Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (feat. NerdCubed)


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    The more you know…
    Featuring Dan ‘Nerdcubed’ Hardcastle ( )
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    Co-Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( )
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley ( )
    Cinematography by Max Brill ( )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( )
    Visual Effects by Michael Dean ( )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Boom Operation by Liam Abbott ( liambabbott96 )
    Makeup and SFX by Erin Stevenson ( ezinski )
    Featuring Charlie Belle as Susie ( )

    CONTENT WARNING: Comedy violence, gore, and a drilldo (it’s exactly what you think)

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    1. DapperDab DucthHound

      Is Tom ok?

    2. MrCombat

      2:46 In this shot, Tom looks around for Susie. This implies he DIDN’T KNOW exactly where she was.

    3. Rita Thachin

      2:50 mild gore

    4. Box Of Army Men Productions

      Every 1 in 6 tiger tanks produced had a slight difference betwix them?

    5. Actually_ Steve745

      That fact is true there are at least 5 people in this world called steve

    6. Shirts For 1


    7. Stealth

      This video has more views then Dan has subscribers and that makes me sad

    8. Khloe the furry

      Me with John:

    9. Aiden Pice


    10. Why Me

      He looked around after oppening the window. So, he DIDN'T KNOW the exact location of Susie.

    11. Ahkaf _gaming

      6.9k comment wow

    12. cat wave animation

      Hey girl, can I see your ij?

    13. HollowsGlitch

      Does he know the fnaf lore

    14. StephanGenade

      Floppy drillro whirs

    15. Fish ့

      Okay but why is no one talking about the last thing he was gonna do to Dan

      1. Anthony Estrada


    16. Wooktent

      How'd he know she'd be walking by his house at that very seco-oh wait.

    17. Tommy Angelo

      It’s a drilldo

    18. Bat Man

      Black People: *exist* White People: 1:23

    19. TawniAline

      Some guy: I want turkey Me: But you *HAVE* turkey Him: 1:52

    20. John James Garcia Muyot

      Welp that was fracking brutal

    21. Jerry Okazaki

      It's like Warpzone but Funny

    22. Margarida520 & Animations

      But..... Why did he exploded Susie?

    23. Asha'man Sedai

      [floppy drilldo whirls]

    24. Graoutchmeuh

      If him being a poet was the last thing he didn't know, he already knew how to blow up people with his mind, so why did he wait?

    25. IamNotAnAc

      Are we bananas

    26. Dragon slayer

      Wait 6.9k comments and 6.9m subs what is the universe saying.

    27. Ian MacLeod

      i get the feeling this was made to show Tom really does now everything.

    28. clamdove

      that piece of glass being stuck in dan's head the whole sketch was rly irritating me

    29. James the Cat

      this is the most informative thing i've ever experienced

      1. WolfzRuffian

        Srsly lol ~same here~

    30. The Salty Gamer

      As the time of commenting: 6.9k comments, nice

    31. Benimpex &Co

      Dont mind me wachting all 72 sketch comedies by tomska

    32. The Horse Outside


    33. Krzysztof Karpiński

      The pinky of death

    34. Shon sen Jaime

      "TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW" "something I don't know"

      1. WolfzRuffian

        Yeah he should have said that

    35. Crown Kid

      Something I don't know is that this video is already three years old

    36. Kyle Jr. Beiter

      to inapropriot

    37. jd1782

      Wow.. know it all.

    38. FixyFlow

      “There is 1 person in the U.S. named Gay Bowser.”

    39. Super Mario plush

      this is 50% of kids at school



    41. Harley Lequin

      If he knows everything why did he have to look around for her?

    42. Coffee Games

      The United States's navy is the third largest airforce

    43. Lucifer

      "Something i don't know !"

    44. gagou d

      -HEY SUZIE! -WHAT?! 2:50

    45. Beastline69

      Mom's on Facebook be like

    46. Max Winterfield

      *LE GASP

    47. Miguel Chavez

      I have not known any of this at all

    48. i7 Cambo

      This had 6.9k Comments when I posted this

    49. Manas Nandan

      6.9k likes Nice ;)


      1 + 1 is 3

    51. TekenPlayr1

      6.9k comments... :) Nice 👌

    52. Mahad kunkoro

      After being a ignorant crime boss Tom gained infinite knowledge.

    53. paul kirkman

      All of this is worth it for the ending. "Hey Suzie!!!" *suzie then proceeds to spontaneously combust*

    54. CrazySocialGame


    55. Emma Feickert

      Luposlipaphobia is the fear of being chased around your kitchen table by timber wolves in your socks on a newly waxed floor ... I have no idea why I know why I know that....

    56. Michelle Johnson

      The end of a shoe lace is called an Aglet

    57. Foxyct E

      Tom physically abusing Dan because he wants to know everything: Me knowing Perry The Platypus's real identity: * *malicious laughs* *

    58. Pathanimation 13

      You like bat man with the joker

    59. Jordan Curry

      Wait...... I want to see the........ Uncensored verson.

    60. Christopher Soun (Student)

      Me: Listen I'm sorry but your fat

    61. Ghostly Silence

      If Tom really is all knowing then does he know what a glob of toothpaste called?

    62. Summer Yim

      Not joking, this video taught me more than anything else.

    63. What Phoenix

      I aM a BaNaNA

    64. E

      There are at least five people in the world called steve. haha meanwhile 2

    65. Poggers Guy


    66. vanillaGhost

      This walked so the first episode of [REDACTED] where they [REDACTED] could run.

    67. judas30

      Susie is a bitch.

    68. Quantum Gamer

      If he knows everything then whats the recipe for kfc chicken

    69. the ultra Fish

      If humans and bananas share around 50% DNA is make you a 50% cannibal? and what if you eat two bananas a day is make you a 100% cannibal?

    70. TieTheFox

      I thought he will respond "I dont know"

    71. Ahmed ETCH

      انت مشكله والله😂

    72. Mr. Macoon


    73. MooCowSayMoo

      this video was more educational than all my years at school

    74. juan miguel tagamolila☺︎

      Turn on captions

    75. Destra

      Well, you know the saying: The more you know...

    76. The Narrator


    77. Migatte no Blakae

      “THE MOON IS A LIBERAL MYTH” -Daniel Hardcastle

    78. riskcord

      ok something i dont know

    79. phrogge

      Bulge on belugas head are not their skull its just fat

      1. Fenriz Nobile


    80. The Meme Slayer

      I feel like that first thing most of us would do when we become god if someone cheated on us with 1 or more person

    81. Iñigo PB


    82. uwu da lil owl

      2 minutes of useless facts.

    83. Megaton Polska

      Something you dont know. I see this is an absolute win.

    84. Ray Cazic

      so hey man like, what's the meaning of life? "cheese"

    85. Agreeable Shadow

      2:06 I have that exact picture aswell. how funny is that? (it really fucking isnt)

    86. Electric Mustang 420

      Tell me something I don’t know Recommended: I don’t know

    87. Rizuki Realiman

      Bullets only works after they're fired.

    88. Lavender Talulah


    89. Dan Tran

      The letter z is called an izzard

    90. a good dude with a good 'tude

      1:15 perfectly cut scream

    91. Heh Heh

      "Pretty cool I know 😏"

    92. Santino Pozo

      One more comment for 6900 comments! Good.

    93. kaled

      2:23. creative mode enable

    94. ChaRaDR33MUR

      HEY SUSIE WHAT? 888

    95. tree


    96. Mr. L

      It’s illegal to milk your neighbor’s cow in Texas

    97. Rob The Squire

      This is what Ashens wants to do to Dan sometimes when he buys crap advent calendars.

    98. mr man

      Slightly blasphemous.

    99. Dalton Henry

      Sharks can breed.

    100. WU KONG

      1:50 To all the girls, women and "others" Just curious................... Have you Or have you put thought on.......... Something something............... ...................

      1. BSLG1337