Beard (feat. Crabstickz)


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    Chris’ facial hair is going through a bad patch.
    Featuring Chris 'Crabstickz' Kendall (
    Co-Written by Alexander D. Holland (
    Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Makeup and SFX by Erin Stevenson ( ezinski)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    On-Set Assistance by Eddie Bowley ( eddache_)
    Featuring Ruby Ha ( Wisperwynd)
    Camara Miles Hall ( Camara_Miles)
    and the rich, disembodied voice of SungWon ‘ProZD’ Cho (
    CONTENT WARNING: Beards, beers, bears, guns, soulless corpses, and Chris Kendall with a really questionable soul patch.
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    1. Pescepalla20

      Fun fact no One can legaly say the fin fact

    2. TrulEnNy Wastaken

      At least he didn’t grow a moustache

    3. The blue teabag

      He’s right Tom is not a beard

    4. chi_va5171

      1:53 I’m gonna have to shoot it off 😂

    5. DizzRos

      1:07 - say that five times faster :D

    6. Tyler PlaysThings

      0:42 - 0:45 is it just me or does it feel like this section isn't supposed to be here? For some reason I remember it skipping to the dictionary. Either I'm going insane or this is some Mandela Effect going on

    7. Axeius

      When's the sequel? It must be mustaches

    8. SwaggarJacob

      This skit has a very cool fun fact but it is illegal to tell you

    9. Nimberlake

      Is this the witcher fan fiction?

    10. Jalubee McV

      Christopher’s soul patch is bigger then my small one.

    11. PixelCloudy

      *I read this as bread.*

    12. Sean S

      Tom looks like someone's constantly disappointed dad.

    13. Zane Frohn

      On the chin AND cheeks there for his hair on his chin therefore no a beard

    14. XxCookiexX

      Tom:sees blind girl Still tom:wanna be in a meme? Blind girl:sure what do I do? Tom: nothing just lay on a couch Blind girl:ummmmm ok?

    15. Crazy Theif

      Tom has my dad’s beard

    16. alastor

      S.atanically T.ransmited D.emon

    17. Bethany Kate

      The thing is though that girls dead so, I think she sold you a little bit more then her soul

    18. Runic

      "You're white!" "No!" "You're black?" "N-well a little bit." "Which bit?" "That's only for me to tell" *Shushes self with black arm*

    19. K4L

      Chris has not changed a bit

    20. Fabian Sjöberg

      2 years later and I still return to this masterpiece

    21. Laddie

      Beards are signs of sin and he ain't nice

    22. Vlad the Impaler

      Doesn't a bear already have a beared from all that fur?

    23. Cubi

      Bearded bear bearing a beer with a beard I love this channel

    24. Dar Dragomir

      You should make movies

    25. Ethan Koh

      The beard looks like Hitler mustach

    26. Vinny Art

      Chris owns a dictionary but doesn't even know that Tom can't be a beard??? Logic

    27. Malak Salah


    28. Chris Truong

      Does anyone slide down the stairs like Crabsticks did at the beginning

    29. Ashley Parish-Quarterman

      O.O when the bear had a beer with a beard it would not make sense because bears can’t get beards

    30. Darth Revan

      Tom has a good beard

    31. Directorren 13

      Now that I know that there is a fun fact that Tom is legally not allowed to say, I really want to know what that fact is.

    32. lotuseliesevd

      That's a goaty tho ;_;

    33. Funny Geeks

      I started in the middle of the video and I totally forgot about the dead body.

    34. Air Snipper

      It’s a goatee

    35. not Bosher Studios254

      tomska ain't duck

    36. PaykaChu

      Only Tom can grow a beard

    37. Jack Humphries

      I was waiting for the dollar shave club plug and it never came

      1. Thomas farquhar

        Tom lives in the UK so it's Pound Shave Club

    38. UNKNOWN

      That s a holy gun ............. It makes holes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Caren Tan

      i see thats not a real beard you taped it there

    40. Sean Berry

      Hes looking more like the old tom

    41. EarthToAccess


    42. Віка Г.

      In that beard definition, hair on the chin AND lower cheeks... so his isn't a beard

    43. 5 Gum Arias

      My guy I am jealous of this writing

    44. Dario Leonides

      Mate so funny

    45. Mrcanify

      Nobody: Description: this video contains beard, beer, bear

    46. AcerTheYeeter

      Man took Hitlers stache and glued it to his chin

    47. Ricecreamm

      The randomness you do here, *is the reason why I’m here*

    48. Toad Boy

      Dollar shave club really missed out on a sponsorship

    49. Good Boy Milo

      Beards. Beers. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.

    50. Kooley the Excellent

      lol i can see the patch to stick on the beard

    51. That random weeb Nobody likes

      You never stop being cool enough to slide down the stairs on your ass

    52. Loretta Carroll

      When youtubers go to far with shaving advertisements

    53. Aadiseh

      I love how you can see the net under the beard

    54. Furby Gaming

      I can tell that the "beard" is fake

    55. Super Marijus

      can i be in one of your videos some day please

      1. The Elijah Show

        goo goo ga ga

    56. Rileyalt Studios!

      i really wanna know that illegal piece of trivia but i feel like it might actually be a tease/lie.

    57. ————————————————

      I though it said bread

    58. Riley Ayres


    59. Fenriz Nobile

      bearded bear bearing a beer with a beard

    60. SilverthesharkX3 gaming and rants

      First few seconds is the best way to get down stairs

    61. sorio99

      I’m so curious what the illegal fun fact about this video is.

    62. sorankazori

      After two whole years i JUST noticed the joke on which bit chris is black

      1. Epsilon-Eluri Studios, LLC

        It's his arm.

    63. John

      0:29 hmm this is not my arm Hey your chin feels nice

    64. SIN-dictate

      Tubbo has beard

    65. Obsidious Marical

      Chin AND cheeks

    66. Vinny Art

      Can I just say that the lip-lick he does when it first zooms in on his "beard" makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE

    67. Directorren 13

      This could’ve been a pretty good opportunity for a dollar shave club sponsored video, still great vid regardless

    68. Enrico Traica

      Sponsored by Gilette

    69. VALLEY

      zetetic astrology and a little slide down the stairs

    70. TmtoSouper


    71. Potater Gaming

      A bearded bear bearing a beer with a beard Has to be the best tounge twister on planet earth

    72. Susan Smith

      I can see the little things that you’ve used to attach your “beard”

    73. I heart Smash Bros

      This is the funniest sketch I’ve seen in comedy. PERIOD.

    74. SpecterQuilava

      I wish we could know the fun fact about this video

    75. Spaaghettii


    76. Lorenzo Miceli

      I don’t know why YT I recommending me this video after I saw it 200 times but ok. Still love it

    77. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

      0:23 I'M CRYING

    78. deathrocket 13

      oh mah god

    79. RED IQ

      Like, I mean now we know what made "THE HOLE" hahaha

    80. racnas

      it’s a hole-y gun.

    81. John Ronald Custodio

      Crabstickz looked like one of my fallout new Vegas characters in this video

    82. OTeckio

      He have a disorder.

    83. Master VSB Productions

      Fun fact: the fact is so fun, it's illegal for Tom to tell you.

    84. Lol Meister

      I'm glad I recognized ProZD immediately

    85. Katy Donn

      Why is nobody talking about those fancy shoes

    86. Ezra Foley-Ventura

      This really reminds me of Aunty Donna

    87. Glacias was the best Webcomic

      Imagine if this was sponsored by shaving products

    88. Lawrence Gist

      It's a goatee

    89. D0RKY

      Is no one gonna talk about how he came down the stares? :D

    90. Jack 4045

      is it just me or was i expecting a sponsor from dollar shave club?

    91. Kody Bear

      Close shave. Wow

    92. Michael Andrew

      That Black arm at 0:31, It killed me

    93. Lyrawh

      he was bread the whole time? edit: oh it says BEARD>

    94. boba

      Chris :She sold me her soul far and square Me:THATS SOMETHING I WOLD SAY

    95. Matilda Muller

      Has Chris just been wearing a Justin Beaver wig for the past ten years?

    96. Lazurus The Black

      what the fuck was that astronomy book about....i must know

    97. Qwer Tyu


      1. 1Roflmao


    98. Christian MIlnamow

      ...Watching these videos is like stepping into a whole different reality for a total of three minutes...and I love it.

    99. SeanographyEDP

      0:27 Oh my