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    Muffin Time: the asdfmovie card game! Out now!
    ass-duff-moo-vee-twelve - More asdfmovie!
    Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (
    asdfmovie merch ( get the song (
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    With guitars by Joachim "Torzelan" Sandberg (
    Anime Opening by Kavil "CooliSushi" Collins (
    Featuring Jim ‘Caddicarus’ Caddick (
    Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate (
    Jack ‘Jacksfilms’ Douglass (
    Zach Fuller (
    Jirard ‘The Completionist’ Khalil ( JKCompletesIt)
    Silas 'ProBluesPlayer' McDonnell ( ProBluesPlayer)
    Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery (
    Abigail 'PhilosophyTube' Thorn (
    and Rik Bowley ( rikbowley)
    Art is Dead (the asdf book) (
    Twitter ( thetomska)
    Facebook ( thetomska)
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    1. who wonder


    2. Mercenary Gundam

      1:25 CADDICARUS!

    3. Human Here

      Anime when?

    4. Blake_exe

      Ew that intro

    5. Samuel Green


    6. Karla Saldivar

      that women is GOKU

    7. Sabreinas Days


    8. Kevin Mitchell

      I am surprised this video has Caddicarus


      0:54 mosquito mp4

    10. erica animation

      1:46 chainsaw man

    11. Rania Assal Del Valle

      ASDF only has three colors: Black White Blood

    12. skullmaster156

      Make asdfmovie the anime right now

    13. Randall Page

      the talking flower's name is deth flowey

    14. PumpkinHead1021

      Hey! .......WHERE?!

    15. Sámuel Kosdi

      0:49 I wish people would be nice to me... GENE: Your wish is... STUPID SLAP

    16. XElementalX

      Thats a cool intro

    17. TheDisarminghinkle

      Suction Cup Man!?

    18. Junior9846 Carrithers57

      0:20 [Giovanna]: I'm on my way I'm on mu way I'm on my way eat your skin

    19. Floofy

      "Congratulations, we got it back in"


      I'm so glad to finally find out that EileMonty's first name is Eileen. I was looking at her channel name a few weeks or so ago and said, "Hey, those look like the first four letters of my first name. Do I share a name with a BRcallr?" And it turns out I was right. I love meeting and hearing about other "Eileen"s because it's a pretty rare name, and some of them don't even spell it the same way. It makes me feel less alone to find someone like me, no matter how small the similarity is.

    21. Sergio Jimenez

      1:50 Crewmembers when attending an emergency meeting.

    22. Sharkgaming999

      A B C D E F GAY

    23. LordTachanka

      Is no one going to talk about that incredible anime opening?

    24. Lord Moon

      0:06 that made me so mad

    25. Colby Reed

      "Damn you, Johnny Big Feet!" And that is how Johnny Big Feet was born.

    26. blinplaysroblo yt


    27. SpiralAnimations

      1:03 Suction cup man

    28. galactic gaming

      make everything anime style it better

    29. Larry Satterly

      0:06 I like Anime :3

    30. COD GAMER

      I like the intro

    31. Isabella Salinardi


    32. Thiago Maia

      Everything is black and white but red is also shown. What is?

    33. Delia Berry

      The waffle has brain damage because someone ate a piece of it, if you are wondering

    34. Adde LOL


    35. Adde LOL


    36. Adde LOL


    37. Adde LOL


    38. Jayden Alvarado

      1:03 genie: your conversation is stoopid

    39. Roy protogen

      The fact tomska forgot to remove the auto generated captions lol


      1:02 Why those two sounds like suction cup man i think tom add piemations

    41. Ocelot SF

      "I don't want to be your mom" Ahahah

    42. Blading

      anime intro? n i c e

    43. Zayd Rishad

      Dad I’m gay. I have no son. (Gasp) This isn’t my house

    44. T P

      Just heard that intro voice says "asdf movie twelve"

    45. Storm Mobile

      And the sheep is a girl

    46. Storm Mobile

      Wait the cow is a man and she's a girl

    47. Error lol

      Flowery needs to fuck off!

    48. Mr flim flamingo fan Dodridge

      my friends: what’s your favorite anime Me:asdf My friends: what’s asdf Me:ummmm it’s complicated.

    49. Travis Esquivel

      Can’t believe been watching for 9 years

    50. Eggzwithaz

      i never knew i need do the flop guy in anime, but i need do the flop guy in anime.

    51. Angelica Puerto

      I Want ASDF Movie 14!

    52. jaycee agpay

      I really like the anime part

    53. Gillgory Seraege

      0:03 When the credit card declines

    54. spectrevampire

      Anybody wanna hear a joke? So Piemations, Caddicarus, and The Completionist all walk into a BRcall video...I forget the rest.

    55. TRISTAN Sonic

      You're fired you can't find me I quick you can't quit

    56. H4rml3sss

      0:21 legend says he is still on his way to eat your skin


      the anime intro was cool

      1. Narcat Catadorian

        I just think its cringe for some reason

    58. akeman

      1:25 was that caddicarus!?

    59. Movie studio


    60. James Conwell

      🍽 🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽

    61. Vex

      Me watching that intro is the peak of me being a weeb

    62. Troy Elms

      a b c d e f 🔫

    63. OnlyyHenry

      ABC def gun

    64. Elvie sudio

      1:25 fall in the house building for you whatttt!

    65. britton 2399

      2:07 "Mah mouth taste laik teyeth"

    66. Chara Mar

      Nobody: Flowey: 0:25

    67. AetherNinja14

      It actually took me more than a year to understand this joke smh 1:50

    68. Jaydelyn May

      i wonder when we get a 13?

    69. Agent chicken33

      Love the intro

    70. Seprex

      1:51 everyone in among us be like:

    71. Seprex

      0:21 I thought that was full on flowey

    72. Kristina Pelce


    73. HOT ROD BOY 900

      1:20 ha literal humor

    74. Hydra 54

      "Good news! We were able to save your legs!" : | *"AnD HeRE THEy aRe!"* _:)_

    75. Valentine cat and Arianna

      🎶a🎶 🎶b🎶 🎶c🎶 🎶e🎶🎶f🎶 🎶gun 🎶

    76. Valentine cat and Arianna

      🎶 I'm on my way 🎶 🎶I'm on my way 🎶 🎶 I'm on my way 🎶 🎶 To eat your skin 🎶

    77. STP 547

      Weeb or not, we all have to admit that intro was cool asf

    78. Spronkles Mcdonkles

      ''Dad, i'm gay.'' Child l 2019

    79. Apan Nisse Berg and Kossan Mu

      1:50 the man Said hey not hay!

    80. AwesomedudeXD

      woah that damn anime cant you make it longer

    81. 16BitGamer

      It took me WAY too long to realize that the guy asking if people can fly was voiced by Caddy.

    82. That_dum_girl

      My wish is stupid

    83. Saša Dobrovoljski

      0:20 0:36

    84. human // lin

      0:11 awww is the version of muffing of human he looks sad :(

    85. Rita Harris

      1:03 Your fired! You cant fire me im suction cup man!

    86. Thomas Kraus

      1:30 What in the world hit him?

    87. Chandler Dailey

      Now I want an actual asdfmovie anime

    88. Holly Drummond

      Your wish is stupid

    89. Steven Le

      0:06 us weebs are very happy

    90. 0w0 uwuiloveyou

      *"A b c d e f gun"* I don't understand, it's just a normal American school

    91. Wyly Thunder

      settle down suction cup man.

    92. Blurry !!!

      That’s a shame...

    93. TheJohnMan

      Insane anime intro 2 seconds later... I’m on my way, I’m on my way, I’m on my way to eat your skin But god damnit I wanted more pictures of spider man Congratulations you went so far down you reached the depths of hell

    94. Spider World

      1:54 American toasters be like

    95. Aiden Kimberly


    96. Jackoven Gamez

      Thanos: * snaps * Pregnant women: 2:12

    97. Nathan Andecker

      Everyone else is talking about it, but seriously, that anime opening though.

    98. min yongi

      Treatment sucsessful

    99. Gary Wilson

      I'm suction cup frog. Look at me go!

    100. Alhabsy Alhabsy

      0:06 intro anime