CRASH ZOOM - Firing Squad


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    Ben is not safe for work. Anywhere.
    Crash Zoom Series 2 Kickstarter! ( )
    Animated by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman ( )
    Anthony "Kreid" Price ( VampirePixel )
    and Billy Crinion ( BillyBCreations )
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell ( )
    and Eddie Bowley ( )
    Featuring Alice Ann Stacey ( AliceAnnStacey )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton ( )
    Jeremy "Skatune Network" Hunter ( )
    and The Holophonics ( )
    Backgrounds by Kati Knitt ( KatiKnitt )
    David Kalev-Roy ( DavidToonsYT )
    and Anthony "Kreid" Price ( VampirePixel )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( elliotexplicit )
    Title Card by Amelia Tindall ( )

    with Adam Harrington as Commercial Voice ( HarringtonVO )
    Jonti Picking as Boss ( TheWeebl )
    Jason Kucey as Supermarket Tannoy
    Elliot Gough as Blind Man ( elliotexplicit )
    Cammy Darling as The Deformity ( TheWeebl )
    Natalie Tran as Soupon Woman ( natalietran )
    Chloe Dungate as Wife & Kids ( ScarfDemon )
    Ozzy Man Reviews as Dave ( )
    and Eddie Bowley as Everyone/thing else ( )

    CONTENT WARNINGS: Demons, explosions, violence... Honestly it's got everything but swearing and blasphemy.

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    Publicado em 3 anos atrás


    1. Huina Andy Ou

      broken class of I say broken ass

    2. zeliphlux

      6:30 "I have a bad feeling about this."

    3. the i like trains kid

      2:21 AYO DAVID DAT U?

    4. Noah Gray

      12:29 but dat face tho

    5. Bob

      6:27 I love cats 6:32 pretty sure she saw something she didn’t wanna see :/

    6. Alex_Googy

      0:54 Wait a minute. Are Lucy and Ben getting? Married?

    7. TheGodOfMemeStealing

      ok :)

    8. Mari Setogaya

      Jokes on you Tom, a nature documentary filmed like an action movies would make millions

    9. Daniel Hegarty

      *Dog is amongus*

      1. Daniel Hegarty

        @beanbisket *You are being sus*

      2. beanbisket

        How dare you

    10. Angeldog

      Why do I feel like the science guy was Ben from the future

    11. Rainbow nodes

      I like how ben’s like you can’t fire us we quit Like is that a reference to asdf also by tomska

    12. Liam Playz

      “You can’t fire us, I quit” is a quote from asdfmovie

    13. deja- vu

      this is sweet tho :)

    14. Kingglassrat

      6:10 tomska needs to be cancelled for making light out of death 4 monke

    15. Retro Gaming

      2:05 there is a person shaped hole in the roof also the name is an asdf reference

    16. Denizcideniz2012

    17. Za soup

      I kinda hate ben (Its a joke)

    18. Salvage_memer3 69

      Wait tom!!

    19. Techo

      “I’m a bee!” - Kate , 2018

    20. William Autry

      The "You can't fire me I quit!" joke will never get old

    21. phạm nguyên

      Awww so cute

    22. The Edd Golf Channel


    23. Aurelio the gamerboy

      3:20 THE SOUP!!!!

    24. Aurelio the gamerboy

      2:34 You guys better not be black

    25. Theweirdguy

      Fun fact: the explosions are labeled not for commercial projects

      1. Theweirdguy

        Also take a look at 6:32 exactly

    26. M GAngel

      That doesn’t look like Lily from The Loud House?! 2:04?! D:> 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    27. Teto.

      was that the girl from trick or threath

    28. Is an Abdirahman

      It's Tom from the future

    29. Is an Abdirahman

      I fell bad for the baby

    30. TIAGITO YT

      CATS XD

    31. keylimes and funboiun0

      6:32 haha I am totally crying of laughter not sadness

    32. PupcornYt Gacha and animations

      In the scene where Lucy's being swung around by the camera monster, just as Ben said "Aw, I wanted to talk about my feelings!" an ad came up and said "who cares-"

    33. The Wali Gamer

      9:19 "uh why the eye thing?" "lazer eye surgery" *flashbacks to wtfuture*

    34. ok_jan ✨

      2 easter eggs i guess "turbo punch" "crash zoom"

    35. Darcy Clark

      I feel like this episode proves we should meet Lucy or bens parents

    36. Lazy Demonoid•~


    37. OωO’s chazerbox シ

      Lucy just change her eye color every time to yellow to grey

    38. Max Myzer

      I love when gat said "illegal in 98 countries. °o° JUST LIKE ME!"

    39. Max Myzer

      vegan burgers made from real vegans

    40. meme meme

      Well you know the 34th rule SO IT EXISTS

    41. Pipersgaming

      “Why the eye thing?” Not a reference at alllllll Nope.6_6


      6:32 wtf

    43. Athena Venery Pacaña

      Hahaha 6:31

    44. Sarcastic _Ocupie

      Why does Lucy’s eyes turn yellow when she’s made or surprised? Is she a lycanthrope?

      1. Jalen Hollins

        Like Fliqpys

    45. James the Cat

      i can't help but feel like i've seen that intro before...

    46. rocky rock

      6:31 That horror in Lucy's eyes, god know what job Ben wanted to pick, perhaps blow jo.....

    47. Pancake Cookie

      "one alcol pwease" "NO"

    48. Jigs Parekh

      If Lucy, Ben and Kate were in fnf: Kate in fnf: person that raps *LUCY* Lucy in fnf: *BOYFRIEND* Ben in fnf: *GIRLFRIEND*

    49. allie may

      I love kate she is like me CHAOTIC

    50. Elijah Elson

      You’re fired you can’t fire me I quit you can’t quit I quit you can’t quit your a frog

    51. Berti Verduga

      Dang that ending for the crunchy kitty catfood is amazing

    52. Bendy857 the real one

      Ba ba bap sheep everywhere I go

    53. Lucas Gleason


    54. axoli123

      6:35 Ben you have 1million subscribers congrats 9:17 Wtfuture references

    55. • P l a n e t L ø t t i e •

      This should be on Netflix

      1. Emangret

        It really should be

    56. Joebert Medil


    57. Mae Cruz

      me:did i see papafear

    58. Ciro acruchi gamer[S.N.R]✔️


    59. I am not normal...

      6:32 ok-

    60. Carl Jayvee

      Tom Easter egg when he said uh... why the eye thing lol heheheh

    61. Šarah 100 land

      Been trying to pull out a "you can't fire me I quit!" lol asdf movie references XD

    62. Eevee man

      6:31 Ben, better don't do that

    63. Archer arts

      2:16 I like that little detail :)

    64. C B

      after That eddsowrld if the end of crash zoom

    65. Z-ark Force

      7:24 Zero Two

    66. Lilian David

      I saw da mystery shack from gravity falls.

    67. sans_ mode

      6:31 wait look at the magazine

      1. TheAmazingTestou

        We know

    68. MyMushroomsYT-ASMR

      What happened to tom? 😥

    69. Xevon Jensen

      Wow TomSka called my taste in music trash 4:14 great

    70. R o d a n

      Why the eye thing? Surgery :OOOO reference

    71. Nkuliza Amiel

      6:07 Isn't that The Moon Bear? But with color?

    72. Forest King

      GRAVITY FALLS REFRENCE 5:37 (back round)

    73. Crazy mations

      Lol it all Bens fault

    74. SergoDobro

      6:35 Congrats Ben!

    75. maximum g

      6:31 the fuck

    76. Gabriel Torres

      if this seris dident have blod then it WILL GO ON DISNY

      1. Jqke


    77. Awesome Foxes

      5:37 ho,y crap is that a gravity falls reference?

    78. EthanHasntBrain

      4:07 No you cant quit I QUIT

    79. itsBETA

      I was planning to watch the whole thing but its ending up like it almost the end of a kids movie part😑and I hate those parts

    80. Umar Shoaib

      Lucy is a bad friend😒

    81. Salink

      5:38 in the stores you can see The Mystery Shack, this is a reference to gravity falls, but it’s not in a forest

    82. SuperLucasCartoons

      7:15 I think he was about to say his name is Ben???

    83. KetLet MetChet

      K: I wanna magical demon skull! L:You got a magical demon skull last year! *Bonetrousle intestifies*

    84. Cartoon Critique

      6:29 Well, I guess this confirms that Ben is gay.

    85. Dino Ricky

      Lucky the unfortunate deformed man got out of there before the hungers games for the soupcon happened

    86. Flash in Rahul


    87. Nightmare flipside

      5:37 it says mystery shack on one of the buildings is that a reference to gravity falls?!

    88. Luke Wright

      is everyone going to ignore the sight of lucy and ben in cat maid outfits

    89. Fidget fnaf lover!

      5:51 did anyone notice the mystery shack from gravity falls?

    90. Hardly any diggity

      it took 6 episodes to get the backstory for the title

    91. Tricky’s animations

      12:34 that’s smart

    92. Roan Kolthof

      this is one of the first times a youtube video actually made me laugh 12:43 mostly

    93. That friendly Lesbian

      Anyone else catch the quest buy,mystery shack and choose goose references?

    94. TíoSopa9000

      "WOOHOO Free job!" Aren't all jobs free?

    95. Nathan Hudson

      7:16 on the bord it's a reference to back to the future and it's time traveling DeLorean

    96. Wes

      they had the perfect chance for Ben to say "Uppercut!"

    97. Gabe Hybrid

      Hold up, why are people mad at Ben for making everything an action movie? That's a fucking X-box acomplishment.

    98. Jay

      They have a BRcall play button I don't have one😩

    99. Hattan Ziyad

      Why was there the mystery shack

    100. Yeetus Deletus

      "I don't want to die over slightly discounted soup!"