does Lucy still have her hat as a B A B Y*

    4. Jennifer Noack

      Did anyone see wtf tom??

    5. Santiago Martinez

      ,69 is an hour


      At the end why does Kate have black hair instead of blonde hair when they turned into babies?

    7. Sandy Deodores

      1:50 weed joke minutes

    8. Kivvi

      why baby kate have black hair but not yellow?

    9. Emily Cox

      Lol rawacus

    10. Moms Spaghetti

      I have just shat my pants

    11. Anson Ho

      3:20 overlord Kate

    12. AFK 123

      Hmm roaricus

    13. Mory

      5:33 did I heard the TARDIS???

    14. Mory

      5:30 WRONG LEVER, KRONK!!!!

    15. Luo Zhen Kai

      best of the series

    16. Lraff120

      Baby Kate’s eyes turned red at the end

    17. Riley Faunce

      Ben: the slightly sane yet also insane one Kate: the extremely insane and annhilistic type Lucy: the sane one

    18. Riley Faunce

      0:30 Kate complains about lucy never cleaning her,lucy cleans her with her mop Kate: bruh

    19. JP GAMES

      1:01 :I

    20. Christian Lecroy

      1:14 dnd warlocks and rouges in a nutshell

    21. UnknownComputer

      How do you even kill kate knowing shes a literal demon?

    22. ULT LEO

      The railing on this tower, my god

    23. Mini Fag

      Ooh a gun

    24. cake water


    25. Jonathan Chan

      2:40 Hey! It’s the Stegosaurus!

    26. Tup Hart

      She said clock -kate Hmmm... WAIT A MINUTE!!!

    27. human glitch trap

      Baby mode

    28. human glitch trap

      Romen time: amogus

    29. ken boy

      How kates eyes turn red was horrific

    30. E E

      Wait glowing eyes hm LAZER BABY

    31. TrainBoy227

      Why does the late for work guy look like a character from Fireman Sam

    32. Orene

      Did Kate turn into Ashley from warioware?

    33. Agent Zonely

      Lucy: we’re in a giant clock Ben: **blushes** Kate: she said CLOCK

    34. crash zoom fan

      "Queen nappers is much better title than the Queenus of Venus"

    35. ᔑ


    36. Knucklehead McSlazzatron

      1:03 Me too, Ben, me too

    37. Evan Woods

      Why does the dinosaur sound like Kermit 😂😂😂

    38. Siddharth Saharan

      Were in a giant c l ock

    39. Susan Boardman

      Probably The Most Kid Friendly Thing On This Channel

    40. Joel Roman

      Tom why is Ben so stupid

    41. Dark Evil Fox


    42. Foxi Sunset

      Wait if Kate had black hair how is her hair blonde now

    43. sweggyeggy102

      The staff used by the floating girl at 3:20 looked like the one at the end of firing squad. 🤔



    45. Joaquin Ninja

      0:07 are tom's glasses from the future

    46. Nightmare God X

      Time 9f death 3 o clok 1 30 o'clock 420 69 WAIT 420 69

    47. Koi

      why say time of death when its a ambulance trying to save them

    48. Re- Blitz

      Suprised Lucy when she became a baby wasn’t some sort of adult demon

    49. Galaxy moonlight Mardis :3

      Pause your screen and go to 0:07 that looks a lot like future Tom->- just saying

    50. Kevin Sosa

      Sorry Time Daddy.

    51. Frank Moon

      Just think if befor she fall she white the hole thing saying stop the Lucy the unknown woman is you cause you died

    52. Krpto

      Do you think that the ending would’ve been altered if Lucy actually recognized the hat on the picture?

    53. DrMapleSyrup

      1:14 That’s stupid

    54. Noob Boi

      So...this is what over clocking means, huh?

    55. Pierrel Mcclane


    56. kin6kon6ify

      The air raid called the blitz

    57. Marco V Gaming

      5:37 I like how baby Ben is wearing a rainbow diaper

    58. Ethan’s Animations

      1:01 I think I get it

    59. ELBOT 33

      1:38 JONES?!

    60. Doge Kingdom Gaming

      Kid me. *has a dream of a glock* Me now. Having a dream of a glock is stupid Me. Remembers Me. 👁👄👁

    61. Roronoa Zoro


    62. Namefast Nfmfp

      I am not going to explain the giant clock joke

    63. Gerrit Beenen

      This is by far my favorite episode of the series and I've watched it many times and have basically memorized it.


      Wait what?

    65. Dino Ricky

      Time loop!!!

    66. Crash Landon

      HA-HA... *_comedy_*


      Mn. Roaricus XD

    68. Axel Rosenberg

      Anyone notice the fencing in the background?

    69. Merrick Darrel Pasaribu

      3:19 look its monster tom

    70. PatSFM

      Damn it I hate it when that happens 🤦‍♂️

    71. Elliott Riddell

      hmm roaracuss

    72. Jake YT

      5:35 Anybody realize that Kate has black hair when she’s turned into a baby? Shouldn’t she have yellow hair?

      1. Ethan’s Animations

        Dyed hair maybe

    73. Ninja Wolf Dragon playz

      The unknown women is Lucy from a different broken dimension

    74. MR. Ponçik

      In 3:20 scene Kate is flying at the top so that means maybe in one episode they’re gonna have to kill Kate.

    75. Ronjo jay Aresgado


    76. Underbros Wormhole

      If I change it to home time we can go Home... Time? That's stupid LETS DO IT

      1. Underbros Wormhole

        I wanna repeat every sentence in this vid

      2. Underbros Wormhole

        Also this is my fav one of these

    77. Pandabilly

      2:20 Flux capacitor right next to the button

    78. Ka'Leyia Blount

      What a twist!

    79. glitch trap is always here

      Ooo SHE SAID clock aww

    80. Turnipple


    81. Pokemon Master3

      3:41 did you voice ben yourself? i can regognize that dissapointed "Oh" anywhere

    82. Deftonejuju

      Does anyone notice kates hair color changed after she turned into a baby?

    83. Hentai Protag

      420?! 69?! Yesterday?! Tomorrow?!

    84. theogames1205 theosmithyboi

      3:08 if you look at the cavemans shirt, it says "wyld stallyons" from the bill and ted movies

    85. Python Bricks

      2:42 I’m a steg-O-suarus

    86. rebecca doyle

      Lucy: We’re doing community service. *crickets chirping* Lucy: Because Ben made a movie about aliens abducting the Queen. Ben: Pshhht, so? Lucy: With the ACTUAL QUEEN!

    87. Duke Nukem

      But then, that would mean she wouldn't be able to write it, resulting in a time paradox.

    88. •Just call me LUNA •

      Lucy:we are in a giant clock! Ben:Ooooo Me and my dirty mind: HAHA- Lol

    89. RHM282

      I think Ben be gay do his underpants being RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    90. *Dipper Pines*

      2:39 in the background was that Phineas and Ferb’s time machine?

    91. Chill pill

      Baby Ben is best boi

    92. 8 bit Whitty

      Ok when the turned into baby’s that was funny

    93. D Pask

      1:04 Ben is a player

    94. Inkie Devla

      "Guys. Can I get a hand?" (Gets hit by a giant clock hand)

    95. crayo cat

      ‘because we’re in a giant c(l)ock ‘ooooooh’ gay-o-meter 100%

    96. R Mendoza

      That hang on a minute joke is so underated

    97. Payten Cook

      Wait I thought Lucy couldn't die cuz she's a demon from Hell or something

    98. ODEToons

      5:36 is he *gay*

    99. CrazyBenLOL

      Um look at the railing 4:24

    100. Lois Guardado

      Cool 😎🤘👌👍🥰💖

      1. Lois Guardado

        That was incredible 👌👍🥰💖

      2. Lois Guardado

        That was cool 😎🤘👌👍🥰💖