Let Me In


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    What a ding dong.
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    Featuring and Co-Written by Matt Ley (@Thelaserbearguy) / ( thelaserbearguy)
    Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (@TomSka)
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobriendop)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (twitch.tv/thelovelystuff)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Camera Assistance by Elisa Spigariol ( doyouknowellie)
    Animation by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (@Wonchop)
    Costume Alterations by Millie ( millierosalie)
    Special thanks to Eddie Bowley (@Eddache), Chloe Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
    CONTENT WARNING: A knife, implied horse murder, and blood that’s totally not just strawberry jam.
    Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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    Publicado em 8 meses atrás


    1. Stephanie Lawson

      1:20 Wii sports

    2. Ace jade fortunado

      8 months later the plot twist still amazes me

    3. Bacon Armyofficial

      still makes me laugh everyday 😂😂😂😂

    4. Jak Baron King

      This is literally an episode of “What we do in the shadows.”

    5. Ruby Angel

      turn on subtitles. 😂

    6. Surge H /\/\/\

      This is a great privacy scene for a sponsored add!

    7. Re- Blitz

      Now tom owns a broken wii and a soccer ball

    8. party gal

      Ive seen the fnaf version... Im still dying of laughter

    9. Big Man Mac

      1:01 Captions: [ball bouncing into distance and breaking a faberge egg]

    10. PlayerTwoSFM

      “But probably not yesterday.” Well, what if I signed up yesterday?

    11. Bluefoxgaming

      Let me in pleaseeeeee

    12. LISA RAGAN

      It Is not worse!!!!

    13. why am I HERE

      "Oh no this is much worse"

    14. FluxFlu

      Who's watching in 2027

      1. The Trender

        Oh yes, me, I definitely am...

    15. Knight Slayer

      This sketch is sponsored by SurfsharkVPN *doorbell rings* Tom: "Hi?" Stranger In Costume: "Can i Come in?" Tom: *looks back* "No?" Stranger In Costume: "Please?" Tom: "No..." Stranger In Costume: "Come on" Tom: "Oh, yeah, absolutely not." *doorbell* Stranger in Costume: "What about Now?" Tom: "Still no. Sorry are you a Vampire?" Stranger in Costume: "Ye- No." Tom: "Vampires need to be invited in, don't they?" Stranger in Costume: "Wouldn't know." Tom: "Show me your teeth." Stranger in Costume: Don't have any teeth." Tom: "Go on, give us a smile." *silence* Tom: "Bet you've got a nice smile." *silence* Tom: "G'waaan!" Stranger in Costume: *smile hiss* Tom: "Ooh! I knew it. You're a Vampire." Vampire Vlod: "Can i Come in?" Tom: "No!" Vlod: *pulls football out of the abyss* Tom: *WTF face* Vlod: *throws ball inside Tom's house* [Ball bouncing in distance sound] Vlod: "Dropped my ball." Tom: "Yeah, you did." Vlod: "Can i come in and get it?" Tom: "Oh, no, i got it." Vlod: "It's no trouble, i could do it." Tom: *throws ball* "Here you go." Vlod: *throws ball back in* [Ball bounce in the Distance breaking a farbergé egg sound] Vlod: "Can i get my ball?" Tom: "I'm keeping it." Vlod: *stomps foot on ground* Tom: "I think you should leave." Vlod: "okay!" *leaves* Vampire Vlod with Sexy Mustache: "Hello, i'm someone else, can i come in?" *rings doorbell* Tom: *rips off sexy mustache* Vlod: *hiss* RIP Sexy Mustache Tom: "Why'd you wanna come in?" Vlod: *pulls Wii Sports™ from the abyss* "Play Wii Sports™" Tom: "Don't have a Wii™" Vlod: *Pulls Wii™ from the abyss* "I do!" *throws Wii™ in* [Wii™ Breaking sound] Vlod: "Dropped my-" Tom: *shakes head* "Uh-uh." Vlod: *rings doorbell* "Can i Come in?" Tom: "No!" Vlod: "Can i... come out?" Tom: "If you want." Vlod: "I'm Not ready." Tom: "Okay. I'm gonna go." Vlod: "No." [Door slams sound] *Later* [Doorbell rings] *Box saying "Can i Come in?* Tom: "You're in the box, aren't you?" Vlod: "No." Tom: "So you wouldn't mind if i.. Stabbed the box." Vlod: "Don't stab the Box." Tom: "Cuz you're in the Box?" Vlod: "Ye- No." Tom: "Alright." *stab* Vlod: "Oh my god." Tom: "What?" Vlod: *appears behind the box* "You stabbed my box." Tom: "Oh." Vlod: "It was a Present." Tom: "What was it?" Vlod: "Horse." Tom: "oh." *Pulls out bloody knife* "Oh..." Vlod: "Right!" *Puts box on bush* [Horse whinny dying sounds] Vlod: "I didn't wanna have to do this!" Tom: "Do what?" Vlod: "You've left me no choice." Tom: "Uh..." Vlod: "Here i Go!" Tom: *scared face* "Oh No." Vlod: "Can i Come in" Tom: "No" Vlod: "Can i Come in" Tom: "No" Vlod: "Can i Come in" Tom: "No" Vlod: "Can i Come in" Tom: "Nope" Vlod: "Can i Come in?"👉👉 Tom: "No" Vlod: "Can i Come in?" Tom: "No!" Vlod: "Can i NOT Come in" Tom: "No." Vlod: "Ooh!"👉👉 Tom: "OOH!"👉 Vlod: "Ooh!"🙊 Tom: OOH! 👉 *inside house* Tom: "Oh shit!" Vlod: "Mm.." Tom: "That was Cheap" Vlod: "I said i didn't wanna do it" Tom: "Well, i guess you're gonna eat me now." Vlod: "No." Tom: "But you're a vampire" Vlod: "No i'm not." Tom: "What are you then?" Vlod: "I'm a Jehovah's Witness." Tom: "What." *angel sounds* Vlod the Jehovah's Witness: "Have you Heard the Teachings of Jesus Christ?" Tom: "Oh NOOOO- this is MUCH worse."

    16. Jesus Christ

      Can I come in?

    17. Do you cha cha

      2:32 That "wut" gave me life

    18. ColeJX

      i bet he is gonna let him in

    19. Lime Beans animation

      Its ok vampire it can be hard coming out

    20. Sea Bunny

      2:34 thank you Bruce Banner?

    21. PamU

      Did somebody want a pizza with an extra jesus?

    22. fazbearr


    23. Sir Prince

      Weirdly enough my favourite part of this video has to be the “Wot” after he said “I’m a Jehovahs witness.”

    24. D Jalepeno S

      Should I send this to my Jehova witness class mate

    25. Nick Allison

      How I try to make friends

    26. Miles

      1:53 I love it!

    27. thenormalname

      1:31 can i come out? Sure I'm not ready Now i know what that means

    28. Spoops Red Panda

      Nobody: Playing a game of grim hollow and the dm makes it awkward.

    29. Yrvine Cholo Hiteroza

      The most canadian thing ive seen

    30. Toasty

      He's like that one guy who tries to express his desperation in a very dried out way

    31. John Luis Bambalan

      The vampire has a free blod horse

    32. DonChan

      Is that a Jackbox games t-shirt?

    33. Ramcis Espadilla

      They're trying so hard not to laugh

      1. Ramcis Espadilla

        @decros ryant halo

      2. decros ryant


    34. WolfGamesHD

      2:31 what...?

    35. Kiwi

      Have you heard the teachings of the baby with a gun though?

    36. Akhil Madhunlall

      He didn't say please

    37. Wu Queenie


    38. Brandon Breit

      I've seen all of your sketches many times, this one is the best xD

    39. BANANERZ

      Jesus is best

    40. Ether-Cipher7 Requiem

      hey everyone it says gullible on the ceiling (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

    41. Ice Cream Sandwich

      I need an antiVampirePrivacyNetwork now

    42. Klowdy Fox

      Uh, bruh, I'm a Jehovah's Witness.

    43. Calvin Gardner

      Add subtitles

    44. G C

      Your in the box aren’t you ye no so you don’t mind if I stab the box please don’t stab the box because your in the box ye no ok I’m stabbing the box oh my you stabbed my box it’s was a present what was it a box oh

    45. Libbie Studios

      *Oh no! This is much worse*

    46. the editor

      Can someone please tell me who acts the vampire

    47. 45 Potato


    48. Waterdrop Mila

      “Oh no! This is much worse”.

    49. john northshea

      time for my bi-monthly binge-watching of Tomska's entire channel

    50. Roblox Gamer Indonesia


    51. Zachary Noland

      that "c'mon" is so simple yet so funny. This really would make a good show

    52. Pika Puffy uffy duffy fudgy!

      LEt mE In pLEasE

      1. Corndog Man


    53. Bonne the Boi

      "You're in the box arn't you" "(Muffled voice) No" (Stab)

    54. Anonymous Pigeon

      the vampire is: - gay - a Jehovah's witness

    55. dogegamer 2995


      1. Corndog Man

        @dogegamer 2995 😭

      2. dogegamer 2995

        @Corndog Man gottem

      3. Corndog Man

        @dogegamer 2995 wait crap

      4. Corndog Man

        @dogegamer 2995 no

      5. dogegamer 2995

        @Corndog Man Caninotcomein?

    56. A Pack of Ginger Bisciuts

      When you realise that this came out 7 months ago...

    57. cjnogodula

      This genuinely sounds like a great way for Jehova's Witness to trick people into their house

    58. crystal mccaw

      He broke the fourth wall bcz he said give "US" a smile 0:34

    59. otisjoi

      "Hello I'm someone else can I come in" ☠☠☠

    60. MidnightUnicorn Unicorn

      "OH no, this is much worse"

    61. Deal For Bill

      let me in

      1. Corndog Man


    62. Kindof Milky

      As a Jehovah witness Can I come in

    63. Dick McGush

      1:35 wait why his doorknob in the middle of the door

      1. Corndog Man

        Wait what youre right

    64. MESA TRON

      Can I come in?

    65. Zeniom O’Zara

      “This is MUCH worse.”😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    66. Raspini

      "Play Wii Sports." "I don't have a Wii" "I do" *yeets Wii into house* *You ducking monster*

    67. Laddie

      He really was just gay

    68. Gifted Ninja Bee

      *May I come in?*

    69. IMM0RT4L DR4G0N

      Dream in prison

    70. CrazyJayBe

      Mormons do not worship Jesus. They, like the rest of the world, have been satanically deceived to believe they can work their way to heaven (Ephesians 2:8-9). They think they, being lost sinners, have already been redeemed to do God's work (Ephesians 2:10...they need salvation FIRST). They think they can become just like God (Genesis 3:5). Funny video though.

    71. TheHoodedBrony

      That ending twist though. Lol

    72. Tyler Hippensteel

      He would rather lie and say he's a vampire then tell the truth about being a jehova witness

    73. John Hammon Null

      The beard is awesome

    74. cooper edwards plays

      That fnaf doorbell

    75. Waffles_

      Let me innn. Let me innnn please.

    76. M1 Abrams

      The captions is just amazing

    77. Tigsy J

      As a Jehovah's witness I am taking notes

    78. lLadneck Sivaudia

      This is what the escalating state of the culture is becoming.Seems hard to enjoy most forms of media now without blasphemy.Not only that but the art itself suffers.(No apologies for not being a sugar coater of the truth.) -You'll find out just how wrong you are soon enough.(if you're trying to understand the world watching from on top of a tall tower you still could only see a glimpse.You must be able to take notice of the whole collection into one scene. Then you can separate the obvious from the fantasy.)

      1. SaveMeMoon

        Right! So, what was the point you were trying to make???

    79. Donald Feathers

      Hahaha i love dis

    80. lmao 616

      Can i come in?

    81. Angel Is your Mom

      I’m so glad I got recommended this 7 months later

    82. Godzilla Legendary

      Is the door bell playing fnaf

    83. Vinny Art

      technically Tom already said yes when he said "oh *yeah* absolutely not"

    84. Gabriel Kaczmarski

      Polska wersja lepsza!

    85. shyside

      Guys im starting to think this might be tom...

    86. Dawn Jordan

      that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

    87. Killwa Gamer z

      It shoud be on dream and sam

    88. Fiction VS the Universe

      i would rather invite a vampire inside then a jahovas witness

    89. Big Spungus

      So a Vampire is trying to get in a house, that has Christmas Lights set up In August

    90. Innithis

      guys he only needed to say "May i come in"

    91. Cassius Roman

      oh no this is much worse

    92. RaZeToXinS

      What kind of person answers the door with a knife?

    93. The Gaming Turtle

      im a jehovah witness to-

    94. Kaiser Rat

      He sounds like his nose is stuffed up lol

    95. Erik Moore

      *O h no t h i s i s m u c h w o r s e*

    96. Pogostic09

      At least vampires are sexy

    97. MagiafolfwareYT

      That's the smartest way to do it :3

    98. freddy the noob king

      1:24 *it hurts to watch that*

    99. Petro Gcracker

      Jeohaves witnesses are not christians, they denie Jesus.... but a funny video.