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    Muffin Time: the asdfmovie card game! Out now!
    ass-duff-moo-vee-thur-teen - More asdfmovie!
    Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman ( @Wonchop ) asdfmovie merch ( )

    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell ( @TomSka )
    Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley ( @Eddache )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( @LilDeuceDeuce )
    With Alto Sax by Chris Carlier ( )
    Featuring Chris Alex ( FilmCow_Chris )
    Chris Bingham ( helloiambing )
    Anna 'BrizzyVoices' Brisbin ( @Brizzy Voices )
    Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate ( @ScarfDemon )
    Brian David Gilbert ( @brian david gilbert )
    Stefan Johnson ( S_johnson_voice )
    Daniel J Layton ( @Daniel J. Layton )
    Phil 'AmazingPhil' Lester ( @AmazingPhil )
    and Rik Bowley ( rikbowley )

    Secondary Channel ( @DarkSquidge )
    Twitter ( thetomska )
    Facebook ( thetomska )
    Tumblr ( )

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    1. Mudkip çetesi

      1:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. cup of tae


    3. Eric Cartman


    4. Zenderthedragon

      i see u used the funniest joke possible

    5. nəzū_ķüňņ:)) Ü

      Everybody do the flop

    6. Delta Dude

      I'm still wondering what did Brian David Gilbert voice?

    7. Patchy Primrose

      GUILTY! Always used to make me sad

    8. Blue Fox

      Pokemon Vaporeon: high five! (High five) Hundred! 😈 Flareon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    9. RichtoNotHere

      "We got you on camera!" "Well I got you flowers!" "Uh"

      1. Patchy Primrose

        That ones really good, the main reason why this is my favourite asdfmovie.

    10. Sponge Bob Square Pants

      The muffin song is the best

    11. Noah George

      I feel 5 and happy again

    12. Darkly._.sweett~

      from 1:24 to 1:28 , my favorite part of ASDFmovie13

    13. Axel Sandoval


    14. Axel Sandoval

      this man say "NOOO" by high HUNDRED 0:02

    15. GeometryTube 135

      0:33 "Where do babies come from?" "Grownups!" "Where do grownups come from?" "Babies!" "Where do babies come from?" "Grownups!" "Now you knowww!"

    16. Gerthy Bausa

      Man: whats for dinner? Agent: shows timmy gun Man: MY FAVORITE

    17. Gavib Lennox

      May 13, 2020

    18. Ashley Delgado


    19. efe akay

      Video 16.000.000.

    20. Spider- Josh2.0


    21. Anthony Alejandro Dacayan

      Dada Daddy

    22. Joeys World

      Guy: That’s my boy!!!!! Boy: kicks the ball too hard Ball: father heeeeelllllpppppp!!

    23. Joeys World

      Guy: That’s my boy!!!!! Boy: kicks the ball too hard Ball: father heeeeelllllpppppp!! Guy: no my boy!!!!!!!

    24. Joeys World

      Him: Where do babies come from? HER: BABYGUN Him : what? Pewpew

    25. CJ Sanchez


    26. Bradleyyy

      Death Count: 7.8 Billion

    27. CP127

      am i the only one who realises that the sketch at 0:49 is a reworked version of the ''perfect'' asdfmovie joke?

    28. amazon

      0:12 daddy ;)



    30. MrFidget

      "aw, you're not gonna grow up" AND THE AWARD GOES TO...

    31. imanonbinaryrat

      Da Da *daddy* ;)

    32. Saurdemort

      Hey Mr. Goose, watcha doin' with that noose? RIP

    33. Dan Mark spe


    34. Allie M

      It's been years since the first one came out. Yet each one i watch seems to always make me laugh. Keep it up Tom XD

    35. JAM3plus1


    36. Gummy Pikmin Productions

      If the jokes were cards in Muffin Time High Five Hundred! Trap: If you successfully highfive another player, steal 5 of their cards That’s Unexpected, Baby! Action (Minigame) Choose another player to speak in a deep voice until your next turn, steal 3 of their cards if they fail Guilty! Action: Choose another player to put down their hand face up until your next turn Come Out! Action: Look at another player’s hand Punching My Horse Trap: If another player plays a card with an animal mentioned in the title, they discard 3 cards. If they play a card mentioning a horse or pony, stop it’s effect and force them to discard 5 instead Baby Gun Action: All other players discard all their cards that have “baby” in the title (includes placed traps) Goose with a Noose Counter: Stops “in sync” and instead repeat the effects of any action card in the discard pile I Have A Boyfriend Action: All players in a relationship discard 2 cards Pattycake Action (Mini-Game): Play pattycake with as many players as you want, the first player to mess up discards 3 cards Father, Help! Action: Steal 1 card from (each of) your parent(s) What’s for Dinner? Action: Look at everyone’s action, counter, or trap cards and steal 1 of those cards from each player Party Started! Action: The next time each player draws from the draw pile instead of playing an action, they draw 2 cards instead This is a Slumber Party Counter: Stops “Party Started” and it affects only you Hello, Sun! Action: Steal 1 card from (each of) your kid(s) Come Back Later! Counter: If another player plays an action specifically on you, you won’t be affected by it until their next turn What Kind of Dog? Action: All players who own a dog discard 2 cards I Want To Be a Doctor! Action: If the card “I’m A Doctor” is in the discard pile, add it to your hand I’m Free! Counter: If another player steal any of your cards, draw that many they stole Got You On Camera Action: Look at everyone else’s placed traps Got You Flowers Counter: Stops “Got You On Camera” and everyone except whoever played it look at their placed traps Whale Dance Counter: Stop being forced to discard cards and have another player discard that many instead You’re an Idiot Counter: If another player discards their own cards, choose any player (except them) to also discard the same amount What’s a Nose? Counter: Stops “got your nose” and steal 1 card from whoever played it

    37. B.O. B

      I made a drawing of the guy saying "are you ready to die?" It came out great

    38. SaleGD ツ

      Oh 😳😳 Have you get! What 🤣 and the second poor FIND ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    39. Tristan Fountain

      Hahahaha that's funny right lol

    40. random artist321

      I decided to show these to a 5 year old but I forgot how dark most of these jokes are, luckily he was more focused on the old flop joke😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😅😅😅😅

    41. Essi

      Fridge sounded like LSP

    42. Danii ~


    43. galaxy_wolf

      My life is fucked up as it is this just makes it better but weirder

    44. Ashley Delgado


    45. Epic Nate Outdoors And Vlogs

      Lets get this party started, YEAH!!! *dies*

    46. ducky D00M

      Sussy baka

    47. Josiah Smith

      better than asdf 14 IMO

    48. Mae Borowski

      Dark humor. my favorite.

    49. Wykai Alijahkai

      0:49 This one looks like "The best ASDF movie joke." but it's a girl instead of a dog

    50. Shrek Is The Best Anime


    51. Ivo Thornton-Smith

      best one yet. I love the French dog

    52. FishFeet100


    53. littnuke

      10K dislikes? I have lost faith in humanity

    54. Sky Master0yt


    55. Klamath 2046

      I'm free!

    56. Molood Mudassar


    57. Molood Mudassar

      14:7 Houehoiuhsenhieh

    58. Ashley Santana

      “Are you ready to die😈🔪” “No ._.” “Then I’ll come back later😈🔪”

    59. EpicToastBread


    60. jay martin


    61. jay martin

      Hold up did yall see that guy literally eat those bullets lmao

    62. jay martin

      Bruh the first skit already has me crying from laughing so hard lmaoooo

    63. Santier Mercy

      That's my boy no my boy father Help? :/

    64. FishFeet100

      Why is every thing so dumb?

    65. PvtGermanWagz

      You’ve got too many legs!!

    66. Mar C

      This is one of my favorite videos on the internet.

    67. sealo290

      da...da 𝒹ₐ𝒹𝒹ᵧ Oh!

    68. nite1245bro

      The return of the king

    69. NeoGence

      Plot twist: That hi five sound bit is exactly what you think it is.

    70. Charles B.

      remember the time when asdfmovie11 was just a myth but now we have 14

    71. Charles B.

      first one isn't really funny or realistic, it's a high five because of five fingers

    72. YourAverageGamer

      “Aww what type of dog is he” “French” “Ouioof”

    73. Alfie 568

      That's my boy! No my boy! Father, help! I never knew a woman could give birth to a football

    74. CuteCreeperBoi


    75. that gamerboy

      HIGH 5 *HUNDRED*

    76. Ian Larocque

      DJ Flop is the drunk friend everyone wants

    77. Hidekixmm

      Da.. Da.. Daddy

    78. MaxAttacks100

      0:11 - 0:13 DADDY

    79. C H O C O L A T E P U D D I N G

      Not me searching for this 0:11 Da da DADDY 🥵🥵🥵

    80. Dragonkingeevee Gen1

      The Baby Gun joke really got me

    81. Frosty

      “da… da… DAHDDY 😏”

    82. iMann iFail

      I love the ‘Oh’ skits.

    83. MeonProductions

      I just realized the AI created sketch made it

    84. GoreBox

      He posts asdf every year

    85. Valderice Costa

      -Got your nose! -What's a nose? *Vsauce intensifies*

    86. Shayoka Sisters

      High five! HUNDRED! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo...!

    87. AlvaroStar YT64

      1:38 idk why i like this part but it's funny

    88. Marvin 990 Movie

      0:46 the fridge steps XD

    89. jenny larson


    90. Jack the Front-loader Entertainment

      The boy: where do babies come from. Me: OMG.

    91. Nisa Rojas

      When I grow up, I want to be a doctor just like you Awww... you’re not gonna grow up

    92. Lukas.2010(soc)


    93. Mustache- Ify

      *aRe YoU rEaDy To DiE* no *then ill come back later*

    94. Levi Bonar

      1:45 Just a reminder for everybody to do the whale dance

    95. Shaun vibe's

      day 1 of asking tomska to remake asdfmovie 1

    96. Nightmare

      Where is tom