First Contact (feat. Daniel Howell)


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    You stole my heart. Please give it back. I need it to live.
    Featuring Daniel Howell ( )
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( )
    Produced by Fleur Brooklin Smith & Marianne Turton ( )
    Co-Written and Production Assistance by Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley ( )
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien )
    Editing and Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough ( )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( )
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Production Assistance by Charlie Hicks
    Gaffer by Christine Alexander ( good_grief94 )
    Camera Assistance by Austin Phillips ( )
    Sound Recording by Taz Fairbanks ( tazfairbanks )
    Make-Up and Costume by Silvija Vil ( )

    with NeonFiona as A Woman ( )
    Daniel Dobbs as The Goofy Grey Guy ( )
    and Megan, Rob, Millie, Kirsty, Connor, Liam, Georgie, Harris, Shahenshah, Ella, David, Matt, Hattie, Chloe, Noor, Gerald, Jake and Erin as Party People

    CONTENT WARNING: Blood, groping, a fairly sexist and undeveloped female character, goopy gore.

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    1. j4e the g4e

      the selfie phil posted w an alien earlier looks like this one

    2. Sky Celeste


    3. Sky Celeste

      Nooooo,el allien...!!!jajajaja,ptm solo me falta aprender Inglés pero apesar de no saberle,joder me morí de la risa, literalmente 😳xD

    4. FGTP

      The fact that she let him touch her there for the video is so funny

    5. Kaden Swinning

      44 seconds into the video

    6. MrCombat

      Imagine being Tom making this sketch and you have to explain the script to that actress. Like “hey UMMM… for this scene I uhhhh… gotta stick my hand… umm uhhhh… in your 𝕓 𝕠 𝕠 𝕓 𝕤.”

    7. PeachMilkPoison

      3:18 the way he threw the gun though.. literally me-

    8. Wells Cheng

      Bison bison bison

    9. di BOI

      the alien is holding the Righteus Bison from tf2 and you can't tell me otherwise

    10. That1guystudios

      Haha funny tf2 reference

    11. Frenchie Freeloader

      Tom:2 guns? Me:nah….29 Tom:YES

    12. Shoto Todoroki


    13. heyitseli


    14. •Analena Maree•

      Tom: hey are you a alien cause your out of this world *casually starts sinning the alien*

    15. poncu

      Hey want some kids? I got a bag full of em

    16. Jonathan Davies

      This sounds like my life when everyone else hates me

    17. Russianpickle

      Is that the bison from tf2?!?!

    18. Typin

      Are you an alien? cause you’re out out this world *flert*

    19. no body

      poor girl

    20. FunGi Channel

      3:08 cringe ass Alien, uses the fucking Righteous Bison, how fucking cringe

    21. Isaac Shaffer

      when the righteous bison gets buffed 3:10

    22. Noam Alterman

      I'm proud of him

    23. IAmCorgi ._.

      Oh yeah? Well how do you think she feels? *squishy*

    24. ㅤ

      3:23 holy crap was that the righteous bison tf2 life sized prop?!

    25. TheGamingBear

      1:04 squishy

    26. Itzover77


    27. Gabriella Menezes

      "I'm so upset." "Well, how do you think she feels?" "Squishy..."

    28. *Confused Sounds*

      ITS A BISON!!!!

    29. DJ pinkfox 10 Bridey


    30. Ashton Higginbotham


    31. Kyray Capeling

      How have i only just seen this.

    32. Hyonk Hyonk Am Cooked Goose

      is thats alien using the rightcheos bison?

    33. Goober the Spooker

      He should’ve gone to a pickup line before hen Dan said try out a pickup line

    34. Akhil Madhunlall

      What was that? A bust (And then squishy as the finisher) perfect

    35. Maddox Rodriguez

      “ what was that?” “A bust” WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS

    36. JD, I guess

      “a bust” it was

    37. Adam Putalavage

      Is... is that the righteous bison from tf2 the alien is using?

    38. Zemes


    39. ThatOneIdiot101

      Everyone talking about “squishy” But “a bust” killed me

    40. LifeGeek

      Is that- Is that The Hamsterdance playing as background music at the beginning?

    41. Crow Smith

      Give it up for the girl putting up with all that crap realizing he was just nervous and still wanting to give him a chance ... and tragically dying

    42. Saccyyyyy [LIVE]

      "Well, how do your you think she feels?" *S Q U I S H Y*

    43. the_sethster

      ''What was that?'' ''A bust. I'm so upset.'' ''Well how do you think she feels?'' '' *Squishy.* ''

    44. Sleepy

      unsubscribing, the bison vaporises people, it doesn't turn them into goo.

    45. Brackstoh

      3:22 that gun is actually from TF2. its called the "bison"

    46. MemesAndTherapy

      “How do you think she feels?” “Squishy.”

    47. MilkBagXD

      Tom is so funny

    48. 10_Firman Ramadhan Hutama

      What the fuck did i just watch?

    49. Matthew Hennings

      Righteous Bison, tell me it's an overused comment I dare you

      1. PedroKz8.0

        Its an overused comment. Did I do good?

    50. MageBurger

      It's been 3 years and only now do I get that Zodiac reference.

    51. Foxyct E

      Tom: * gets splashed with water * Also Tom: No! Mom come back!

    52. Gloomzy mk

      Again I thinks one of them is gay

    53. Scp-682 Hard-to-destroy Reptile

      Plot Twist: the bag of kids is actually a baby mimic (it’s a D&D joke)

    54. 1sMiku

      ah yes, Righteous Bison

    55. Spicy Kirby0295

      3:23 is that a recreation of the righteous bison from TF2??!!

    56. That1Gamer

      I NEED BLEACH 3:35

    57. Aaron Schrader

      I don’t like turbo punch as the name

    58. swedish IKEA

      There are the paintings of a anti-semitic cat a the centaur on the wall

    59. Shatterd Code

      I got a line “Is loving you a crime cause if so I just may commit it” Tom: or mass murder THATS fine too

    60. KnightBoi

      Tom is drunk

    61. Funky

      I know how to introduce myself to a lady, just go say hi I'm a racist and boom.

    62. Zodiac

      Hilarious. I absolutely loved it. 🤣

    63. Lucas Hanson

      Dans ability to show no effort or care in the sketch and still be funny is very admirable.

    64. Zach Lewis

      SqUiShY :)

    65. Colton Kilgore

      That twist at the end did get me.

    66. Luin Rentrop

      Ok, That Is a drunken man 😂

    67. Magimasterkarp

      Haha, Ted Cruz on that zodiac poster was great.

    68. BeariCherri


    69. Jamkam1234

      His alien blaster looks like the one from tf2

    70. :c


    71. FeliFox 335

      hahahah 3:11 the tf2 gun

    72. • X Y K O R P E S •

      3:32 i cant stop laughing

    73. Sargent R-L3

      The alien was using a righteous bison

    74. Dry Bread

      dher bal

    75. jaz (๑•̀ㅂ•́)

      The way he adds guns 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    76. TuaToonPlay

      The Righteous Bison

    77. WoTTy

      The alien is shooting a bizon from tf2... wtf

    78. NightDrax

      Tom:what about two guns And the Oscar goes to....tomska

    79. Mr. Video

      “Well, now that I’ve broken the ice...AHHHHH!”

    80. zzzEnvy


    81. JayDaPug Pug

      First contact with aliens cool


      when you realise your sitting on the same chair as tomska had in 1:20

    83. Zancherr plays

      "Well how do you think she feels?" "Squishy..." Me: 😳what

    84. Stop motion Isko

      TF2 players will know the alien weapon

      1. Vicente Tsou

        very yes

    85. Srikar1897

      My social skills in a nutshell:

    86. alexander hernandez

      Can relate

    87. Baconator


    88. Kawaii Dumpling

      Anybody get that asdf movie when he says it’s 10:30?

    89. E.Nobody

      I was definitely not expecting it to go that way 👀

    90. Aaron Moody

      Wait was the alien using the tf2 bison

    91. What?

      I love the fact that the alien is holding the righteous bison from tf2

    92. Tylersworld

      Righteous bison

    93. Tiny Toons

      2:17 wot de fuq

    94. Adolf drippler


    95. Aleksander Klaas

      damn, that alien is gonna deal 45 damage to somebody

    96. Word Word

      Who’s that girl

    97. Eee EA

      Are you an alien cuz your outside these world Kisses LIKE WHAT THE HECK MAN

    98. Spectrum 13

      When did the righteous bison get unnerfed

    99. Jigoku no hi

      What the fuck did I just watch

      1. BSLG1337


    100. The Master Of Impurity

      Alien boy rocking that Righteous Bison