Big Fat Monster (feat. Jack Howard & Will McDaniel)


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    Who ate all the pies?! And also the pie shop?!
    Monster Creation and Visual Effects by Will McDaniel ( )
    Featuring Jack Howard ( )
    and Reb Day ( reb_day )
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( )
    Co-Written and Co-Produced by Eddie Bowley ( )
    Cinematography by Max Brill ( )
    Editing and Colour Grading by Elliot Gough ( )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    On-Set Assistance by Charlie Belle ( )

    CONTENT WARNING: Comedy violence, body shaming, ugly monster (kinda covered that with the body shaming tho)

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    Special thanks to Squidge the pug

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    1. Michael Albert

      When I saw the title I knew who it was!

    2. captainsauce 2

      No tom this is hurtful i am fat you piece of s$$t

    3. hehe lol

      dogo go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    4. Hank J. Wimbleton

      Not the mom :0

    5. Psych O'Chaos

      this is so sad that first monster actually looks great

    6. itz_Becky


    7. Xoe Atanga

      Me the whole video: don’t worry Tom I’m just like you :) (but not hilarious)

    8. RhysTheHedgehog

      Is that my couisin? Or is that my best friend?

    9. GenerixBen

      The monster disguised itself as a human!

    10. Boy2

      What I love the most about this is that Tom knew to have the dog survive the tank fire!

    11. Chubbyminimom

      At least the dog is okay

    12. EazyBreezyWasNotLost

      I just remembered that Tom himself came up with this

    13. LordVandor1

      This is Tomska bullying himself until he gets in shape again

    14. warriorcatsfan379


    15. MsTheCommentator

      "It probably wants to eat us all..." "Hey, fuck you!" 😂😂☠️

    16. BaconHeadBrit246

      Hey look it me

    17. Rhys Demazure

      Did anyone else hear the howard dean scream

    18. True

      God, this is just too much XD

    19. Benjamin Truong

      0:41 what happened?

      1. E1craZ4life

        Well, he took this gun, and he--*[BANG!]*

    20. Just an Omanyte

      No dogs were harmed in the making of this video

    21. Emanplayz

      The only thing I really care about is the dog. I love the dog!!!

    22. Noxoreits

      This explains a lot about the economic stability of France

    23. an animation

      Them:call hq Me:call the mtf alpha-1😂

    24. Rap Moreno

      Fat Jokes: The Movie

    25. The Salty Gamer

      Imagine he was fat-shaming himself and we took it as a joke

    26. Jimmy DcRiKet

      Everyone: this is so funny 🤣🤣 Me: Hey Tom are you ok?

    27. Justin T

      “That was my favorite mum” *I don’t need sleep I need answers*

    28. Kaistro

      I'm just happy the dog was okay

    29. Szymon Jurczyk

      Commander Pugsley, who else coukd get so close to such monstroity withou fear... He is truly a maverick.

    30. Vezolii Swuro

      You made my day Thank you

    31. Brysen Steffen

      “OH MY GOD ITS ENORMOUS” Tom:…… wot!?

    32. Wolfkie

      *I don't like this because im in it*

    33. Zodiac

      Poor guy

    34. A normal top hat

      Dog damn it

    35. Pico from Pico’s School

      Soldiers Toy POV be like:

    36. h i

      Hey hug you

    37. DoctorWrong

      just like my mom

    38. Pineda MattGaming

      0:11 Thats what she said

    39. Tanuem

      We need more Reb!


      “Hey fuck you”

    41. Eli Sparks

      I like how the pug survives the explosion

    42. i am a cat

      yay the dog lived

    43. spoof

      I’m in this video and I don’t like it

    44. Birdy

      Hilarious video, but don't be so hard on yourself

    45. Shatterd Code

      How Sargent pugsly joined the army

    46. END ME

      I just love the fact that Sargent pugsly is just there

    47. ayy lmao

      Literally me in pavlov: 0:40

    48. Just Gix

      “That was my favorite mum” In this skit he might actually have a lesbian mom

    49. Silentanloud

      Bro im dying 0:40 🤣🤣🤣

    50. Robby Robles


    51. MI gacha

      Will Mc Daniel in back

    52. pepijn van oostveen

      I get their reaction. Thousands were killed in Japan by fat man.

    53. Joe Bagel

      This is me

    54. MM Photo Booth Bahrain

      why are they shooting your mom

    55. i-am- a_person

      Americans after the quarantine

    56. Sleepercell 153

      0:28 that’s what she said.

    57. Endercake 2.0

      Plot twist!: that dog became... SERGEANT PUGSLEY THE SNIPER PUG

    58. ARx30 kolp

      When the monster killed itself I laughed so hard i through up

    59. SuperFMS64


    60. The Unholy Trinity

      Nice video Christa!!

      1. murconix

        wow so rude

    61. Player 257

      I first thought that the soldiers were small and they feared the giant.

    62. DracoKing51

      Wait was that Will Daniel

    63. Deo Buhangin

      My favorite part that guy said 'Oh my god its soo disguisting!'and shoots himself😂🤣

    64. ArthurXD

      I didn't knew I made a cameo in the video.

    65. ⚡️Bolty⚡️

      So thats how it was made!

    66. Chander Pup


    67. phoenix smith

      This kinda has the ‘Fiona talking shit about herself but shek overhears and gets hurt’ vibe

    68. Pixel Slinge

      Oh look thats me

    69. Nathan revall

      When dog survives

    70. Electronic Boy

      2:02 Me:NO NOT THE DOG Also me:oh wait he survived

    71. Iñigo PB

      This entire video is a “that what she said”

    72. yeethesans

      i know mc daniel he scary

    73. dead memes

      as a kinda fat person I am pround of these fat jokes. not gonna lie, I think it's both funny AND people can't say you are fat shaming if you are fat. or at least they can't legitimately be pissed at you.

    74. SodaKingAnimations

      You work with will McDaniel?

    75. Isak Berg

      Why’s that monster fat?

    76. GlossyBro131

      Reasons why you shouldnt be fat

    77. Thedoye 123

      The pug remembered it’s owners dying wish Become a sniper pug

    78. Ann-Sophie Henriksen

      Perfect pair✋

    79. Alan Fury H H

      I'm calling the Police!! My brother just shot himself watching this video

    80. RIP Boy


    81. tutorial: brush him

      I think Tom has self-esteem issues

    82. Cruze gonzalez

      Does anyone ever think that the soliders were really tiny?

    83. George Gerardi

      I love the way the commander pronounces "HQ".

    84. Jun Macias

      Sergent pugsley survived once again

    85. Spider

      ayyyy will!

    86. cyber the animatronic fox

      I recognize that monster's handy work...

    87. The

      I can easily see what will McDaniel worked on

    88. pamindu sulana

      Ive liked it!👍🐴

    89. Clay Morris

      Hey fuck u!

    90. mac cat

      Is it just me or is she wearing the helmet backwards?

    91. Cu Ju

      I knew will was gonna be here

    92. Kyler Kaplon

      Anyone else notice willmcdaniel

    93. Siriusly

      At least the dog lived

    94. Bootful leafy

      Hahaha fat joke

    95. Justin Thaw Set Myo

      i love that the dog was shown to be okay. that would've triggered a bunch of internet snowflakes

    96. Adam Darling

      Tom 2018: "That was my favorite mum"

    97. Audio Button

      I’m sorry.. That was she said: 0:13 and 0:17

    98. 🎮lacey games🎮

      OMg ThErEs AnOtHeR mOnStEr oh cmon

    99. Tariq Rayman


    100. infectedrobot2926

      Why not to trust any part of the government