I'm Bad At Meeting Fans


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    There’s more to meet-and-greets than meets (and greets) the eye.
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    Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell ( @TomSka ) and by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley ( @Eddache )
    Edited by @Elliot Gough

    Additional voices by Chloe Dungate ( @ScarfDemon ), Daniel J Layton ( @Daniel J. Layton ), Ben Smallman ( @Wonchop ), and Matt Ley ( @Thelaserbearguy )

    Secondary Channel ( @DarkSquidge )
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    Special thanks to Rebecca, Charlie, and everyone who gave me photos of us meeting to include in this video!

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    1. TomSka

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      1. Gabriel afton

        Crash zoom idea village attack

      2. Gabriel afton

        Crash zoom the village attack

      3. Ruv but amogus


      4. Henry Stickmin


      5. Jen Ketler


    2. jake n bake

      6:04 butch Hartman be like

    3. BugsBunny123

      7:39 That's censorship in a nutshell.

    4. BugsBunny123

      2:08 The hardest slap of them all.

    5. ハニフノ

      Asdfmovie 15 confirmed

    6. kirstin *

      It looks like I am

    7. Leaf

      I found this channel from my roblox addiction and i do not regret finding it

    8. A__Lokinha__Por__Ninjago

      You are animate Tom?Q COOL!!I wanted to walk like you, you are my IDOL

    9. kirstin *

      This is how I was that boy oh my god it’s so adorable

    10. kirstin *

      I hope I meet you

    11. kirstin *

      OH no

    12. kirstin *

      I love Tom

    13. kirstin *

      I have the same color and hair brown

    14. kirstin *


    15. kirstin *


    16. ハニフノ


    17. crazy Sweetie

      ٩( ᐛ )و

    18. Moonlight And the cat club

      Epic. Video 🐐

    19. Cecilia A. Gamino

      Me when I meet any adult I've never met in person before: 🧍‍♀️ *stands next to my mother only giving a small wave*🧍‍♀️ I'm more weird and more myself on the internet ✨🧚‍♀️

    20. Thomas Russ

      So you said that you did not remember what happened last night I got it with a drug and he told us what happened

    21. Anthony Herrera

      Dude I was just watching eddache without knowing that

    22. Drew

      I can't tell the difference between arse and ass in a British accent. Like Ik they mean the same thing but I never know which one they're saying.

    23. Drew

      "The fainters" Um


      You should do more story time animations

    25. Mae Borowski

      I feel like tom has bad luck he says "nice ass" in french he loses subs because he shakes hand with a handless guy, who was prob super nice. Also he got drugged and also tells someone to break up with someone and she took it seriously and now they broke up. I say it's the luck of a BRcallr at conventions

    26. Swagfox13

      Is anyone gonna talk about he has a gun rack?

    27. saib adam

      You should have contacted the cops about the drink. It truly does sound sinister.

    28. Jimcarryscat

      Practice makes perfect every time you meet a fan you get more knowledge of what you should do when you make a fan

    29. cakey

      It's okay I'm fat too I'm not lying I eat too much because whenever I get hungry and I don't eat anything my stomach heats up and then it hurt and that I have to eat a lot of food

    30. Sans undertail

      Hey Tom guess wut frisk is saving up to come visit you at Vidcon

    31. name

      I have a friend who put 50 mls of sweat in home baked muffins (and gave them to me) they tasted particularly salty

    32. Sugary Spice

      Do you think you'll ever come to America? If so, I'd love to meet you! Forever a fan, Sugar

    33. Jason Van Berkom


    34. AjTheDayJay

      I'm sorry (melts) Its okay I'm sorry (still melts) Your fine I'm sorry (LITTERAL ICE CREAM MELTING) Are you melting?

    35. Justin Williams

      U should watch nascar

    36. Trippydoq

      5:08 WHAT.

    37. Horror Sans

      I am disgusted because you went to France and I live THERE and I am one of those who ABSOLUTELY want to meet you- *Sob sob* Someday I WILL SEE YOU, AND I WILL SAY: Well, I don't know.

    38. Dustorm The Destroyer

      *I've seen him, but he didn't see me*

    39. Olive Null

      Edit: Tom has eyes Me: that’s a legal

    40. Cala Maria

      6:46 Oh God. I'm so sorry Tom. Geezus some people are crazy. If I ever have the privilege of meeting you in person I promise to never be that person and that the only edible thing I'll give you is a coffee or something to help you get through the rest of the fans. Because good God that's horrific

    41. Milo Greca

      shadow legends? says exactly what the game is

    42. Funny video guy

      I feel like I would Identify with the apologizers

    43. Funny video guy

      2:06 tsunderes be like

    44. Yanin Barrientos

      They everybody talks about re braid shadow legends get stuff get free champions by using links below the video LA blah blah why just all I hear is braid shadow legends I've never done one it please I wish that you tubers could you stop

    45. aileen morris

      Can i have an autobraph. Hì0øœ

    46. LadyRedDawn 1990

      what happens if i make the first eye contact?

    47. 📂 vincent's world

      2:44 is when the sponsor ends.

    48. Rafa Soto Cervantes

      2:13 no, we just run out of money

    49. Cheese


    50. Casey Jones

      I'm glad the muffins finally got their wishes.

    51. Casey Jones

      I like how every promotion of Tom is always himself from the future slapping the present Tom.

    52. Ninga vs

      Asdfmoive 15 now

    53. Miles Of Energy

      Are you ok

    54. Hi it's Edi

      My dad said your like South Park

    55. The quiet kid

      8:40 lol

    56. Champy

      this guy does things diffrently ,and i love it!

    57. King Slime

      haaa i saw you and i made eye contact first because you didn’t look back

    58. AlyssaB

      I work in a chemist and once asked a lady with no hands to sign a script, there's no recovery!

    59. Redlamayt

      6.96 mil noice

    60. Allykitty

      I love the humor in this

    61. Times

      wacky stories epic

    62. Liam-Eliah Schneider

      why nobody kill me

    63. AIDAN KING

      yo, raid shadow legen- OH NO



    65. Gavin Hauser

      6.96 mil subs, nice

    66. robsterbot2006

      Yeah, I remember getting a picture with you wasn’t £25... Shit was cash.

    67. •sally little demon•

      im the screamer

      1. Limeblooded Leviathan

        Im the body painter

    68. Lilly Cat

      I would be one of the fainters! 👍

    69. Willow Hitchlock

      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeedtszs rsesxstee stee r swxsereserxxrtsersxtdxrsdtxsrtdsxrdtxsrtdxsrdtxrtestrsxdtrsxdrtsxdtsxdxsrdtsxrdtrtxsdrxsdtrsrtxsdxrsdtxsxrstdxsrtsxrdtxrstrtytvdyftvytdfvftydvyvfdvfdyvdtfyvydfvtvdtyftydfvtvfydvdyffvfytdfvyfdfvtydtfyvddyftvvdrytvtdrytvdryvytrdvdytrytvdrvtyrddytfvttvdxtrvdrvrtdvtrrdtdrvvtrxdrdrtrvrvtddvtftttfdtftctvcttfgttftvfftvtffvtvtgttdfgfftygyftyftcyfgtcfgttyfgyftgytffygtffgttyfgttfygttffttyggyfftvtyffgttygftfvtyffkhjgcduyjfsrcdyiguhfdchuihcdffsiuhhihucegsrhuihhuhiucsrgfufvdichnchscdnghhuiduhchindvucginhhuivhhfdcgdufihhhinhucvhdvcdunhuhdihhcuvdfihgu swxsereserxxrtsersxtdxrsdtxsrtdsxrdtxsrtdxsrdtxrtestrsxdtrsxdrtsxdtsxdxsrdtsxrdtrtxsdrxsdtrsrtxsdxrsdtxsxrstdxsrtsxrdtxrstrtytvdyftvytdfvftydvyvfdvfdyvdtfyvydfvtvdtyftydfvtvfydvdyffvfytdfvyfdfvtydtfyvddyftvvdrytvtdrytvdryvytrdvdytrytvdrvtyrddytfvttvdxtrvdrvrtdvtrrdtdrvvtrxdrdrtrvrvtddvtftttfdtftctvcttfgttftvfftvtffvtvtgttdfgfftygyftyftcyfgtcfgttyfgyftgytffygtffgttyfgttfygttffttyggyfftvtyffgttygftfvtyffkhjgcduyjfsrcdyiguhfdchuihcdffsiuhhihucegsrhuihhuhiucsrgfufvdichnchscdnghhuiduhchindvucginhhuivhhfdcgdufihhhinhucvhdvcdunhuhdihhcuvdfihgu swxsereserxxrtsersxtdxrsdtxsrtdsxrdtxsrtdxsrdtxrtestrsxdtrsxdrtsxdtsxdxsrdtsxrdtrtxsdrxsdtrsrtxsdxrsdtxsxrstdxsrtsxrdtxrstrtytvdyftvytdfvftydvyvfdvfdyvdtfyvydfvtvdtyftydfvtvfydvdyffvfytdfvyfdfvtydtfyvddyftvvdrytvtdrytvdryvytrdvdytrytvdrvtyrddytfvttvdxtrvdrvrtdvtrrdtdrvvtrxdrdrtrvrvtddvtftttfdtftctvcttfgttftvfftvtffvtvtgttdfgfftygyftyftcyfgtcfgttyfgyftgytffygtffgttyfgttfygttffttyggyfftvtyffgttygftfvtyffkhjgcduyjfsrcdyiguhfdchuihcdffsiuhhihucegsrhuihhuhiucsrgfufvdichnchscdnghhuiduhchindvucginhhuivhhfdcgdufihhhinhucvhdvcdunhuhdihhcuvdfihgu

    70. Beau Heikkinen Holden

      sell out

    71. The Gorilla

      Tom:this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends Me:NOT AGAIN

    72. Rooster Brewster

      Soo what happens if I dont promote raid? Does the world end? We run out of money OH GOD

    73. FnafFIZZ

      I love to say your jokes at school they are so good

    74. Gregory Wolcott

      I like trains...

    75. Blockso Block

      Hahahaha!!! I love it!! SMILES TO YOU TOMSKA

    76. Maiden of Many Names

      For a long time I have wanted to meet Tom and I STILL know EXACTLY how ima do it. Me: *at a con or somethin* Also me: *Points aggressively at Tom while standing like a crab* YOU!! Tom: *Likely confused, concerned, or does the same thing* Me: *Crab walks at Tom, stomping the whole way* YOU A GOOD BRcall GUY! *stands like a normal person and holds up phone* Pic?

    77. Alucard 1431

      I met you in 2014 or 2015 at comic con London and you been drinking a lot of redbull. You then burped in my face and laughed. Was one of the funniest moments of my life. I then met you at another convention in 2018 (I think) also in London. Can't remember what it was called though.

    78. subb snake

      2:44 woah

    79. John Williams

      I like your funny videos

    80. John Williams

      Who says shit

    81. SHLO official

      3:20 **cries** your so beautiful **cries** lol

    82. Ayden

      Good pun

    83. -kazuko prezzel-

      5:50 anyone see that?

    84. Lilac slay

      I’m the sorry one tho-

    85. chris0209

      Add to my bucket list: Gotta meet Tom.

    86. SilverGlaceon YT

      that guys be like: I drugged tom

    87. Astromites

      Capital G

    88. Your friendly neighborhood Troll

      5:44 well that still is a pretty nice compliment. Besides, I'm sure that most of them blew it off as classic Tomska

    89. Gaming Reaper

      Nice British accent baby tom

    90. wreck23

      let's see if tom ska's rule works: ryan's toy review suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks he his super lame and i hope he is taken off the platform, his branded toys burned, and his nick junior show canceled (I mean these things and want to see if he finds this to test tom's rule he said in the video which is basically whoever you make fun of on the internet will find what you said about them... wait I went on a rant whatever)

    91. Funny video guy

      He should do more of these storytime videos

    92. Michelle Stahl


    93. Icecream McGuy

      The fact you could fit all of us into a group does that really mean we are special

    94. Funny video guy

      No one's gonna talk about how future Tom has an arsenal full of guns

    95. Graden Kaufmann

      1:23 BRcall ads: I'm about to end this mans whole career

    96. IamNotA_Weeb

      So I was so confused why did you not showing you eating a fan but the title said "I'm bad at meeting fans"

    97. deja- vu

      oh no it was sponsored by raid shadow legends but this is the first time i didn't skip the sponsor bc it was fun to watch

    98. Shweps

      JUST,just 8:07

    99. Haym Yellow