What is the best asdfmovie joke?


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    AKA Tom breaks down asdfmovie while asdfmovie breaks down Tom.
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    Music by Todd Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
    Special thanks to Twitch Chat and Abigail Thorn
    The spreadsheet: www.kaggle.com/thomasridgewell/understanding-asdfmovie
    CONTENT WARNING: Where to begin? Discussion and depictions of guns, death, suicide, violence, vore, kinks. This one’s got it all.
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    1. TomSka

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      1. Nikostormkilla

        how about no

      2. Thomas Rijsdijk

        Why do we have the same name....

      3. Russo Fan

        Can u do more asdfmovie plz btw my fav song is muffin time xd

      4. Faith Mays


      5. Jacob Kimber

        2020 ENDED OMG

    2. The Goggles Fam

      so kim ran over his sandwhich because its from an alternate reality where sandwiches make your clothes disappear

    3. Blewbie Miwk Shake

      Murder is great!

      1. Blewbie Miwk Shake


    4. Hatadel

      yeah i hate it too when someone parks in my sandwich like it was so good

    5. OmegaEOP

      “Alan are you a cow?” “What? No.” “YeAh mE nEItHeR, yOU wAnnA go SkATebORDS”

    6. Marzz08

      Was I only person who searched up Legal Eagle is super guy evil?

    7. Henry Proctor

      What's funny is that he actually used the "objectively best asdf movie" in episode 13. Or at least, there was one with the same joke.

    8. Second Heaven

      Hey, can people fly? That’s a shame... SMASH

    9. Pancake Productions

      “Murder is great” -TomSka 2020

    10. itsthatguyagain

      Favorite one "Thats my boy" "No my boy" "Father help"

    11. Ríoghnaigh Finn Spellissy

      I'm from the future and 2020 doooes end

      1. The Goggles Fam

        your just sooooooooooo funny arent you

    12. Tabasco Sauce

      "I'm depressed" " *SUDDENLY PINEAPPLES* " "This does not help"

    13. Daring Person

      I just realized how nice Toms hugs would be

    14. zack mccarty

      12:12. You won't regret it.

    15. Tyrant-Den

      "How does 2020 end?" "It doesn't" Me, in "2021": yeah.

    16. The CrasheyCat YT

      but the science show guy lives and talks!

    17. Notsogrimm Creeper

      This is what we saw from afar

    18. Stefan

      My favorite was: Chase me Susie, chase me *gets hit by a car Mmmm good

    19. Ivan Kolar

      2021 now ckam

    20. Letisya Cakir


    21. blaringDragon

      According to the geneva convention he is a war criminal this is the best line in this video

    22. Tigerbot

      0:00 "AsdfMovie its a thing!" 0:11 "WHY?"

    23. Richard Gibson

      I love the decent into insanity this goes down

    24. Grapes Dude

      Why is the Dark Souls T-Shirt is the only thing i can focus on

    25. pixelmax 721

      I remember watching ‘play that one about falling down the stairs’ like a good 10 times in a row, mainly because of how of guard it got me

    26. Aidan Tait

      desmond was weaponized against my feelings so yeah 46 weapons

    27. Aidan Tait


    28. KatZap

      You know who’s gay? Us

    29. Mason Falwasser

      Wait ... Kylie Minogue!? Why is no one else freaking out about this??

    30. Prankster 138

      Yay Suicide...

    31. Jiggleslinky

      Glad me and the Computer agree that "Don't Touch that Cactus" is the best joke.

    32. Endruler

      My favorite joke was “Don’t Jump You Have So Much To Live For!” Also I love how he actually added that joke into ASDF 13, albeit changed a bit

    33. Mr.Magnetix

      1. I have only now realised that when the one guy reverse vore's out the other one, thats actually a continuation of the guy not reverse vore'ing the other guy. 2. Vsauce where

    34. Mep Mann

      9:22 in Germany this is at least "unterlassene Hilfeleistung"/failure to render assistance (§ 323c StGB)

    35. pk failure

      “GROW UP!!!”

    36. TundeTheEpic

      Make that 13-

    37. Skabora

      I really like the darksign t-shirt you have there

    38. SpektЪR

      How the hell isn't the bomb joke higher. I cried my eyes laughin on that one -Here hold this! -.... - Thanks. The pie flavour joke is my personal second best and Telephone robbery is up there, too... OR THE POTATO JOKES!!! THEY ARE CLASSIC!!

    39. YeetGodNick

      Wait, was that episode actually sponsored by vegimite?

    40. Chin Ee Koh

      My only question is Gun real?

    41. Archie Thomas

      favorites that i can think off the top of my head my boyfriend says i'm the most beautiful girl in the world my boyfriend says that too *stabs her* there can only be one *guy choking* is there a doctor here i am then your a nerd *high fives chocking guy* mam we found your son doing *dramatic pause* homework where did i go wrong holding book haha i can't read your getting mugged no your getting mugged uh how did that even work your gonna die we're all going to die

    42. DogeTheNoob

      My favorites have to be pointless button and telephone robbery

    43. Rohan Clare

      Love the voices

    44. Rohan Clare

      This is like if Tom read me the wiki

    45. Susanne McKinney

      My own words that I know will be with my son that is not my son to find out when I can expect to find out when they are in the area and prayers are the only way to help her to find her in a bad place and I was so thankful for the past that is a great gift of love for the last time

    46. Sally Sheppard


    47. Alejo Gomez

      ThiS Vid FeElS QueWrTy

    48. 01lukeisgood

      My favourite 3:36

    49. RareBrockStar K

      Did anybody else notice This is the exact C mean from the pattycake lean except it's a dog

    50. MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI

      Is Tom's shirt a nod to Dan Howell's shirt? How dare Tom kinda stand where Dan kinda stood!!!

    51. Bread studios

      Murder is Great Tomas

    52. Shia LaBeouf

      17:12 Did you put anger in the wrong place just to make us angry, you sneaky meta bastard.

    53. Daniel Krustev

      Die potato! - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Die potato! - *uno reverse card*

    54. HydesR01

      My Top 10: 1. Dog With A Knife 2. Not My Arm 3. Not My House 4. Something On Your Face 5. French Dog 6. On My Way 7. Pointless Button 8. The Funniest Thing You've Ever Seen From Really Far Away 9. Take This Outside 10. Baby On Fire

    55. Puggo22

      Only 12 explosions

    56. Cat King10

      War crimes

    57. Mrsnuffles

      12:33 WAIT, WHALES CAN FLY NOW!?!?!

    58. Libbie Studios

      "Is milk food? No, it's a sauce."

    59. Libbie Studios

      Now, Murder is great.

    60. KingMeercraft19

      my favorite has to be "Alan, are you a cow?" "What, no?!" "ya me neither u guys want to go skateboards"

    61. Dylan Perry

      My personal favorites: Telephone Robbery A B C D E F Gun! “Are you ready to die?” “No” “Then I’ll come back later” And The 80’s Called.

    62. Dylan Perry

      “Have you seen my pony?” “He’s a magical pong flying through the sky!”

    63. brianna peerson

      Honestly, credit where credit is due, I did find the joke at the end the perfect joke (which really says something about my sense of humor...) so, good video! Not a waste of time!

    64. savvas christoforou

      Raid shadow legends is rubish

    65. savvas christoforou

      Raid shadow lenders is rubish

    66. Jaymes Guiher

      very VERY well fed

    67. Lunk 1113

      Oh no a hole in my chest

    68. Gabriel Rodriguez

      We all need more therapy

    69. plush wolf

      Out of all the sponsors... raid shadow legends? ;-;

    70. Linda Polacek

      This is the best waste of time

    71. that1gamer

      *I like trains*

    72. SuperLuigiCat

      "I'm so angi I think i m goin to exploed!" "BREEH"

    73. SuperLuigiCat

      Me when I hear raid: ↻↻↻↻↻↻↻

    74. Harold Bluey

      I like die potato and I like trains.

    75. TacComControl

      So, I think I have some more insight on your joke prediction. So your method relied on self-reporting, and while that does make SOME sense, since jokes are subjective and entirely reliant on the self, I would add that fart jokes are ALWAYS funny. However, we're conditioned socially to think they're NOT funny, to think they're low brow(a phrase that has its roots in horrible racism by the way), to think that they are beneath polite society. The first ever recorded joke in history was a fart joke. Farts ARE funny. Why? Who knows. Probably because they break the expectation of a quiet moment being quiet and staying quiet by sharply introducing both an intrusive noise and an intrusive smell. I guarantee you if you take the most humorless man in the world and plant him in front of Farting Preacher, you WILL get a laugh out of him, that low but potent sort of giggle that you just can't actually STOP from happening, but you hate yourself for doing so. Embrace the farts. The farts were inside you all along.

    76. Super Guy

      9:30 Thanks TomSka for not making me put effort into saving him.

    77. jotoro kujo

      We finally know what the funniest thing we have ever seen but from really far away from was

    78. Leo's Channel


    79. Pinkymations

      As somebody into vore didn’t even realize it was in asdf movie

    80. AstmaPlayz

      Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

    81. cavanim4

      It's funny how the ''Perfect Asdfmovie Joke'' was almost the same as one of the jokes in Asdfmovie 13 I think

    82. A Literal Potato


    83. Zander Smith-Frendak

      I remember the door and cow one from tiktok.

    84. Adebiyi Tella

      Honestly, my personal favourite is that one where "if I ever stop singing I will explode"

    85. memo

      I love how you get his descent into madness as the video goes on

    86. Krystian Wolkowicz


    87. EyeofGafeeney

      My name is Desmon people call me Desmond sometimes.

    88. LXGAMING

      1:14 i fell like Scott the woz would do that in a video

    89. Janelle R


    90. Fnαfi xD 77

      The best joke is I LIKE TRAINS *Gets crash by a train*!

    91. Fausto Sanchez

      my favorite joke is always going to be knock knock

    92. GötzeLP

      I absolutely love the joke from ASDF Movie 10 or 11 with the french guy that works in a muffin factory.

    93. Java Lava

      Maybe the perfect asdfmovie is the friends we made along the way

    94. Jacob Acker

      17:13 If there's 148 sketches with joy and 131 sketches with death (10:41) then there's 53-131 sketches with both joy and death.

    95. Jacob Acker

      12:02 well it's still possible she died from the force necessary to kick her to the moon

    96. Allison Cantrell

      People watching this in 2021👁👄👁

    97. Khloee Vitorino-Jardine

      I love how when Tom was talking about vore, he just looked so disappointed in himself the entire time XD

    98. Knick knack Games

      My fav is “Did somebody say waffles?” “No” “I have brain damage”

    99. qnuqoouǝɯosuɐɥ

      Heres my favorite joke: "Hry uhm can people fly? That's a shame [SPLAT]"