Russian Roulette (feat. Jacksepticeye)


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    Tom is not throwing away his shot.
    Animated by Edgar 'funymony' Nielsen (
    Starring Sean 'Jacksepticeye' McLoughlin (@jacksepticeye)
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (@TomSka)
    and Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley (@Eddache)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
    Art Assistance by Bianca Barreto ( MightBeBianca)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Featuring Corry “notcorry” Will as The Announcer (@notcorry)
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, cartoon gore, gunplay, and a large gathering of people (remember those?)
    Twitter ( thetomska)
    Facebook ( thetomska)
    Tumblr (
    Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)

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    1. Simonsaysgaming

      This is a frighteningly long sequence of nat 1s followed by nat 20s (For context this is a DND joke)

    2. Cool videos and crap

      Tom has no brain confirmed

    3. Kazzyb79

      0:26 pause before clicking 0:42

    4. Dian Novita


    5. KëÉlyē HœRßê

      This is actually disturbing, but in a good way.

    6. Vid Bit

      Jack septiceye was a voice actor in the video

    7. BettyTheMeme !


    8. Mrfoxfam _DoesStuff

      oooooob gooooon

    9. Vincent Chavez

      How was Disney world?

    10. Drdr Drdr

      Кто от cyber cat studio

    11. An Idiot

      Man that final “oooob gooob” hit hard

    12. ItsPhillip

      iM gOiNg t0 gO tO dIsNeY wOrLd

    13. mackback319

      Ooh, a gun! Ooh, a gun! Ooh, a goo! Oob, a goob! Ooooob, goooooob,,

    14. this is meme

      Ooh a goob

    15. anthony birmingham

      ooh ma goo

      1. Iance BFB


    16. Mike the Knight

      This is basically me when i do something dangerous, i completly forget how it was painful and doi t again and- oh its time for catch the knife!

    17. Owen WILLIAMS

      Jacks acting is just the best

    18. KIDDsick2022

      Is that your brains?

    19. Damm s0n

      "Double or nuble"

    20. eli

      I didnt read that title and uh I was a little shocked when i heard jack

    21. RaDaManT - Плохой аниматор

      Кто от cyber cat?

    22. Sophie Duquette

      Jacksepticeye is apparently a truly wonderful voice actor

    23. Anthony Rodriguez

      Why didn’t jack take the money for therapy after that

    24. Кто я Такой

      Да как он жив-то остался?

    25. Ralseiisscaredof Jevil

      There's nothing to damage there.

    26. Tmangcf 10

      “ oooh a gun” tom 2021

    27. Baby Flame fox

      U a gu

    28. A Person.

      Jesus this has the most likes I’ve seen In my entire life. holy crap 215k likes

    29. The creative Dragon

      Tomska and jacksepticeye in Russian roulette? I think you mean tomska and Jesus in Russian roulette

    30. ADAMska122 Reviews

      Ooooo a goooooooooo

    31. I like MEMES

      Beautiful just beautiful Jacksepticeye’s voice in this persons comically relieving video it’s just a perfect combo

    32. Caleb Ray

      This is so underrated holy crap

    33. xDiefoes


    34. Cam Pbell

      *Um gunna go to Disney worl

    35. Jacky’s Bin

      I just read the description, Is Tom secretly Hamilton?

    36. YurHurt


    37. anton istrate

      Didney woooorl

    38. 《Bubble_Gum_Ice_Cream》

      jack and tom...some of my favorite ppl on the internet collabing :)

    39. catalina orrego

      "I've trained my whole life for this!" "How can you "train" for Russian Roulette?!" "Oh, like this!" **gunshot** I still remember the first time watching this, I don't regret anything.

    40. Machine

      master piece

    41. Ma Snow

      When I think so hard in every thing that I did in my life 1:31

    42. OfficialKWYT :D

      That was fucking terrifying.

    43. Joseph Shaw

      'Tom is not throwing away his shot' Nice one Tom.

    44. Dalitsu

      kskskskkskskk mds, eu acho que esse foi seu melhor vídeo até agora

    45. Pancake Productions

      He went to Didney Worl

    46. Engineer. Ray

      If I ever play Russian roulette I will pull the trigger 7 times

    47. sir ynot

      This is why you don't challenge immortal's to a game of life and death.

    48. spot d

      My famos last words: oooooh a guuuuuuuuun

    49. A A A A A A official channel

      1:51 Tom, you just won the Russian roulette WORLD championship. What are going to do next? I'm gonna go to dizney wowld

    50. A A A A A A official channel

      HOW ARE YOU ALIVE??? cuz it didn't count 0:27

    51. Skele-tron7 JCI

      Wtf, why is this actually funny.

    52. Just some guy can draw in 20Secs

      He's just like my Pc Turns on Turns off turns on Turns off turns on Turns pff

    53. XyønGamer!

      Tom shot himself eight times

    54. Estudios

      I felt it when he said “ oob a goo “

    55. A A A A A A official channel

      WHERE ARE YOU EVEN GETTING ALL THESE BULLETS. pukes bullets into the gun. 1:36

    56. A Literal Potato

      I've watched this many times

    57. Jack Pierce_26

      fukin madlad

    58. Zombie Slayer

      That’s just the English

    59. Cloud Thunder


    60. Endstar Gamer

      "ooba gooob" Tomska,Russian Roulette World Champion -2020

    61. maxizredder

      Oob agoob

    62. Angel Robo-Kitten

      0:33 I LOVE IT!

    63. Jerkyplayer2501

      I love how you can see all the bullets in his brain. Great attention to detail. :)

    64. Mamun Tiwil

      OOoOOOo a gum

    65. Jhun D


    66. Callum B

      Why does this guy look EXACTLY like my high school history teacher

    67. Squiddy

      How stop laugh

    68. Wood Knight9 LR

      Black magic at its finest

    69. Yummy Nubs

      Oooh a Gun! :D

    70. Luin Rentrop

      I never knew “the hole” was from Tomska

    71. The Toad

      Let this be a lesson: endurance always beats luck No questions

    72. mono 6

      this how do you train for Russian roulette nerf gun

    73. a disappointment i guess

      Bro he just had a bunch of totems of undying

    74. Tomas Novello

      of course he doesn't have brain

    75. Eseosa Edo

      Ooo goob

    76. Eseosa Edo

      Ooo. Ma. Goob

    77. Good Mandalorian morning

      How did he shoot himself in the head 9 times with a six shooter gun that had 1 bullet in it

    78. Random Dude Animates

      Make more stuff like this or with jack

    79. Cursed productions

      "Oob a goo...... Óòôöø öòōö""

    80. Lonely Hunter

      Tom: multiple shots to the head Also tom: oh no, anyways

    81. Hydryx

      “Double or Nubble”

    82. Pr1vat3

      In the description do you mean Sean McGLOCKlin

    83. xXLazy VibesXx

      Why didn’t he hand tom the money after the first shot?

    84. Iron Boy 170

      Is it bad that is that this is so funny all the way through I just couldn't stop laughing

    85. Mr.GameBoy

      Just one question revolves in my brain, Seán's brain and everybody's brains. (Possibly Tom's brain?) *Clears throat* "HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU ALIVE TOM?! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN BRAIN DEAD AGES AGO!!"

    86. Matt From wii sports

      I thought this was 8 years ago.

    87. 45 Potato

      You broke *jack*

    88. Leena Levonen

      Oob a goob!

    89. Chris Jasper J. Cristobal

      Oh a gun Oh a gun Oh a gob Oh a goob GOooooob

      1. Chris Jasper J. Cristobal


      2. Leena Levonen

        At the fourth one he said oob a goob and the translaition was just wrong.

    90. Aqwii

      double ur nubble

    91. Asriel Dreemurr

      The fact that a bunch of this is actually possible disturbs me because depending on where it hits you in the head you can survive a headshot it also depends on the caliber and what speed it was traveling at

    92. Plasma Nova

      This was so funny to me on 5 hrs of sleep that I started hyperventilating

    93. KingMB XJ

      How to get rich 1. be immortal 2. Play russian roulette with a money prize 3. Profit

    94. Ab

      What the hell

    95. Gam1ngGirlAL

      The way the guy was screaming at the end xD

    96. Alphabet Soup


      1. Leena Levonen


    97. David Double

      I love how every shot the quality of the money degrades.

    98. Exorcist Craftsman

      Dude, what the carp balls!!

    99. Evan Keaney

      Never thought I'd see an Irishman scream and run away crying, even if it is a fictional animation.