CRASH ZOOM - Shell Shock


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    The gang venture into the woods to shoot a monster... Unless they get shot first!
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    Animated by Billy Crinion (@BillyBCreations)
    Written, Directed, and Produced by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka) and Eddie Bowley (@Eddache)
    Storyboarded by Ben Smallman (@Wonchop)
    Background Design by Jonti Picking (@Weebl's Stuff)
    Background Illustration by David Kalev-Roy (@David Toons)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Music by Todd Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce) and Jeremy Hunter (@Ska Tune Network)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Title Card by Casey D ( BallpitBee /
    Starring Alice Ann Stacey as Lucy and Kate ( aliceannstacey)
    and Paula Kay as Linda Weaver (
    With the voices of Chloe Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
    Nayha Ahmad ( NAYHAOfficial)
    and Florian Walraven (@Pegbarians)
    With visual or audio appearences from our backers on Kickstarter!
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, blood, guns, knives, and gore (mild, medium, and extra spicy).
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    #Comedy #Animation #Cartoon

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    1. Icekreamkat

      "Who do you think he is?" "I don't know. Probably Turtle man's son." "Gasp!" "You should kill him too!" " I like you, kid."

    2. new 2

      11:24 hmmmm that’s sus

    3. Khant Nyar Ko

      Is this a kid show

    4. gideon wilson

      13:10 very mature tom, well me too:) i love your random humour, have a great day

    5. Kalitya França

      Crap you

    6. Agent Toast

      Where have I heard that laser charge up sound?

    7. Kobey Devcich

      5:03 Is that the water tower from the Gravity Falls intro?

    8. adaliyn torres

      did anyone see when the girl got anger her eyes change - hat girl

    9. Toat

      I like that while lucy is understanding the whole story ben is being smashed with rocks

    10. teca it is

      Uh how are they are old enough to drive


      It's been 2 years later and I honestly forgot about CRASH ZOOM I would literally watch these videos 70 times in one day

    12. Noob

      10:32 Translation: Sayonara, Lucy. I love you

    13. Rourke Scott

      1:27 wut

    14. Rose Dorcent

      7:33 look at what the snakes are drinking out of

    15. Bum

      10:56 Minecraft pickaxe

    16. ImParanoid

      If there isn't a wiki there needs to be

    17. Corrupted Keith

      10:56 if u look to the left u can see pickaxe

    18. Corrupted Keith

      Im sorry,dis i just see tomska’s bodie?

    19. Dustin

      5:14 Amogus moment

    20. some random depressed person

      Kate is my favorite character

    21. Levi Anders


    22. GidjonYT

      This is Among Us and Kate is the impostor ( 5:15 )

    23. Racoon. Gamer


    24. The Masked Protagonist

      Is no one going to talk about the people in the intro

    25. Alejin Pinguin

      Ok, ok I admit it. I don't know a f*ck about the lore on this series and I'm to lazy for research can somebody explain??? Free cookie if you do

      1. sslick9001

        Literally all you need to know is Ben makes movies and Kate uses spells That’s it

    26. DTV Kids ghostbusters!

      What kind of tmnt is this it's creepy!

    27. Zi Hermosilla

      Gun snake

    28. عبدالعزيز محمد

      That’s not how people die of bees 11:17

    29. Danny Wohler

      I see u little man 13:19

    30. Thịnh Bùi Thị


    31. Pineda MattGaming

      5:14 Among us

    32. Charles Harbour

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm starting to think that Kate might be the personification of the devil

    33. Rhlgull


    34. naruty6660

      Cool video tomska

    35. Yishaizuk Kol

      You can make a netflix series out of this.

    36. Alan Hernandez

      Is Ben the father of Kate


      The mugs of the snakes are cup head and mug man

    38. Martin Waterfield

      Oh never mind

    39. Martin Waterfield

      What in the box o heavy

    40. Gabeations

      13:18 bill in the window

    41. Red Crewmate

      6:07 Tom is that you?

    42. Jailen Johnson

      10:57 netherite pickaxe

    43. BalloraFz 1

      The soldier hat Kate got was tom’s from Moveing targets. Like if ur remember or comment



    45. Bluey

      why the red circle

      1. Bluey

        in the thumbnail

    46. thomas fan 2021

      It looks like scp-002

    47. Donald Wong

      What the next episode

    48. ImJustT


    49. Michael Kulynycz

      Did anyone notice that Kate was the one who possessed those kids in the intro cutscene


      pooh just died to bees and your just ruining childhood!!!!!!!! >: (

    51. Onur İz

      10:57 Minecraft reference

    52. Crips


    53. Gaming_master

      Nooo y do they have knifes

    54. mister Stoney

      I only just realised the forest gump reference in this

    55. XFox_QueenX

      7:30 Is That Cuphead and Mugman?

    56. Person Guy

      Top 10 reasons to murder a small child 10. Katie

    57. MCkovach

      Dis weekand, lucey And torto mun

    58. Chicken-

      Every time I tell myself I'll go to sleep after this video I watch another video

    59. Lily Wolf

      I noticed a minecraft stone pickaxe (10:56)

    60. glitchy gaming


    61. MaypulSoyrup

      There’s a new intro everytime

    62. SandWiich

      It’s kinda neat how over the course of the series Kate just kinda stopped walking entirely and only floats now

    63. Sir FishHead

      this was awesome please keep making more

    64. Pingus Dingus

      13:09 The painting....why?

    65. Stephen Wilson

      Anyone notice Cuphead and Mugman at the tea party but its just their heads?

      1. A Literal Potato

        Dear God...

    66. Icy cold Sonic

      HAHA .... comedy

    67. TravellingVoid

      0:11 Waluigi thing on shelf 2:40 Kate with Waluigi mask 3:49 Whispy woods on the left of the screen 5:07 Predator reference 7:36 Cuphead and Mugman as actual cups 10:35 The ring from Lord of the rings 11:09 Rabbit season poster 11:14 Winnie the Pooh 11:27 13:09 Photo frame 13:18 Bill at the window If I missed some, I feel dumb.

    68. Corrupted Keith

      How would she know if her baby was eaten by 1 tiny mouth mammal(im not great with mammals or animals)turtle

      1. Corrupted Keith

        Sorry i have 2 comments

    69. Corrupted Keith

      Why does tv always help?

    70. abyssal Person

      gump forest forest gump

    71. Joshy Likes Cake

      7:30 CUPHEAD & MUGMAN

    72. Giberish Cookie

      10:57 Moincraft

    73. SpudLover

      I love this show

    74. M Griwgard

      Best crossover Predator x grafity falls x crash zoom

    75. Trollge

      10:57 Why is there a stone pick-axe in there Minecraft reference

    76. Bairy SMP

      apples am i right comment section

    77. Isabella Marajh

      7:29 So your telling me that NO ONE saw Cuphead and Mugman-

    78. B2 gaming

    79. MythDust

      10:57 I see minecraft pickaxe

    80. FoxGaming 2017

      This should be a Netflix show.

    81. Nathan Qu

      I can see why she looked away from her son for a while. Pickles or Rickles. The toughest choice to ever make.

    82. Edwin Ponce A.K.A edwin_roblox131

      Is nobody gonna talk about that Tom just did a Among Us References in 5:15

    83. Armin lacson

      8:26 its corona time right now

    84. Alexia Morganstern

      No whine the poop kooooo!

    85. a person who's happy

      Uww me trumpet

    86. Marcus Kozy

      where's the next episode

    87. Neko Warrior Ltd.

      This is... actually kinda charming and adorable. I like it.

    88. Lollipop Snowy

      0:25 What I think about when people make human variations of inanimate things:

    89. human glitch trap

      Amogus 5:11

    90. human glitch trap

      Pickle rickle

    91. human glitch trap

      The real monster is the tax man

    92. Mister EntityYT

      I love rock face

    93. Big bad Burger boi

      👂🏻👀👂🏻 👃🏻 💪🏻👄👌🏻 Y E S 🦵🏻🦵🏻

    94. Morey Dumo


      1. Morey Dumo


    95. Morey Dumo


    96. Toan Tran

      More Crash Zoom pls

    97. Eric Rey

      More crash zoom pls

      1. Eric Rey

        Comment for more crash zoom

    98. tricky trickster

      a fist which shoots more fists which shoots for fist which shoots MORE FISTS

    99. Egabor Family

      i hate bill

    100. mister honey

      among us dead body!?