First Contact (feat. Daniel Howell)


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    You stole my heart. Please give it back. I need it to live.
    Featuring Daniel Howell (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Produced by Fleur Brooklin Smith & Marianne Turton (
    Co-Written and Production Assistance by Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley (
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Editing and Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Production Assistance by Charlie Hicks
    Gaffer by Christine Alexander ( good_grief94)
    Camera Assistance by Austin Phillips (
    Sound Recording by Taz Fairbanks ( tazfairbanks)
    Make-Up and Costume by Silvija Vil (
    with NeonFiona as A Woman (
    Daniel Dobbs as The Goofy Grey Guy (
    and Megan, Rob, Millie, Kirsty, Connor, Liam, Georgie, Harris, Shahenshah, Ella, David, Matt, Hattie, Chloe, Noor, Gerald, Jake and Erin as Party People
    CONTENT WARNING: Blood, groping, a fairly sexist and undeveloped female character, goopy gore.
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    1. TCP

      Well how do you think she feels Squishy

    2. Wertyner

      Alien using the righteous bison

    3. Edwin Bolaines

      When he said HEY are you a alien? Because your out of this world. I thought he was going to pull a gun out then shoot him but instead the romantic song came on then THEY KISSED.

    4. Trisha B

      Drinking game: take a shot every time you see a comment that says something like “tf2 weapon detected omg I’m so smart pls like this comment that’s been reposted 9000000000 times”

    5. Joris Land

      why is the alien using a righteous bison ?

    6. Ethan Bullock

      When he crushed the ice wand his hand was bloody me: oh gawd why can I feel that??!

    7. Because I’m Batman #2

      i’ve always been told to follow my dreams so I’m going to follow you home tonight.😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    8. PD Swart

      Very smooth, Tom

    9. Ivan roblox


    10. no one of importance

      Tom: If looks can kill THEN YOU MUST BE THE ZODIAC KILLER I'VE FOUND YOU Me: wait im not the zodiac killer

    11. Michael Lee

      I love the idea that Daniel just had that box ready.

    12. YellowyLemon

      Righteous Bison

    13. Banana King

      2:47 “she’s a person just like me” WRONG

    14. Thomas Cable


    15. Red Led


    16. Pug Master


    17. Christian Le Surf - Music

      How is no-one talking about the parody of We Like to Party being played throughout the first 30 seconds in the background?

    18. Jonathan Davies

      What about 2 guns

    19. That one autistic DOOM fan

      "How do you think she feels?" "Squishy"

    20. Alexia Morganstern

      Starts making out with an alien. Dan "that's vewy noce"

    21. Alexia Morganstern

      Try and try.... a gun

    22. Alexia Morganstern

      I got an ad for the new SpongeBob movie and SpongeBob said" i love to scam"

    23. B1 Battle Droid

      "Hey! Do you want kids? Cause I got a full bag of them right here"

    24. Silver Gamer

      Me realizing that the alien is useing the Ricous bison

    25. roseanna pope

      wow was not expecting that end and yet i was not expecting to have a baby sister and here i am now

    26. Aqwii

      THAT ENDING😭😭😭😭

    27. Damien McLain

      Was the alien using the righteous bison from tf2?

    28. nabeel chedid




    30. a random demoflower

      wait, did that alien have the righteous bison?

    31. The Engineer

      Why is that alien using the gun I made?

    32. Bradley Liu


    33. RollrToaster

      I always praised tom of making such good directed and portrayed skits but then I accidentally tapped on the description...

    34. MidnightUnicorn Unicorn

      So this is where the "hi I'm tom" meme came from

    35. Vlad the Impaler

      Hasn't the zodiac killer been found like 50 years ago?

    36. Doge McSwag

      1:42 It's the pictures from "Picture Perfect"

    37. Carski

      "If you don't succeed, try try and try a-" That's sexual harassment.

    38. Mr.Panquake

      This is the video, this is THE video

    39. Hunter Shaw

      How did she feel? Tom:squishy

    40. 1ts GooB

      "Is that seat taken?" Was that him trying to move on the chair?

    41. Violetta S

      0:41 What the tiktok people are here for

    42. Janelle Asencio

      1:29 max: yay guns, I love guns! *max is from sam and max freelance police*

    43. Frostbite Fox

      That alien have the gun name Righteous Bison from Team Fortress 2, actualy, its not realy that powerful

    44. among us art club

      um what did i just whach like the hell that whas gay but im gay so i hav no roome to talke

    45. Charlie Herman

      Me: omg this is so funny! Me: wow. Ok. Well I definitely didn’t expect that! Me: HOLLY SHIT WTF 😂

    46. DJ Maysonic

      I have watched this so many times and never noticed that at 0:19 the beer Dan gets Tom after asking "another rough night?" is called "rough night beer"

    47. Vinn Szeto

      It started out good then 🤮🤮🤮

    48. Daniel Rahov

      Holy fucking shit *T H E Y B U F F E D T H E B I S O N*

    49. Pippy Barrow

      Try a gun T-try a gun Aaaa🎶 tra-tra-tea-try a gun 🎶

    50. Owen Kegg

      Why is the alien using the righteous bison from tf2

    51. Santi

      This alien shouldn't be able to kill this many people with the Righteous bison.

    52. Kerbalcat Lego dude

      Is that an airsoft gun?

    53. Cheese

      Nerf bison

    54. Graham Ballinger

      3:09 is that the bison from tf2?

    55. nothing to do here 0

      3:22 that the bizon from tf2

    56. Villager 57

      I knew that Aliens were gonna be involved when I read the title.

    57. The Tramitiom

      Well since no ones said it in a while “righteous bison"

    58. Im Someone

      Did anybody noticed from the beginning that tom was rejected by his mother

    59. Alexander Martens

      Not gonna say that nobody else said this but is that alien holding the Righteous Bison?

    60. Awesomeness 11

      I am binging Toms skits and I regret nothing

    61. JCK 01


    62. [ Redacted ] wooshmeyoudie

      Righteous bison

    63. Sir Hacker Man

      "Are you free tonight,because I don't have any money." With a line like that,Tom got what he deserved

    64. Sherry Keenan

      *Try , try ,try...* _A gun?_

    65. Reese

      Buff the Bison

    66. David Turell

      oh my god the alien in using the righteous bison from TF2!

    67. insert name

      Tf2 gun moment


      Vewy nice...

    69. Tyler Joseph Schommer

      The gun switches hands

    70. Umar Norris


    71. ItsYaFav. Myaa

      0:42 😂😂

    72. Just some plant cells -

      Wait up... Did the alien use the righteous bison and killed everyone with one shot? He is crits hacking!

    73. The Toppat Among Us

      1:02 no... n o

    74. Directorren 13

      Why is this accurate??!!

    75. VALLEY

      where did you hire a midget from, asking for a friend

    76. Hertzog USA

      The alien thing is like confusing

    77. Foxy The Pirate Fox

      do you still have the righteous bison from tf2 prop

    78. geekyboi

      hey do you want kids? bc iv got a hole bag of them here.......................................................... best line iv prob ever heard


      What the heck was that ending

      1. Wyattdvm Animations


      2. stephen dance



      Gotta love how he cannot y’all to people but he has first contact with a alien and some how instantly can make out

    81. Traffic Cone

      3:10 pause to that. that gun is the bison from TF2

    82. Daniel Stencil

      That alien ant getin any kills the the bision

    83. Ralle TheGoldenTrash

      Hey Guys did you know that the alien had a gun called the bison from the team base defense shooter 2 haha lol

    84. Live Wire

      “No come back, mum!” Me:

    85. Channel Name

      TomSka, the master of "I didn't see that coming" video making

    86. Channel Name

      Story of my life right here, all of it, facts. SoML starts at 0:00

    87. MrMozzie

      Righteous bison let’s go

    88. epic gamer82

      1:25 try try try *A GUN*

    89. me when seth

      is anyone gonna talk about how tom gets *dumped* by his *mum* at the start of the vid????

    90. _ DeadpoolDealsDamage _

      That Alien's using the Righteous Bison. I didn't think I could gain more respect for TomSka, but here we are

    91. SPARKY358

      Meanwhile in an alternate universe where the bison I good

    92. ` Jam!! `

      r igh tou s bi son

    93. Star Noir

      “Try try try-“ “A GuN?” Me: Again? A gun. A green. A Gon! HUNTER X HUNTER, WHY DOD I NOT THINK OF THAT.

    94. Tri Nguyen

      3:07 is that a mother fking JOJO REFERENCE?

      1. CrunchyTRex 『YT』

        Lmao it’s Kira

    95. F1reDemon

      1:04 is hilarious

    96. Miz I Guess


    97. Hp- Playz

      Dan: Well Thats My Socializing Qoute For The Month,See Ya! wow comedy is going through the roof lol 😆

    98. Spy Main

      Your meaning to tell me that the alien gun is the bison from team fortress 2?

    99. Adrian Har-d

      If you havent found the fish yet then bear it is

    100. Brooke

      How do you think she feels? *squishy* 😏