Valentine's Lies


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    You never can trust a woman... or a man... or anyone.
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Featuring Daniel J Layton (
    Dodie Clark (
    Kimberley Miller ( chocaholla)
    Damien Slash (
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O’Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Co-Edited by Jack Howard (
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    Special thanks to Sammy.

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    1. Swc16

      this is to funny 🤣

    2. AlecOPedia

      Plot twist, Jane actually knew that Tom was the criminals partner and knew they were robbing the place, so she started dating him to try and get in the house before the robber did and stop him.

    3. Skywalking Studioz

      So the burglar is robbing the house with Tom, but a police officer catches wind of it and to hide that she’s onto them she wears a disguise outfit to look like a man, to stop the police officer Tom then dresses as a woman thinking the cop is a man, and when the burglar shows up it’s his signal to turn on her. Yeah pretty straightforward story ngl

    4. Ger Murphy


    5. Gurarpit Kaur


    6. Void seeker

      The most complicated thing in the world tom making a script

    7. Simone Cau

      I see a rockstar San Diego logo

    8. Galaxy Music Customs

      Anime be like:

    9. Andrew Purcell

      1:34 Is when this video really started going to crap!

    10. Danny Hoffman1910

      well this has got to be the best one yet

    11. dan the man

      This entire video was a lie within itself

    12. somebody nobody

      tom what the fuck

    13. DragooonAnimations

      I'm done trying to figure out the sexualities of these characters, I'm just assuming they're all pan and calling it a day

    14. steve ng

      Jack and dean

    15. InfernoNinja

      Hekkin bamboozled

    16. LANGIT 556

      Spah sappen mah senetereh

    17. Jeffthecrazypatato

      At the start I got an add about fortnite :/

    18. ttv temper

      The speech in this just feels so natural

    19. glitchboyyy

      Sorry I lied to you this is not reality is just nothing

    20. ItsBxnji

      confusing as fuck

    21. Joshua Goff


    22. MEMERKID BRUH!!!

      Lied about age Lied about name Lied about language Lied about gender Lied about gender too Lied about house Lied about painter Lied about VCR Lied of being the owner of house Lied about cop partner Lied about being a lamp Lied about making a script that makes sense I lied about being MEMERKIDBRUH

    23. Super mutant Generation 4

      Your sketches never make sense ever and we accept you for that

    24. Lautaro Silva

      This is a true masterpiece.

    25. Jeffrey Buehler

      Wha- nevermind

    26. Mr Epico

      Man and man i doing I gonna say GAY

    27. poppyjake6


    28. emily

      So Tom has a screwdriver, hat and a vcr but no condom when he’s on a date 😑

    29. Jackanaitor250

      ‘What a twist!’ Has become my catchphrase.

    30. Tijmen Langelaar

      I cant believe 2014 was 7 years ago, time flyes by.

    31. EarthToAccess

      this started weird and ended weirder. and THAT is how you know it's a TomSka skit.

    32. Neumo500

      I’m a simple man, if I see a gun in the thumbnail I click it

    33. nat

      Someone please tell Tashi I won't rickroll him

    34. Mattox Kurtz

      Among us:

    35. fishie & bunnz

      Until 7 years this video was revamendid 2 me

    36. Black Comet Unleashed

      Omg I was filled with genuine laughter(≧▽≦)

    37. Gaioai crifyu

      The spiteful invoice cephalometrically jail because sand preclinically rain minus a green grey grieving asterisk. afraid, different rotate

    38. Arkyre

      Ok so the fact that's XC2 Zeke's voice actor is still a shock to me hahahaha

    39. ghost man


    40. Laine Perks

      This whole thing makes sense doesn't it...

    41. Æ

      Gay jane

    42. Juergen Francisco

      The matrix

    43. miraculous ever after highy

      i was literally thinking of this earlier and it popped ip

    44. DA MotoNeko

      This sketch is reminding me of this: Boy: Dad i'm gay Man: *I have no son.* Boy: Gasp! This isnt my house!

    45. Wildstar Hang

      This actually makes sense. 2 robbers planned to rob a house and planned for one of them to be a fake undercover cop and be partners with Jane who knew about a robbery. The robbers then executed the plan of robbing and the robber and cop said they are both gonna be busy to each other and end up dating each other. Cue this video... Also Jack was there too as a lamp.

    46. The Kodex

      Of course I get reccomended this 1 day after Valentines day

    47. Mushroom

      Yes BRcall. Thank you for recommending me this once again on Valentine’s Day.

    48. D R E W S K I

      Exactly 7 years later, less go

    49. Turlough Kelly

      I'm here exactly 7 years later

    50. • Screaming Mike •


    51. erick Gault

      The lamp.guy look like the guy from pretty good gaming

    52. Rily Games

      The best part is it made no senses but a lot of senses at the same tiem

    53. wondermagic26

      also btw reply to this comment if you are still alive in 2021.

    54. wondermagic26

      This youtube channel is the best in my oppinion.

    55. wondermagic26

      lol XD it was a woman not a man =]

    56. Yani Ingham-Thomas

      When I was 10 this was funny, now it’s funny because I was 10

    57. Lydon Borg

      Plot twist: Tom's handwriting was so confusing that they just recorded everything and posted it

    58. Colton Hiracheta

      Plot twist instead of lying they all told the truth

    59. TheAmazingSnake

      This is great

    60. MAK3X7

      it actually makes sense, when female tom said it was a nice place in the beginning it showed he wanted to rob it. It was also implied tom was gay beacause he thought he made out and catfished with a dude.

    61. IsaacDraws

      Who got this recommend on February 1st 2021?

    62. Ujjwal Sharma 20, 536

      All of Tom's videos are just a massive r/Holup moment. And I freaking love it.

    63. Aayush Atri

      this hurts my brain alot

    64. Andrew Saunders

      Absolute favourite thing by Tomska ever

    65. Shiftier Void

      Wouldnt they both be gay from the start since they lied about their gender to be with someone of the same gender as them?

    66. •Izzyツ•


    67. M3

      jeez, he lied

    68. Zoey Frazier

      im confussed

    69. the pansexual weirdo

      Sorry sweetie I'm not your partner I'm his. Me: I knew he was gay

    70. Animator Ireenie

      Lol, this one is so good 🤣🤣🤣

    71. brit

      It makes perfect sense of you yourself don't make sense.

    72. Doctor Dog

      You can't trust them but you can trust me I'm Scheiße God of the universe I'm over 1,000,000 years old

    73. Julie Kasey

      Oh yeah you are a woman

    74. Julie Kasey

      You know you can change your name to Dan JANE

    75. Survivor Player

      Plot twist: This wasn't the script. They were actually improvising.

      1. TheArcher484 ThaArcher485

        Honestly sounds accurate! 🤣😅

      2. William

        Makes more sense

    76. Miz I Guess

      Soooo is he gay or not

    77. Florian Oprescu

      This is so well written!

    78. ConnerCrafts

      Jack is here. But where is Dean

    79. Alfredo Castro

      I don’t know why but the lamp turning into a person is like the opposite of that scene in shell shock I will not spoile it so whach it

    80. Hp- Playz

      wow this sketch did NOT make sense, wonder why Tom lied about that one 😂

    81. Goosey


    82. Dead Man

      I don’t like thin Tom I like modern Tom

    83. AmiExtreme

      WHAT the...

    84. 10 SMP

      This is like a dream

    85. some random person ouo

      I love this so much

    86. Officer Octo

      2:31: Sound design: Dan Pugsley...?

    87. A Hot dog

      Bro how did you change your gender so quick

    88. MrToFu 69

      Love it

    89. LegacyOfABronzePlayer

      yes "Dack"

    90. Mr Mystic

      1:57 the lamp has glasses 👓 in the background lol that’s the one part that made sense in the end lol.

    91. God

      How drunk are you

    92. Crimson King

      Mexican shows be like

    93. Yuki Bunnie

      Henlo! I have decided to comment on every video i see in my recommended so i have yea thats basically why I’m here but have a nice day! :>

    94. furry gameing

      Hang on so thay both wanted someone of the same jender trying to be the opposite jender them self

    95. Crimson Kiten

      From the fact that the sketch made perfect sense to me you should be able to tell that my thought trails are all over the place

    96. Matt's World

      It was all a lie really They were all space aliens that came from the hole

    97. Elizabeth Rogers


    98. TheWeirdGuy2007

      Wait where did Jack come from?!

    99. Cherry Tries lmfao

      she lied, it doesnt make him gay it makes him bi

    100. DIY GMR