Let Me In


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    What a ding dong.
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    Featuring and Co-Written by Matt Ley ( @Thelaserbearguy ) / ( thelaserbearguy )
    Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( @TomSka )
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobriendop )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( twitch.tv/thelovelystuff )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( @LilDeuceDeuce )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( danpugsley.co.uk )
    Camera Assistance by Elisa Spigariol ( doyouknowellie )
    Animation by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman ( @Wonchop )
    Costume Alterations by Millie ( millierosalie )
    Special thanks to Eddie Bowley ( @Eddache ), Chloe Dungate ( @ScarfDemon )

    CONTENT WARNING: A knife, implied horse murder, and blood that’s totally not just strawberry jam.

    Secondary Channel ( @DarkSquidge )
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    1. Samit

      Only if the people of vampire diaries did the same thing

    2. random stuff upload here

      The door bell is reference to fnaf

    3. VALLEY

      love this, favorite sketch

    4. Heavy

      Vlod did really well so did tom

    5. Ashley Wentzlaff

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 the ending 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Jaundré van Breda

      This is better than the Twilight franchise.

    7. Vplazz

      This is mum approved well done Tom 😁

    8. Agathor m

      But why tho

    9. Xnormas

      Is just me or does Tom look like Obi Wan Kenobi when he grows out his beard! Because that’s a plus !! 👌🏽😆

    10. Ze Bucket

      I was not expecting that twist lol

    11. Arceus 101

      After the box I'd get the mince garlic and a wooden stake

    12. Wisdom Dragon

      That last part had me XD

    13. norkats

      Captions were telling us the truth the whole time Captions: Can I came in? No. Please? No. God? Timestamp incase you wanted it 0:20

    14. Krystian Jaromin

      soooo good lol :D

    15. Dum  edits and animates

      The vampire is kinda sus

    16. It's weird

      so funny

    17. Tiger Watson

      OH NO. this is much worse

    18. Enbee Boy

      Plot twist: He didn’t let him in because he didn’t say may I

    19. R m E



      Attempts to try and come in: 24

    21. Airsoft Punkmuffin

      He still got it! Madlad legend!

    22. Gamer plot


    23. Gamer plot

      Black eyes

    24. That Guy Joss

      This is amazing glad I found your channel after watching this on tiktok @ttooommmm is that your account?

    25. Times


      1. 1Roflmao

        why did you reply to your own comment 25 times?

      2. Times

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    26. Shoto Todoroki

      i love that 0vv0

    27. Gabriel Heldenbrand

      Love the end

    28. Jan Wydra

      Let me in!!!!!!!!!

    29. Toasterbath2986

      Very good and funny good

    30. Thicc force 141

      Can I come in

      1. Shadow

        Sure Thicc force. You're welcome to come in. ;3

    31. JAKG4

      oh no! this is much worse

    32. LimeLight

      I'm a Christian Who's not a Jehovah's Witness But im worse than that guy--

      1. LimeLight

        @Cool, Okay ik lol

      2. Cool, Okay

        @LimeLight Well, I'm sure they don't mean you directly, Christianity just happensto be the most attacked religion because a lot of bad faces are associated with it.

      3. LimeLight

        @Cool, Okay lmao so basically they’re Christians But different Yeah it’s uh hard to explain

      4. Cool, Okay

        Don't even know where Jehovah's witness is

    33. G C

      Fucking hell this guy is getting BIIIIIIGGG

      1. Shadow

        *gasp* Rude!

    34. Tricia Earlene

      Anyone here knows where the human bought his robe?

    35. BFS


    36. Actually_ Steve745

      Hey get out of my house-sandwich No

    37. עופרי ברק


    38. sorankazori

      After watching countless times i JUST noticed the horse in a box was a Trojan horse joke

    39. I am AnYth1Ng

      My mans a savage

    40. Lewis O'Brien


    41. Burnt Ashes w/bros & Fandoms

      “Oh no this is much worse” Yup

    42. War Brother

      Vlod: Let me in Tomska: Go f*** yourself

    43. TyroFog

      this made me laugh too much

    44. Isaac Bautista

      "You're in the box, aren't you?" "No" "So you wouldn't mind if I stabbed the box" "Please don't"

      1. KFCHero1

        Because your in the box

    45. moon shine

      1:23 Me:NOT THE WII !!!!😭😭😭😭

    46. Kitty Craft0

      finally realising the coming out jokes i saw this a while ago and never noticed but im older now

    47. Colin white

      How much did you suffer by dropping that wii

    48. Russel RegindingFlores

      It would be soo much easier if he said please

    49. Gabi

      me with my older sister

    50. ✨  Cheeazy ✨

      tom is not a jehova witness a line that never made the cut-

    51. MaoMayhem!!

      the way the vampire said "not ready.. :("

    52. Andrew Nicholas

      Pre 10k

    53. Dashshadows

      This is actually how i found the channel lol

      1. Shadow

        Hello! :D

    54. Rayne Hellfire

      KEKW Best short!

    55. RED X 2 Gaming

      2:26 amazing acting

    56. Katty Wall

      Don't you think this is an offense to Jehovah’s witness people?

    57. Wacey Hovde

      The lord is with us all

    58. xDevoMeisterx is here

      Is that caddicarus

      1. Wombattler

        I thought it was, but it's actually thatlaserbearguy

    59. Evan Mach

      2:21 its so awkward that he just wanted a cup of hot chocolate

    60. Craigrock124

      No now no now yes

    61. ?!NurSeCatterpillar!?

      I would have let him in at the wii sports offer, it was tempting

    62. Nathan

      I'd break out the wooden stakes and silver crucifixes either way. Maybe some holy water and silver daggers just to be sure.

    63. シT o x i c L e a f

      Me and my lil brother in a nutshell:

    64. melbi amil

      The horse joke was a trojan horse. I'm so fucking dumb

    65. ButtLordWoof

      i needed this today

    66. Yuh like jazz


    67. Toothpaste

      "to play wii sports" DAMN DUDE I'M SOLD

    68. Ghost McDonalds Employee

      0:53 sounds like something my uncle would say

    69. StaticBolt

      Can we address the fact that Tom was carrying a knife for no reason?

    70. hey its kaiden

      Can I come out? ... I’m not ready. Best line to hear as a bisexual trans guy who loves Halloween.

    71. Random pot of chili

      is it alright if i animate this?

      1. 1Roflmao


    72. DoesHOOTer

      2:32 might be the most depressed what ive ever heard

    73. TekenPlayr1

      Fun fact: TomSka's parents were johovas witnesses and that's probably where that last joke came from

    74. Skill SoniaMb*

      he should have said "knock knock" _"who's there"_ "woody" _"woody who"_ "woody like to hear about the teachings of jesus christ"

      1. Vince Faassen, van


    75. Despxir

      2:03 I mean it did work

    76. Elisa Ikuy


    77. Nathan Britton

      1:45 I am in the Box

    78. Nathan Britton

      1:04 You Can Never Get her Again

    79. Nathan Britton

      0:09 That Remember ends,Anyone Remember

    80. Asher

      Wait that doesn't make sense if they are a Jehovah's witness, they don't celebrate holidays.

      1. OdgeBodge

        he'd also be disfellowshiped if he came out lol

    81. Ben Studios

      I'm in your car Tomska

    82. Tyler Furrison

      I honestly did not expect that ending, was hoping that the vampire was being legitimate on some of them

    83. Joseph Le Roy

      This vampire has a poor taste in video games, why play wii sports when wii sports resort is objectively better in every way?

    84. Landon Gogolowski

      Who is the guy in the vampire costume

    85. Coby Fong


    86. Sammy Kucinski

      Can _I_ come in?

    87. Real Name Hidden

      Ok but why did he answer the door with a knife already to go?

    88. DeSantis

      I, too, would rather let a vampire in than a Jehovah's witness. Especially if it's Claes Bang.

    89. Joshy Casuga

      Why Vamps need to be invited????

      1. Spiked-Wall Man

        The same reason why Vampires hates garlic. It's a thing in the mythology around it.

    90. King Will The 1st

      Can I come in?

      1. -kazuko prezzel-


    91. UnboxableYT

      Aren’t you the voice actor for Tom in Eddsworlds idk if I’m right

    92. 人slashplane

      I live too far out for any trick or treaters to come near our house but we've had jehovah's witnesses come by.

    93. Susie Murray

      “I’m someone else can I come in”

    94. Shelley Jones

      2:33 what

    95. Mentheae

      "you're a vampire" "No I'm not" "Then what are you?" "I'm a Jehovah's witness" *"What."* "Have you ever heard the teachings of Jesus Christ?" "Oh no... This is much worse!"

    96. Ťhè ģaçhà ģañg


      1. -kazuko prezzel-


    97. BisexualBurger

      Came i come out Sure Tomska I’m gay

    98. DoggerMan Barkz

      Tom stabbed the horse in his video

    99. Racim Zehana

      Wtf are you doing behind my f***ing dore