Le Alien (feat. Antoine Daniel)


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    Tom captures a U.F.O.! (Unidentified French Organism)
    Featuring Antoine Daniel (brcall.info)
    and Sammy Paul (brcall.info)
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (brcall.info)
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley (brcall.info)
    Editing and Camera Assistance by Elliot Gough (brcall.info)
    Cinematography by George Shankster (brcall.info)
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (brcall.info)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (brcall.info)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Catering and Chauffeuring by Tara Maguire ( TaraDoesStuff)
    Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    CONTENT WARNING: Gunfire, creepy black eyes, light bondage ;)
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    1. Fy Jfhg gbhfhc 2


    2. portalmasterjake

      those were some good subtitles tom

    3. Bullet Head

      C’est l’alien

    4. Yes No

      If you think about it even if he wasn’t a alien he might have still been a alien

    5. Salomé

      Mon dieu c'est Antoine Daniel !!!

    6. Gamer TV YT

      isn't it l' instead of le because of the A?

    7. Kurty00

      Your subtitles are great.

    8. Dalton Henry

      Did they really do that to you.

    9. גיימר אמיתי

      Avez-vous utilisé une page de traduction pour lire ceci? (i'm not french btw)

      1. Varek 901

        no because i' m french mdr

    10. IDNisme

      1:52 😂😂😂

    11. Skeletron Prime

      “I told you it would fit”

    12. RedStxr

      Bone jaw people

    13. day deficiency

      “Im hungry”

    14. seet jia kang

      le scream

    15. Benjamin Oyarzabal

      2:23 That “ah shit” is my new response to things going horribly wrong

    16. Typical Jax

      Plot twist he did an Uno Reverse 2:30

    17. Kit Cat

      They aren't aliens! Their bug people!

    18. SteelSiege


    19. Trase Gorsuch

      Space Car Space Jar Space Bra Space Bar Space Bar Space Bar

    20. petit pain

      antoine c'est fait plaiz' on dirait !

    21. infectedrobot2926

      Jeez.my freind screamed when he said I told you it would fit. Lmao these are awesome

    22. Human Bean

      This actually is the proper use of the word "alien"

    23. Banana Fucker

      Went to france, baguettes are used for probing the front private parts. Not the butt.

    24. Canadian Shark26

      This is why the magic spoon destroyed france.

    25. The Goggles Fam

      your subtitles are so good i had to rewatch all ur vids with them turned on

    26. PRO TRAIN

      Le or la ?

    27. Sandro Sliske

      Remember the aliens in pyramid spaceships from Kung Pow? I'm pretty sure they were French too.

    28. Iseabail Malpus

      Tom:he’s an alien He’s french... ...ALIEN

    29. RiOtBiRd

      What do aliens eat? *A space bar*

    30. the-guy-with-pc

      The Eiffel Tower Spaceships get me every time

    31. Ninja Of Lightning Animations

      “Hey I told you it would fit”

    32. Jameson Martin


    33. Tiffany Lyons


    34. Viktor Lamač

      With a space bar

    35. C.I.A.

      This actually distracted me for my ear infection which is very painful

    36. Catman Legions

      Me when I play French tanks in War Thunder

    37. Anato YTP

      Alors nous sommes vus comme ça aux États-Unis ?

    38. Something's Off

      Je ne suis pas un extraterrestre. Parce que je suis Canadien, donc, je ne suis qu'un contrebandier de sirop, rien de plus. I've just started learning the Motherships's tounge, please don't hurt me.

    39. Anubis YT

      *Space bar*

    40. Dakota Freeman

      (Le Lamp)

    41. Blaise Bailey

      Hon hon hon humans

    42. Bruh Moment

      It's even funnier with subtitles

    43. Jeffrey Sturm

      Space car, space jar, space bra, space bar, space bar, with a space bar

    44. Paul nieddu

      Oh no there is a alien

    45. Isaure Sensei

      Me as french: da fuck

    46. Tom Laney

      "With a Space Bar" taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptappittytap

    47. Zane Frohn

      Technically the French man is an alien because he’s from a different country

    48. Flemming Kanstrup

      subtitles are great pleasehelpmethemanmakingsubtitlehaskidnappedmeandisforcingmetowritethatthesubtitlesaregreat

    49. Mystery Dragon13

      The subtitles are fucking hillarious

    50. Mr. Video

      I’m surprised that “from a space x” hasn’t become as memetic as “the hole”.

    51. Disappointed IceCream

      The laptop bit got me

    52. Funny Bunny

      As a French person I can confirm we are aliens

    53. Gregsplays

      "aww, tout mon photos de bites" I've been learning French though Antoine Daniel and duo lingo, I didn't even translate this when I first saw this, I simply burst out laughing

    54. Yonatan Megnagi


    55. phyu phyu

      "And it has a space bar!" Got me good

    56. Vinny Art

      the 2.1k dislikes are from everyone in France

    57. EarthToAccess


    58. Perle /Nova

      Je suis un alien...? Wait... *BAGUETTE POWEEER*

    59. fysh 2

      Your subtitles are great Tom

    60. Alexandre

      Les aliens infectent les commentaires Mince, je suis découvert ×)

    61. Arad Yousefi

      This video is thanks to weed and a LOT OF ALCOHOL

    62. Tristan Barbosa

      *w h a t*

    63. Gamingletsplay

      "Well that's a space bar" ... "from a space bar" ... "ya".."with a space bar" I laught so loud that my neighbors knocked on the door 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    64. Amethia

      0:27 what makes this funnier is how mobile Tom say "Whatever you do don't let me smash your phone." And you can see what happens next.

    65. Rhys Callinan

      I'm assuming that everyone's fine with the fact that Tom just randomly kidnaps people from various countries when drunk? Ok, me too.

    66. Toriana123

      A alien oh noooooooo

    67. Sauce of Pasta

      Watching this is even better when you're a polyglot.

    68. possurix

      we say l'alien

    69. notfromJA

      Turn on captions. Trust me

    70. Adam Winslow

      lol captions

    71. eggshell 3824

      OHHH I GET IT Alien also means foreigner!

    72. Pizofsoda

      A laptop with a space-bar

    73. Stefan Laird

      At 1:55 CC: (le sigh)

    74. Surendra Singh

      I have seen that lampman somewhere 🤔

    75. Mr. Blue Animations

      Those space bar jokes get me every time.

    76. NAT_Headcrab


    77. aliendude51

      I sent this to my French friend

    78. Epic Toby

      Subtitles: *United Kingdom wit extra jokes* .......... Wow

    79. GamerNolan64


    80. Cneref

      Space bar is the best!

    81. Emfix

      is no one gonna talk about how great the subtitles are? "le shooty shooty bang bang"

    82. Pokerface

      Your subtitles are great. Is your self esteem properly boosted?

    83. Wither

      *je suis baguette*

    84. {Ash} & Demon

      “I told you it would fit” Oh my god did they actually- I don’t wanna think about this anymore...😖🤢🤮

    85. Stereo Metry


    86. Éloi Paradis

      Tom: Quick sammy Run before it drinks your blood Sammy: thats vampires me: if he was a vampire why does he wears a garlic thing

    87. Em W

      Le sigh on my god I love subtitles

    88. Marcus Sarcia

      Why are the French portrayed as onion sellers

    89. FreeToast 27102006

      U.F.O= Unidentified French Organism *Beautiful*

      1. Skeptical Guy

        Thats beautiful lovely Astonishing amazing i love it😂😂🌝

      2. Ties de Bruijn


      3. Chieko da weeb


      4. Mr unknown

        Thx I hate it

    90. JIBFLY le vrai et unique


    91. Vinny Art

      The subtitles are fantastic

    92. Lamine Bourriche

      Alors ça fait plus de When the Cut

    93. egulio

      it's even better when you do understand French xD

    94. Business Pumpkin

      I told you it would fit

    95. bonquiqui the first


    96. highspeed _mc

      Tom: I told you it would fit. Me: the little light we have left is fading faster and faster

    97. Zeby Studio

      Non on rentre vraiment sa nul part ;-; ou alors dans le four mais sinon nop -_-

    98. Garchirisu

      Actually it wouldn’t be “Le alien” it would be ”l’alien” since alien started with a vowel

      1. Riza Hawkeye

        @Roulpops Il nous arrive bien de rigoler (gentiment) à certains stéréotypes d’autres pays, il est normal qu’on aime rire de nos propres stéréotypes xD

      2. Roulpops

        @Riza Hawkeye Actually i am too, that's why i was responding sarcastically to the "broom-up-the-arse" first comment ^^ Anyway, let's all agree that we love stupid stereotypes about the french language, especially when they come from Tomska :P

      3. Riza Hawkeye

        I'm french and I think the title is perfect like that

      4. Zylo over

        U spelled wrong "voyelle"

      5. Mobi

        i think you are le dumb

    99. Smash Boom

      WHAT THE CUT !!!

    100. Marie michelle Imoula

      Moi aussi je suis alien france