CRASH ZOOM - Firing Squad


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    Ben is not safe for work. Anywhere.
    Crash Zoom Series 2 Kickstarter! (
    Animated by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman (
    Anthony "Kreid" Price ( VampirePixel)
    and Billy Crinion ( BillyBCreations)
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    and Eddie Bowley (
    Featuring Alice Ann Stacey ( AliceAnnStacey)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton (
    Jeremy "Skatune Network" Hunter (
    and The Holophonics (
    Backgrounds by Kati Knitt ( KatiKnitt)
    David Kalev-Roy ( DavidToonsYT)
    and Anthony "Kreid" Price ( VampirePixel)
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( elliotexplicit)
    Title Card by Amelia Tindall (

    with Adam Harrington as Commercial Voice ( HarringtonVO)
    Jonti Picking as Boss ( TheWeebl)
    Jason Kucey as Supermarket Tannoy
    Elliot Gough as Blind Man ( elliotexplicit)
    Cammy Darling as The Deformity ( TheWeebl)
    Natalie Tran as Soupon Woman ( natalietran)
    Chloe Dungate as Wife & Kids ( ScarfDemon)
    Ozzy Man Reviews as Dave (
    and Eddie Bowley as Everyone/thing else (
    CONTENT WARNINGS: Demons, explosions, violence... Honestly it's got everything but swearing and blasphemy.
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    1. Dylan Hernandez


    2. Charles Toonz

      2:46 this ended unexpectedly

    3. Green Shark

      Im surprised that I haven't found a comment about this yet, but at 3:08 you can see Stacey from designated driver

      1. - Weak3nd -


    4. Lauren Sykes

      “Your husband is dying???” *yay!!! Hey kids, daddy is dead!* *yaaay*

    5. Xardorem

      8:16 Lucy:You have stupid hoby! 2:11 also Lucy:Heh heh heh, yeah I am.

    6. Xardorem

      (stop it on 6:32 and look at that magazine) Hold up

    7. Henry Gomez

      2:06 An easter egg The asdf movie Edit: Also found another one 11:49 Kermit the frog 12:38 Turbopunch Tom ska's intro

    8. عبدالعزيز محمد

      Sounds like 2:21 LASER BEAM

    9. Zi Hermosilla

      I mean there’s still film crew right?

    10. hello_world

      sometimes people say she is hanging and saying she is a bee to this day

    11. Candy Arbaugh

      *"FOR SOUP"*

    12. YellowBebo

      I love how Ben's ad before it has him reacting to Ben getting fired meaning he literally recorded himself reacting to that which means he knew he was gonna get fired Also the intro song sounds like gravity falls which just makes me like this more

    13. ShadowBunnyYT

      9:44 TomskA IS *STILL* S A D

    14. Taco paper6477

      hah im a bee

    15. MediaMuffin

      Lol 12:14

    16. MediaMuffin


    17. MediaMuffin

      Tomska when looks at a racist 3:00

    18. MediaMuffin

      When among us dropped 1:19 When I peed 1:29

    19. Moms Spaghetti

      ..............………(im dumb);(;)(


      facts FIRST ONE: 6;32 the journal said porn jobs? SECOND ONE; wth is everybody fighting for a soupon? FINAL ONE: why did kate eat a rat?

      1. blue angel


    21. DaveGaming

      Take a look in this shot u will see a gravity fall reference 5:37

    22. DaveGaming

      Did anyone notice the name in the phone he called her wife My wife XD

    23. cora _

      Kate is the girl from the "trick or threat" eddisode bruh

    24. Pump

      6:32 ...

    25. carlos henrique almeida santos

      mrs johnson is on the zoo

    26. Oskar Kullgren

      Plot twist. Ben is a film breaker.

    27. Phoenix Ellery

      the slide whistle guy made $95.

    28. roblox dennis

      1:32 bruh

    29. Pup pup

      6:31 *WOW*

    30. Flacklzy

      calling it now the scientist is ben

    31. Jess Yazzie

      I have a theory: you know the science guy with the sci fi visor well the reason that he stutters on his name is because he Is the future version of Ben, but why? The future ben says "when I was your age I used to do the same thing" Bruh moment! ;)

    32. My own gacha cringe

      Heh. I'm a bee :)

    33. Justin Brown

      12:38 Ooh self burn, *those are rare!*

    34. VelocityPlayz

      5:38 “Mystery Shack” :0

    35. Obama, Lord of the Corn

      I am disappointed in the lack of people talking about Ben taking a gun for job hunting, and upon being told that they’re looking for jobs, throws a sticky note on it that says job gun

    36. The MASH And MIXUP

      This is basically Jack § Dean...

    37. Vr7p


    38. JeshTheGod

      I wanna say the lazar eye thing was a reference from asdfmovie that was from WTFuture

    39. polly cruise

      I just love lucey for no reason idk y

    40. Goose


    41. Malechi Pankow

      I just realized that ben needs a green screen when he lives in a room that's green.

    42. ??????

      2:34 why do I feel offended by this because I’m black

    43. Anny Tavarez



      Me when ben threw the kazzo in the fire place:😢😢

      1. LUCKYCLOVER77


    45. BreadRaccoon

      12:06 , there's just a painted FROG on the wall

    46. Neko Warrior Ltd.

      This is so stupid, I love it.


      Please Turkish subtitle. I m a big fan

    48. Laura Davenport

      6:31 tho 😂

    49. James Smacks


    50. The Swimming Head

      Elliot Rose

    51. Lasagna Doge

      Can’t fool me I se gelatin from bfb on wobbly advertising

    52. historia chan

      So dumb and so epic at the same time 😢

    53. Toan Tran

      Scientist looks like Future Ben

    54. Monika :]

      2:02 sayori as a child

    55. John Philip Andales

      13:38 did anyone know that hood in trick or threat

    56. bianca martinez

      Kate made that skull more worse she is satent

    57. crash zoom fan

      7:51 rip where is more crash zoom

    58. Redberry

      Here’s a hypothesis: what if Ben and Kate were related. They both have the same hair color. Similar personalities. They seem to be good friends. Similar hair cuts. AND they both wear overalls.

    59. Memescular

      I just realised "That's ASDF Price" is a play on "That's Asda Price" and I feel dumb

    60. Sonnyboyg

      5:20 time to go hunting

    61. Coolskeleton95 Crowe

      Man, Tom you should make a video for all RAF pilots, eh you get's just cos I'm a fighter

    62. Coolskeleton95 Crowe

      God,is this "Lucy" name so common?my older sister's name is also Lucy,and even my girlfriend's name is Lucy!What the blyat is this!

    63. joe the patriot

      so have they like known each other for a while? did they just become roommates and start hanging out?

    64. Dusty

      I accidentally paused to get a doughnut and I come back to 6:32

    65. ken boy

      . ...Read more

    66. lorenzo100

      You're talking about your own show

    67. Callisto Jupiter

      *ben you have 1milllion subscribers congratulations*

    68. OrangeBoat

      boats are cool

    69. CabbageKid09

      Ben: happy Lucy: sappy Kate: scary

    70. bruhmomentlol

      The deformaty person legit sounds like peppa pig

    71. Joseph Stalin


    72. Whitty

      I love how everybody is talking about the laser scene (even though I dont understand the joke) but no one is talking about how when Lucy ended that call to that man's wife to tell him hes dead it actually said "call edn" in the phone

    73. Caroline Lavoie

      5:37 all the gravity falls and star vs the forces of evil fans out there. Mystery shack and the quest buy!

    74. Kraddy Patty Spongebob

      “AHH THE LAZER IT MADE ME BLIND.....AND ALSO RACIST”....Now Tom ska Where Did You Get That Joke

    75. Joker The Phantom Thief

      2:20 Tom?

    76. Saroj Patil

      7:43 Swacha Bharat ka irada


      That guy just said you guys better not be black lol at 2:33


      Did Any body notice the word redrum with red text on it at 4:47 ? Cause I sawed it just with my naked eyes just now!


      7:45 Imma go down ze hole to hell gues


      7:38 That's The comment that I made on 2020 last week ago!!!

    81. Trackaroo

      0:23 wtf

    82. Eli Burke

      12:36 reference to toms intro

    83. Krpto

      12:38 roll credits

    84. Heartstone Gamin'

      bell tentason? 7:14

    85. foxythefredd1

      6:31 that book what the-

    86. Dino Ricky

      6:18 kowag was an gorilla hitting an demon girl Kay have no choice she have to use an gun kowag!!!!

    87. Emiliano Salazar

      How did the guy the story the route I know how he is a ground

    88. Y6, and J10

      I love the asdf refrence

    89. Andy Dunn

      COMMENT FROM THE FUTURE: Hey, Crash Zoom team! This is probably the third time I've watched "Firing Squad" since the lockdown started, and it's still funnier than feck! I'm really enjoying the series (as I hope you are!) and can't wait for more episodes (but I guess I'll have to).

    90. 沖田直喜 /Naoki Okita

      0:33 You’re Fired.

    91. Cauchy Schwarz

      She should break up with Ben and sue for custody

    92. Cibele Vieira

      Schrödinger’s cat is lost and found at the same time ;) 6:46

    93. theogames1205 theosmithyboi

      who else saw the asdfmovie reference at 2:08

    94. John Igwilo

      Asda pft more like Asdf

    95. AJ842919

      6:10 I LOVE IT, f* you

    96. Dino Ricky

      2:05 refrence to asdf movies the other famus videos

    97. Jessica Suyat

      It's pico 's gun

    98. GiveMeYourSnack

      I really expected the scientist to say cancer

    99. MCLtau

      Can we talk about the Cake Bomb reference? No? so sad.

    100. bonniegaming69

      theres an Easter egg on Lucy name tag it says Elliot but it cropped out