Coming Out (feat. JackHoward)


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    Jack has a condition.
    Project Library on The Multiverse:
    Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (
    Featuring Jack Howard (
    Sammy Paul (
    Benjamin Cook (
    and Tim Hautekiet (
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Ciaran O’Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Co-Written and Edited by Jack Howard (
    Co-Produced by Krystal Smith ( ohkrystalmighty)
    Microphone and Production Assistance by Daniel J Layton (,
    and Matt Amys (
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    Special thanks to all the extras!

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    1. Nian Suli

      2:25 that one komahina shipper

    2. KathyLovesArt

      Okay but the girl with red hair and jean jacket was really pretty-

    3. World Of Cubing

      I've watched this video hundreds of times over the years, and I noticed Tim's disaspointed face at 0:44 for the first time today

    4. Asra The Un-Hinged

      _"Nope just racist,"_

    5. FKN FRNK

      No, say no to gay marrige

      1. BrendyBap

        Cry lol

    6. Loekert

      Should have entered trough the closet

    7. jáchym pantoflíček

      perfect timing just happend to me,as he came through the window my teacher play a video and in a female teanage voice : hi sorry im late i was to the library.

    8. Schmuzz Fuzz

      anybody know the sound effect at 0:40?

    9. DAKAR

      why do i want a sequal

    10. Damiano Lima

      But what if he enters the room sideways?

    11. unizan

      I think he might be gay

    12. MR. Nobody

      i love it !

    13. Christopher Jimenez

      1:46 are we not gonna talk about Tim’s ability to travel in space and or time.

    14. Leafy Melodies

      I got here from watching the danganronpa version

    15. fae

      Is none one gonna appreciate this god tier of a moment 0:43 Tim is right beside him and when he says he doesn't like men Tim looks so fucking sad

    16. Glitcheed

      I LOVE IT

    17. Shad0w107

      The video cool ... it's funny ... but no

    18. Ethan Andrews

      Aka if gay people acted like vegans

      1. Laezar

        I mean, being gay isn't a political decision, it's just something you are. Also I'd say most vegan are pretty chill, imagine living in a society where something you consider deeply immoral was normal, good luck not annoying people trying to explain to them that what they are doing is fucked up.

    19. Marinanor

      Wow. This is old and I feel old.

    20. Jacqueline Harris

      I’m gay and “I love it” -horse person

    21. SkalA SkalA

      I am mainly here for the horse

    22. GalraLagGaming

      ok Tom that. was. awesome!!!!!!!

    23. Bill Rock

      2:28 no, f you.

    24. StormCentral

      What if he tries going in through the window backwards?

    25. joshua Nielsen


    26. Tony Cornejo

      Continues to clap i IOvE iT

    27. DrAlliteration

      1: "Happy Birthday" 2: "You too" - at least I'm not alone

    28. Follow the god damn r u l e s

      5 years ago I was homophobic, and I disliked the video come back to the video 5 years later gay

    29. Ant Queen

      But... how can I tell EVERY nice looking girl at the party, that I'm a lesbian, without actually... Saying anything?

    30. Dylan Kornberg

      "Did you hear that Jack is gay?" "No! How did you find out?" "He came out through the bathroom window."

    31. dylan rage

      2:24 support gay marriage and lesbian marriage people 👍🐴 I LOVE IT

    32. The SNES Man

      funny to think they weren't allowed to do the church scene

    33. Speed Striker

      he didnt try going through the door while walking sideways

    34. Devan Wifield


    35. Oscar Bleechmore

      I dont support gay marrige

      1. The Unholy Banana

        @Oscar Bleechmore and the worst prank of 2021 goes to this utter moron

      2. Oscar Bleechmore

        @The Unholy Banana its just a prank bro 😆

      3. Baked Waffles

        Probably bait

      4. unizan

        Dumbass 👍

      5. Vapor

        May I ask why?

    36. B2 gaming

      "what's the haps i hate the blax" ahahahahhahahahhahahahha

    37. Owen WILLIAMS

      “I love it” -Horse thing

    38. Calvin Gardner

      I love this sketch

    39. Calvin Gardner

      “Wow that is much worse” LET ME IN: OH NO! this is much worse!

    40. Supreme smash

      Amazing, best ep they ever made

      1. Feathery Coffee

        Literal drinks ?

    41. Spiritual Being

      he didnt try coming out of a closet

    42. Nicolaus Bennington

      Please help me

    43. Sniper

      "Hey happy birthday!" "Yeah, you too" "That's... not how it works" *Speech 100*

    44. derp smith

      gay marriage? you mean marriage? i got that from reddit :D

    45. Joshua Goff

      truly A M A Z I N G

    46. Leena Levonen

      When he came in trough the window and said "hi", i thought he was gonna follow it up with "i'm bi'.

      1. Parasil

        technically that would count as progress

    47. Jeff The Mediocre

      I love how as the video progresses, more people from the part start trying to help his condition

    48. The Bakou

      Basically, when he comes in, he comes out

    49. Khandy Killer

      I really miss these times. Now you cant even joke without offending people.

      1. Khandy Killer

        @xerxes Nvm man. It's complicated. Thanks for agreeing, but I don't even know what is good or bad. This generation is literally the definition of "Good is bad and bad is good", which can go both ways. Sorry to keep the convo big. I just want people to live in harmony and laugh at jokes without offending others.

      2. xerxes

        @Khandy Killer bro what i was literally agreeing with you???

      3. Khandy Killer

        @xerxes Not even a small joke like that? I said it to someone i know and I was jumped from some strangers. And no I don't condone homophobia, racism, transphobia and ableism. What's wrong with you?! Edit: That's it. I'm done talking online. If I need to debate this, I need to meet people irl so we can have a regular discussion like a Socratic seminar.

      4. xerxes

        @Khandy Killer yeah that sucks. I get what you mean. I assumed you were being one of those people that goes "ugh this generation is way too sensitive" for calling out things like homophobia, racism, transphobia and ableism which is super annoying. as long as your humour is punching up instead of down, then it's fine and doesnt really need criticism

      5. Khandy Killer

        @xerxes I made a joke in my community regarding someone being a bigger "Asian" than me jokingly and I was jumped for it....despite the fact that I'm Asian myself... But I suppose it varies depending on how people are nowadays and there's no fighting it.

    50. Brass Monkey

      Just sounds like the guy version of that lady screaming about the gayborhood.

    51. Belén Puebla

      Alguien que sepa inglés me traduce es que entendí muy poco

    52. RedPandaMurphy

      The solution is to enter sideways.

    53. Kckeith1323

      I SHALL NOT suport gay marage but these are the best and funniest

      1. The Unholy Banana

        I don't support you staying alive but you don't see me telling anyone

      2. Froglad

        I agree that this is a funny video, but why don’t you support gay marriage?

    54. Andrei Dragan

      support gay marriage me: i will be sure to dont do that :)))))

      1. The Unholy Banana

        Is there a reason

      2. Froglad

        @Andrei Dragan just to be clear, I agree with @xerxes, it seems you took my comment the wrong way.

      3. Andrei Dragan

        @xerxes and you shut up

      4. Andrei Dragan

        @Froglad oh ok thx

      5. Froglad

        You aren’t even using don’t correctly

    55. efeart

      1:19 this same dialogue was used in asdfmovie 12

    56. Random lover 666

      1:11 the BEST way to come out! XD

    57. K4L

      Is Tim actually Gay? Just asking for a friend, I'm asexual by the way

    58. owo

      Why if he tried coming out of the closet?

    59. Abigail Otte

      Person coming out as trans: I'm trans dad: I have no son Person: *Sad because they think they aren't accepted* Dad: *Trying to hold in laughter* Person *Sudden realization* Ohhhh! Dad: Bursts into laughter

      1. Laezar

        @Ghost Hannibal Mortem I mean, that's cool, but also don't fuck it up if you do it xD being supportive always work =p

      2. Ghost Hannibal Mortem

        If I ever become a father this is the type of jokes I hope I can remember to say if my kids come out

    60. Neumo500

      What if Jack tried coming in through... *THE HOLE*

    61. Ethan Bradsha

      "what's the haps I hate the blacks" racist guy

    62. אלירן קמחי


    63. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      Is this a curse tho?

    64. CheeseChase

      The end, thank you Tom, very cool

    65. Random lover 666

      1:19 Gasp! This isn’t my house!

    66. Unknown 1347

      i love the doctor who shirt

    67. Lucifersvase

      I completely forget about 1:45 sldkalsjdlaks

    68. The First Gamer

      The gun in the background

    69. Meriam Aclan

      *I LOVE IT*

    70. Tsumugi Shirogane *post game*

      This is Nagito x Hinata in a nut shell.

    71. Hillkiller 2000

      wtf did i just witness

    72. A Person

      0:19 Guess what's in the background

    73. mlem mlem

      Jack x Tim fanfics lmao

    74. AwesomeYena

      2:26 When I got Miitopia for my birthday

    75. Chicken Man

      "IM NOT GAY" he says in the middle of getting married to another man the room goes silent except for sentient horse man but hes insane

    76. Sushi

      2000: 2001: 2002: 2003: 2004: 2005: 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: 2010: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: 2020: ... 2021: 1:11

    77. LeftyzAnimation

      me in a nutshell but trans and pan

      1. The Unholy Banana

        @Sushi sushi should be eaten and not heard

      2. Froglad

        @Sushi shut up, dumbass

      3. Sushi

        @belle morgan no

      4. belle morgan

        @Sushi they're valid ok sfu

      5. LeftyzAnimation

        @Sushi wot ;-;

    78. Talei Jackson


    79. ray

      I'm gay

    80. DΩGSΨS

      He turned 1:18 into an asdfmovie joke

    81. Nightflight The Artist

      **happy gay dragon sounds**

      1. Froglad

        @Sushi and I still don’t tolerate homophobia

      2. Sushi

        @Froglad Dude, That was 4 weeks ago lmfao 💀💀💀

      3. Froglad

        @Sushi And instead of defending your actions, you decided to make an assumption about my age based on my comments. If anything, I should be calling you 12

      4. Sushi

        @Froglad stfu lmao you're 12

      5. Froglad

        @Sushi yeah, but I saw you doing the same thing to someone just stating that they are gay. Not okay, dude

    82. miraculous ever after highy

      Plot twist: His dad was being supportive when he said: i have no son cuz u know when he came out and stuff- not trying to say you have to be girly to be gay just- cuz the dad's just as awkward as the son

    83. • party hobo •

      I came out to my dad he said I have no son

    84. ScrmingRed

      I feel like this is the best one yet

    85. eimxiuerniuewancw

      oh gods i _wish_ i had that condition

    86. 79

      my favourite

    87. Owen Jolley 3

      W H E N I C A M E O U T T O M Y D A D H E S A I D “I H A D N O S O N”

    88. Eerroo

      I don’t hate gay people

      1. Froglad


      2. Aidan Tursi



      This video aged like wine

      1. Aidan Tursi


    90. Pokerface

      How are literally all the women you know this cute? Like, goddamn.

    91. Vogue Crab

      He should've just came in the closet

    92. Mullyboats

      The nagito version is funnier

    93. So_Pia 11

      Okay but what if he went in sideways-

    94. 5 Gum Arias

      Knock knock I like cock-

    95. Matthew Matics

      Remember Kids, Your Allowed To Be Gay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    96. Nifty and Elated


    97. HonexArt

      i forgot how fucking funny this video was

    98. EyeReel8

      i miss Kat Wade!

    99. Natimationarts

      2:26 the girl in the background

    100. Tutul

      It's exactly how it work... for my and my best friend (same birthday date).