CRASH ZOOM - Out Of Time


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    The gang are back, and it's about time!
    Animated by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman ( @Wonchop )
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell ( @TomSka )
    and Eddie Bowley ( @Eddache )
    Backgrounds and Visual Effects by Jonti ‘Weebl’ Picking ( @Weebl's Stuff )
    Featuring Alice Ann Stacey ( AliceAnnStacey )
    and Stefan Johnson ( @SJohnsonVoiceOvers )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton ( @LilDeuceDeuce )
    Jeremy "Skatune Network" Hunter ( @Ska Tune Network )
    With Additional Voices by Jason Kucey ( Kuce31542863 ),
    Joseph Whitley, Cammy Darling, and Rik Bowley

    CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, mild gore, bad puns.

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    1. Theimagination Studiochannel

      The most unrealistic part of this is how quickly the ambulance came

    2. jawbreaked

      5:37 they turn into animal crossing characters

    3. Davi brasil jogos vídeos

      👍 ben kate lucy

    4. Kid Graphics

      What the fuck is what I apsadijsisnshd

    5. Cassandra

      Lucy: cause we are in a giant clock ! Ben : OOOOO BRcall: >:o

    6. ILYeddsworld

      0:50 AYO😳

    7. Russell Adler

      The TVA would like to have a word with you…

    8. cat_beast_687

      2:59 row a ces

    9. TordHead’s

      Hey, why the eye thing?

    10. 🇵🇭Philipean Gelatin🇵🇭

      4:43 It Feels I'm in a World War Again :)

    11. Sharky

      Death count Number 1 worker cause heart attack Number 2 doctor cause heart attack Number 3 little kid cause explodes Number 4 Kate cause turned into dust Number 5 Ben cause turned into dust Number 6 Lucy cause fell to death Final death count 6 best kill little boy worst kill doctor

    12. BadgerBear

      why does kate have black hair? 5:34

    13. S J Glenny

      Lucy I can rete to

    14. Lucio Gomez

      i think the person apeared in 0:06 is papa fear gaming xdd

    15. Inky's secrets

      3:18 monster Tom

    16. EL BARTO

      3:32 Sorry Partridge, Dr. Bees wasn't the first in making that joke.

    17. Gabriel Ma

      Bens gay

    18. Deku -izuku midoriya

      Am i the only one who saw papafeargaming in 0:07

    19. REXY

      Why is this so funny

    20. Angeldog

      Theory:Father Time created the tva

      1. White ninja


    21. Lincoln Hussain


    22. M H

      The jokes took Time to make them

    23. Layah And Greg


    24. Lukoni _

      "Hmmm... Rawracus"

    25. Marmalade

      Can I point out Lucy kind of looks like sora

    26. Lambda

      2:39 “I am a stegosaurus!”

    27. Lambda

      Alt+f4 on zoom

    28. Soomayya Omar

      "She said clock"

    29. Miss_bxnnies

      ben : i thought we were in a co- me : NO

    30. Insert name here

      how many were surprised that kate wasn't a natural blonde

    31. Boy2

      I wish there was more of these. They are perfect.

    32. Fallen king


    33. TawniAline

      "I love it!" - Horse-person 2021

    34. LewisMaster12

      Make a episode where they become babies

    35. Gaming Time

      Look at the metal bars when Kate dies

    36. Alfredas Leung

      Ben in a rainbow diaper must mean *something*

    37. La Baguette

      Nobody but me noticed the fence was made of ... a particular shape

    38. Theweirdguy

      Wait at the end why is Ben's diaper rainbow WAIT A MINUTE HE ALSO WAS EXCITED ABOUT BEING IN A GIANT umm you know

      1. Theweirdguy


    39. Kucinghijau Official

      Lucy hat iS not stupid

    40. Max Myzer

      haha time "paradoxes" are fun but also cannot exist

    41. CI P

      2:40 ASDFMovie's "Stegosaurus" is here.

    42. TritanicWolf

      4:43 is tis WW2 or one?

    43. Multibit Marco

      "420? 69?" Dude that scene was NICE

    44. • bluewolfy •

      I love how baby Ben says uh oh

    45. Asha'man Sedai

      She DID get *a hand* though

    46. Mcmominstin

      3:10 I swear this is the intro music to asdfmovie 13,or was it 12 or 11

    47. Highjumper

      Alright who called Doc Brown to install a flux capacitor to the clock tower?

    48. Edward Clark

      B a b y !

    49. Wølfię_Døødłęž

      Lucy: we’re in a giant clock Ben: oooo! Kate: she said clock. Ben: aww :(

    50. guarzy&daila&snapsapand more

      I wish they made a cartoon in cartoon network

    51. ok_jan ✨

      Here lies unknown woman Fell to her death Her hat was stupid Me: *lucy*

    52. Nyx

      Is that barry from sinnoh???

    53. 🔥CharAnimatiøn🔥

      3:09 Ngl Ben kinda looks like Purple Guy in that scene

    54. Wolfe Friday

      her eyes turned red

    55. Basma Ardi

      OMG I'VE JUST NOTICED 3:55 look at the railing LMAO

    56. Barb Gaming

      "I am hanging onto a minute! Uh oh! Uh oh?!" -famous last words

    57. rocky rock

      I love this show, it looks as if it was for kids but it is not.

    58. Dana Korba

      When they traveled back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the earth, at the end you could see lizard hitler on the hill

    59. Mr Swoop

      Hahahaha xD the fence is a cock

    60. RuztyDragon X

      Why does Kate appear with black hair at the end? 5:35

    61. spooketone

      I want MORE Crash Zoom, This is so good.

    62. Gᴀᴄʜᴀ.PɪʟʟᴏᴡCᴀsᴇ

      Today, We have learned that Katie's natural color was black

    63. ink slayer

      Sonic screwdrivers

    64. Norilya Afirina Ismail

      Ben: uh oh Me: am I a babysitter again!?

    65. Extreme Sniper

      who knew big ben had a flux capacitor

    66. hufgerbadXD

      Make this like a Netflix show or something and make like tons of these

    67. Gamer Man

      ben is going to gay baby jail

    68. NightBoi

      1:51 nice

    69. EXCL fishy

      Lucy: Were in a giant clock. Ben: Oooooooooh Lucy: she said clock You have achieved… comedy Funny

    70. Nkuliza Amiel

      3:54 I can't be the only one that thought Kate would also go to her "Timeline".

    71. Heckrum

      whyd kates hair change color

    72. Shatterd Code

      I just realized that Tom is in this as well

      1. Shatterd Code

        @Mulakk 👌

      2. Mulakk

        @Shatterd Code oh ok thx

      3. Shatterd Code

        @Mulakk 3:19

      4. Mulakk


    73. Four Guys 2

      0:25 is nobody gonna talk about the shapes of the gates

    74. EPIC

      5:36 *babies*

    75. Arceus 101

      Is this still an active series?

    76. garry tale

      Mm. Roaricus

    77. KetLet MetChet


    78. XroRxxx

      More like 1 Min-_-

    79. Body

      did ben seriously think lucy said that they're in a giant coc- *explosion*

    80. epic imposter gamer

      did anyone notice that at the end baby kate's eyes turn red?

    81. 1simp ♡︎

      I can’t shake the fact how much Ben sounds like Tom. But I think I’m just too addicted of Eddswold

    82. lemon lemon

      Ps her hat was stupid

    83. TheCamrock


    84. Nathan Hudson

      How did the clock tower get doc drowns flux capacitor from back to the future

    85. Jumbo Juicy

      new powerpuff girls

    86. Fandom_555

      porque las barandillas tenian forma de pito

    87. Photographer VR

      Why does the gate things inside of the tower look like wieners

    88. Annie

      no one: baby kate: ⭕️0⭕️

    89. HuskyBroGaming

      why time travel works :D

    90. Jace emore

      Time daddy so sus

    91. Jace emore

      That's just sus

    92. NikoIsMeatInJapaneseButIThoughtItWasCuteSomewhy

      " Because we are in a giant clock " " Oooooo " " She said *clock* " I- 😀

    93. Kingston Castle

      Haha “ can i get a hand” and there in a giant clock

    94. Chase animates


    95. Zamigubr


    96. Nobody Asked

      1:49 *420? 69?!*

    97. shape~shifting~stacey-tom

      Why is Kate's hair black as a baby-

      1. Skippybubbles

        Don’t know

    98. Ruv

      5:36 so cute :0

    99. Mr Duude

      Who else noticed the fences in the background are dicks?

    100. Alexander Philippe

      "we're inside a giant clock! "ooh!" "she said clock"