The New Kid


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    A substitute teacher meets a substitute student.
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Co-Starring Adi Alfa as Miss Stevens ( miss_alfa86)
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Assistant Directed by Mike Histon (
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( elliotexplicit)
    Cinematography by Benedict Spence (
    Produced by Krystal Smith ( ohkrystalsmith)
    Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Costume, Prop Design & Makeup by Silvija Vil (
    Camera Assistance by David O'Quigley ( topianguy)
    Sound Recording by Ollie Drummond (
    Visual Effects by Andrew McMurry (
    Featuring Damien Slash as The Headmaster (,
    Alfie Nash as Mr Chairsitman (,
    Maurisa Coleman as Mrs Chairsitman (,
    and Malicia Watson as Young Todderina.
    With Joelle Koissi (, Eddie, David and Mike as homeless extras;
    and Hedy Clark ( Hedyweddy), Jenna (, Luke, Daisy, Alejandra, Jimmy, and Melissa as student extras.
    Special thanks to Astrid, Cambria, Ryan, Dennis, and Rose for chaperoning our extras! Also apologies to the couple names I've missed! The rest of the team is on holiday and I don't know what I'm doing ;D
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    1. a good dude with a good 'tude

      Plot twist: The teacher was homeless

    2. KnowledgeSmelting

      todarena chairsitman: fly away the teacher: aa

    3. Danny Prakash

      I feel bad for the little girl

    4. lol face_9

      When you roll a nat 20 on deception

    5. Oscar Perez


    6. jawad mansoor

      The bird did it

    7. Deyan Broekman

      i saw that acoustasonic my friend

    8. Pencil

      After this ended I laughed loudly

    9. Mr. End

      The end tho haha

    10. danial argent


    11. Alfie

      Chair-sit-man. Funniest sh*t I’ve ever seen.

    12. Kadin Kid

      God: so you know how some sins are unforgivable

    13. Thestormwizard

      The Headmaster is ZEKE VON GENBU, BRINGER OF CHAOS

    14. Ryan

      His voice is cool

    15. Jordan Curry

      1:00 it's meant to be a bird but they couldn't find a toy bird so they just threw together what they could find.

    16. Adam Harris Mohd Fadly

      Here's my theory, Wizzo the wizard made two identical bird puppets to switch appearances with whoever held them. One day the drunk homeless man found one and got switched with Todderinna since she had the other. The reason why the teacher could see through the disgiuse was because she knew Todderina enough to see that that was not her

    17. Ethan Sharp

      eeza wonder waalllllll. wonder wall....

    18. blackwlf

      I love the captions sometimes. "Cardboard NOTHING"

    19. Robert Moore

      The anti Lele Pons

    20. Myles Dubs

      this video was posted on my birthday

    21. Doctor Nemmo


    22. Cool videos and crap

      That bird

    23. Hunter Busse

      todarian chair sit man lol ahhh hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

    24. Teddy Underhill

      My real 5th Grade teacher's name is Mrs. Stephens

    25. PLAYS

      I'm just confused on how they got mixed up

    26. mymelodi

      "how dare you misgender this child! at st peters we pride ourselves with freedom of expression" WHERE DO I SIGN UP

    27. Darth_Maroon

      Chair sit man hair the language of goods

    28. The SM Gamer

      *Bird* Wat burd

    29. The mother lard

      1:10 I wish my principal was more like this 🥲

    30. Ruby Klau


    31. cookie_international

      Oh, how the turns have tabled


      I love that rendition of Wonderwall.

    33. Hazim Roubaiy

      B I R D. F L Y

    34. greybear world

      What happend to the real tod

    35. Just a Normal gamer

      Everybody is talking about the video but not the outro

    36. Zachgamingザックゲーミング

      Lol someone even donated money to him form the class 🤣🤣🤣

    37. Volutedsauce

      Imagine the little girl at the end was the homeless one

    38. AlienGamerPuppy

      I feel bad for the kid

    39. Bambik

      Brb im going to sleep

    40. Jewel Josh

      Do I even want to ask???

    41. koemlay cooking

      scraggly blonde hair. He trembled with ecstasy.

    42. cool sides

      I don't get what the 'plot twist' is supposed to be with the girl dropping the bird.

    43. alastor

      le heck did i just watch

    44. Robert Green

      Funny thing is... People are actually like this! haha "HOW DARE YOU MISGENDER AN OBVIOUS HOBO MAN!" XD

    45. Mr cheese


    46. Firebirdlego

      I saw the title as "ew kid"

    47. BluPlays

      Girl: why doesnt he notice my signs Her signs: 0:25

    48. Ava the baby

      Turbo punch cool Subtitles : swooshy wooshy fisty wisty!

    49. Jakub Watras

      That feeling when Tom drove into the classroom through the window and pretended to be a little girl

    50. Raggs's land

      This was cool

    51. Swag Boy

      So the real question is.... Who is the real Todderina

    52. Zabian Gottschall


    53. Elena mation

      The ending: Me: D:

    54. Milča Sedláčková


    55. Milča Sedláčková


    56. Milča Sedláčková

      Cvzczz dc vt rtxxzxzczduzddt,tjyh,h,hddn

    57. Noobn't

      Good Ending: Homeless guy gets a home

    58. Dexter Plays Games

      Who is among us?

    59. That Weird Kid

      They should have made it an American bold eagle

    60. Aignify

      *In disguise.*

    61. Flame

      bird make hhole

    62. People da Another people

      How is that?

    63. Mike Dean

      The careful end osmotically pack because william enzymatically please than a tightfisted apple. medical, superb gosling

    64. Jzombie

      Has the world gone maaaaaad???

    65. Bionic Magic

      I kinda think that the thing the homeless guy threw at ms.peter swapped him with the girl but for some reason ms.peter was the only one who could see through it

    66. W A N N A B E


    67. Gaioai crifyu

      The level science frequently precede because baritone neuroanatomically undress through a physical triangle. slimy, troubled jeep

    68. Natimationarts

      Those kids must have been so confused

    69. That One Nintendo Nerd


    70. Saeed Alnaimi

      I watched this many times and I still don’t know if the parents knew that the man isn’t their daughter. Well.... hes a man after all

    71. Savillozz

      What is T H A T ? *my bed*

    72. Locke Byrd


    73. Quantum Gamer

      Now this is pure sketch comedy

    74. 布兰登

      Plot twist: they switched bodys

    75. Link TheYt

      I just feel bad

    76. Daniel Stewart

      lady:Todderena I couldn't help but notice the man sized hole in the window do you know how that happend todderena:person lady:what person todderena:*points to dead body*

    77. Brickabang

      Imagine a show with this concept

    78. Ducky Yes

      Well that's me

    79. doom gaming

      The day before coronavirus:

    80. Yoshomay

      Mrs. Chairsitmen looks like that one person I forgot her name from college humor

    81. Mr. Blue Animations

      I'm just confused as hell now for some reason.

    82. Reekidjr

      I know where they did that

    83. Dorixom

      1:57 When someone draws something for example if they meant to draw a shark and drew something that looks like a bird, you can't just say "that's not how a shark looks like" you still have to praise them even if it doesn't look like one.

    84. Bekam Bekm

      Whow that hobo man at the end of the video was weird still happy that the parents take home their cute daugher from that awull school

    85. Monika Fet

      The lopsided thunder nutritionally pop because cauliflower tellingly measure midst a clever nerve. lyrical, rustic football

    86. Myke Collen

      wait hold on this is just rude because of child abuse because people think of her a hobo person

    87. Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi


    88. DA MotoNeko

      I'm sad this will actually be the future.

    89. Veljko

      I lost it when kid gave him a coin

    90. Skit’s With C

      Mummy daddy it’s me todderiena!

    91. hidden missingo

      Its how most of the comments spell "Toddarina" the same way...

    92. Shurtera Bibi

      That bird looking kinda cut ngl

    93. Indy

      6 years laster and I still request a full cover of that wonderwall

    94. Not_ Lancer

      Plot twist:the new kid was born on 29th feb

    95. Harraz Masri

      no no, this is reality

    96. numberoneappgames

      Ms.Stevens is cute.

    97. Instinct 7813

      where's the quiet kid?

    98. nobody stop


    99. Jayah Gill

      kid: were is mrs.petersson me: in the hole

    100. Atomic — Studios

      Plot twist: the teacher is toddarena chairsitman