I'm Bad At Meeting Fans


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    There’s more to meet-and-greets than meets (and greets) the eye.
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    Animated by Billy Crinion (@BillyBCreations) and David Kalev-Roy (@David Toons)
    Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell (@TomSka) and by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley (@Eddache)
    Edited by @Elliot Gough
    Additional voices by Chloe Dungate (@ScarfDemon), Daniel J Layton (@Daniel J. Layton), Ben Smallman (@Wonchop), and Matt Ley (@Thelaserbearguy)
    Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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    Tumblr (thetomska.tumblr.com)
    Special thanks to Rebecca, Charlie, and everyone who gave me photos of us meeting to include in this video!

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    1. TomSka

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      1. Dragon Drone

        3:00 skip ad

      2. Oskar Teras

        Prt 2?

      3. Camila Orellana

        Hi there tom, i'm a fan that buy every food for the safe pandemic things because i'm the draw fan thing

      4. Coolgamingslayer

        3:32 All you need in life

      5. LenZcg5tWV

        The best BRcallr to a sellout

    2. natureman04

      "pube cakes" EEWWWWWW

    3. MistyYT `

      Who was the person who gave him the bread?

    4. Bryan the Mii

      Tom thank you for making these videos ever since I started watching I wanted to start animating and I started my web comic now thank you for the inspiration

    5. Mr. Potato Skin

      Hewo Mr.Cewebwity 0:32

    6. Hurricane HD!

      I have never met you before But you sound like a very nice person

    7. ツEdward


    8. CJ the small gamer


    9. CJ the small gamer


    10. Lolpower Bols

      I’ve just seen a video named gun from 12 y ago on my recommended from you lol

    11. Banana Fucker

      Calls himself ugly Me, who causes every female in 100 miles to kill themselves: Pathetic.

    12. TT 56

      I met u at birmingham comic con

    13. Fallenkiller89

      When is next asdf movie?

    14. Zétény Lukács

      If they Put drugs In your drink is becuse they want you to get adicted and then you ll buy more.:^)

    15. Pixwool

      “Play raid shado-“ *no.*

    16. Arthur Pitman

      Where the fuck is new uploaded

    17. Kell Shine

      6:46 hair cake by filthy frank

    18. Tabasco Sauce

      "Beat and greet" is the new "Uber beats"

    19. Mr. MacGregor

      You broke Crescent Rose!

    20. Jurassic Jackson

      Hold a dang second, why did one of the photos at the end had a person that looked like WilburSoot? and.. IT'S A BABY WITH A GUN VS MINE TURTLE 2021 THIS SUMMER!

    21. hachajoza

      1:42 his reaction after the slap got me laughing for hours

    22. Pastel_ Palette

      I completely understand why accepting homemade goods is dangerous, but it kinda sucks that people have to be scummy for no reason. I can appreciate a good prank, but if the prank is unsanitary, gross, and/or dangerous, why would you do it? Be kind to creators 💞💖

    23. katosefon gaming

      you cuul hi hi hi

    24. Ahmadplayz _09

      gr8 turbo punch is still here but the old intro was better

    25. Morgan Andrew


    26. Çılgın Oyuncu 10

      grrrr whats the answer.

    27. Edgar Pastor

      "Oh cool a new video, and by new I mean 2 months ago" "This video is sponsored by rais shadow legends" *"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"* I cant belive that raid shadow did this to my boy, but I'll make it an exception if it's to make money

    28. Murphy Hynes

      Beep, beep, I’m a sheep, I said beep beep I’m a sheep

    29. Timeo Sanes It

      J’aime le vidéo an tou ca Its all I know in French

    30. viasgachashows chan2

      Omg I wanna meet you TwT.

    31. Sakura- -Chan

      Tom Tom Tom your my fav in this helliesh world sadly ☺️

    32. Some Fandom TV And Movie Artist On YouTube

      3:57 Hes probably one of those jerks who think you left eddswirld bc they thought you didn't care which sucks, tom and im srry

    33. Some Fandom TV And Movie Artist On YouTube


    34. whø¿

      a r e y o u m e l t i n g ¿

    35. JustEli

      Tom actually makes sponsees fun

    36. Karthikeya Pakala

      Fat boiii

    37. Tilli frog the animator

      Tomska: Not suitable for kids tho. 6 years olds: *my time has come*

    38. LEON

      TomSka or Odd1sout?

    39. a2go

      Tom Cya Later


      Thank you :)

    41. Mr.Grumpo

      Why didint you take my loaf of bread 😭😭

    42. Carmen Richmond

      “This video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends. It’s a game.” Indeed.

    43. Thomas Ness

      hi tomska i always wanted to meet you but i cant cause my parents dont have enough money and work alot of hours :c ;c

    44. Machi

      1:28 I like the "le visiteur du futur" reference

    45. samuel Ramirez

      Me: *looks at channel pic* oh look its mithza... I mean caleb hy... I mean tomska..

    46. E Gamer

      well.. this video is GREAT!

    47. reezybreezy

      During the sponsor I saw your background and your room looks awesome can you do a room tour

    48. Isaac Kuehnau

      What ever happened to Bing

    49. TheKiwiKitty

      3:02 i am DEFINENTLY the apologizer, so many people get fed up of how many times i apologize for the smallest things lol

    50. Xhian Tadz

      More asdf movie please the stickman ones

    51. Zayd Rishad

      So don't accept drinks from strangers kids. but also don't give those drinks to other people. But also DONT DRUG PEOPLES DRINKS WHAT THE F-

    52. DemonGirl 101

      5:24 RWBY!! 😻😻😻😻

    53. WLFN Student 69

      you know what i agree with the fat joke

    54. Amicko Aberin


    55. CarterHarper28 - Official Channel

      8:42 *COVID-19 BE LIKE*

    56. TrebTron 3780

      God dam it does Raid always have to be every BRcall video every seriously it sucks.

    57. Noah Moore

      2:58 mine Turtle

    58. Nathaniel Foga

      Tom's convention screw ups are extremely hilarious in a pretty dark way .

    59. tord._. robot


    60. Lexleigh Anthony Latorre

      You broke Crescent Rose?!

    61. AndrewBoy

      You are the best 👍💯 and I'll be your friend 😉 - Jay

    62. Womblecracker

      The crescent rose was broken that day.......poor ruby.

    63. Bonnie The Bunny YT

      Tom is the only person who knows how to do ads correctly.

    64. Cool Cop

      Well the kid that slapped tom made him get 2 million views

    65. Joshua Barclay

      The flurries have attacked Tom

    66. Doom Slayer

      My man broke crescent rose

    67. Poggiez _

      5:34 when you lose a Pokémon battle

    68. JulietAnimates

      Top 10 reasons to escape Latin America. Number 1:

    69. Aidan Hodson

      5:37, some people would still find that a complement

    70. Henry Herbert

      End of the promotion is at 2:44

    71. Sunny Detty

      One question could you do a video with mat

    72. Debra Ds

      7:21 makes me think of the hangover

    73. Corvy

      Baby with a gun 3?

    74. Homespark

      Just hear me out: asdf skit idea - (guy walks up to dude. "I don't mean to alarm you but-" and than just turns into an alarm clock and starts going off)

    75. Blake Dobson

      I noticed that a bunch of people on TikTok are reposting and stealing your content you should do something

    76. Fe4R 2.0

      the 150k people who like the video= 💪💪 the 1k who disliked=🤰

    77. ollie time beech

      dude i havent met this man but like two years ago i drew some shitty fanart and posted it on tumblr and he liked it????? and i was geeking out it was great

    78. Firefly Monster

      At least Tom's honest

    79. Kasim Official Channel

      Hehe u thought he was gonna make a full 5 million paragraphs about raid weren't ya

    80. Mrsnuffles


    81. PHURH

      *Tom when meeting a fan randomly on the street* Tom: HE'S A TOMSKA FAN Also Tom: *slaps the sh**#t** out of him*

    82. Nate

      2:00 reminds me too much of Teme-ni-gru from DMC3 but hey.

    83. Pink poi Bob

      This whole video How could this happen to me I made my mistakes got to no where to run

    84. Desert My Eagle

      You've probably thought of this by now dude, but why don't you just get two chairs one for the dude coming up and one for you

    85. DrunkTruck

      i love this guy.

    86. Tryhard76

      I have a few words to say... C H E E S E

    87. Ventalation

      nobodys gonna mention the homestuck reference..??

    88. pan cake

      I​ think​ british​ accent​ is​ this​ channel​ 's charm

    89. Kaktus Khaddy

      I met Tom in 2015 and I was so nervous that he'd make fun of me in this video, even though all I did was buy a Mineturtle plush and compliment him :)

    90. Ash Youtube

      you're making raid: shadow legends boring people who actually played the game: GOOD

    91. madboyy smash legends

      Anyone remember in the hole

    92. shattered glass


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      Turtle man

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      Tom: made a mistake Tom: orz

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        You are a good person. Thank you

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