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    Muffin Time: the asdfmovie card game! Out now!
    Co-Created by Eddie ( ) and Elliot ( )
    Animated by Benjamin 'Wonchop' Smallman ( )
    Published by Big Potato Games ( )
    Narrated by Matt Ley ( )
    Featuring the voice of Sam Lavagnino as Mr Muffin ( )
    with Chloe Dungate ( )
    and Daniel J Layton ( )

    T-Shirts, Posters, and More ( )
    Twitter ( thetomska )
    Facebook ( thetomska )
    Tumblr ( )
    Secondary Channel ( )

    Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton ( )
    Special Thanks to Nat Aves ( avesy90 )

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    1. TomSka

      But also how about asdfmovie12 in a couple weeks?

      1. Walter da Epic


      2. Narri L

        500th comment LET'S GOOOO

      3. Pixel JetSki


      4. Scratchy Mindstorms

        500th comment :D

      5. Mr noname4

        Haha last comment

    2. Karles Gamón


    3. Yurina Budidewanti

      Thomas TomSka

    4. 정부섭

      lol 1:01

    5. Pandalion

      yknow, I still want the game. the problem is that I don't have any friends to play it with

    6. IceTube

      How to ruin friendships

    7. KyleJBAwesomeness2001 - Official Channel

      The last drags of audio from Sam's original 2013 recording session

    8. Harrison Sugalski

      I wish you could see me in rea, life, I could make the voice of the muffin

    9. creepyvampire


    10. Itz Nuggiboi

      I- I was just searching ingredients for a muffin

    11. Kole S

      The Rock Paper Scissors thing should go on asdfmovie15 right

    12. SP275 XII

      That muffin should stay alive forever

    13. D-boi

      2:09 me in 2020

    14. alex servin

      It is spooky mod

    15. Ryuki Abdillah


    16. Fringling mega

      Жаль нет на русском🙁

    17. GATO GAMER29

      Tomska is one preditic

    18. Dr Coomer


    19. Salvador Ferreira

      Poor muffin

    20. Salvador Ferreira

      Poor muffins

    21. SomeoneNamedMarvin

      Time of death, Muffin Time. *wait, what?*

    22. Spideybro213

      Omg he knew about COVID before it happened

    23. Sydierbug

      They known what they’ve done.. HELP ME!

    24. John Vincent de Chavez Bagsit

      1:25 aw how cute

    25. Creatamatics

      When we actually are in the post apocalyptic world

      1. Creatamatics

        Oh wait...

    26. Pierre-Alexandre Delrue

      Hello, how do you order the game in France? 😅 And do you accept payments in € ? 🤣

    27. Pburg 21

      This didn’t age well

    28. Mia is fun

      2020 be like: 2:20

    29. aquaticwool

      1:53 *plays "no u" card*

    30. AriLol

      That little “wait what” at the start-

    31. B Batt

      “Post apocalyptic near future” 2020: *Hello There*

      1. Mia is fun


    32. David Corcoran

      2:10 H O W

    33. Devipriya Raghavan

      Violent and repulsive content

    34. Arcanusklaue

      When can i get the Game in Germany ? I look into some online shops from time to time, and either they dont send it to Germany or they dont have it at the time. I would realy love to play this with my friends.

    35. War Brother

      Please make more lol.

    36. Braden Donovan

      1:39 why is no one talking about this

    37. Nico falcetta 🔴


    38. SpeedySolar

      2:10 did he just predict COVID-19?

    39. Fernando Marti sanchez


    40. Ruben Mols

      Hoe weet hij crona in 2019

    41. the boss 2.0: awakened furry

      At the start the muffin should've said "when is it my turn to die"

    42. tfay

      I do want to get them buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut Thier out of stock

    43. Claircendre

      how did i miss this one?

    44. aquaticwool

      2:10 how did you know

    45. Josiah Breeden

      “Post-apocalyptic near future” that’s some Simpson’s level predicting right there

    46. Green Squid

      2:19 my favorite part

    47. Alujis

      this kinda reminds me of exploding kittens

    48. Jdude Animations

      2:11 ...

    49. Sans The skeleton

      Post apocalyptic world, COVID

    50. Corey TV The Epic David

      *they know what they've done*

    51. Rylan Christensen

      At 2:11

    52. Rylan Christensen

      He looked into the near future somehow

    53. João Gabriel Nascimento Grispim

      Aww man i am native of Brazil =( i like the card game

    54. Mary DeMeo

      0:07 me not realizing what is going on

    55. Breezy Noah

      1:42 hello im a dog with a knife

    56. Steveomom Entertainment

      The apocalypse actually happened

    57. Murilo Strohmeier Medeiros

      2:11 as you predicted!

    58. TehBoobooSpartan

      0:31 I wanted a giraffe!

    59. Victor - Manuel

      el futuro

    60. SU TART

      2:08 "if your watching this near your post opoctoliptic future ps i cant spell that word ):

    61. SpaceBeezArt

      2:12 SORRY!?

    62. SpaceBeezArt

      “It’s kind of like a sexy horse... except it’s a bit shorter, perfectly square and it’s a card game.”

    63. Kid RedGlow

      1:30 AMONG US

    64. Sebsparta Oink 3000

      2:10 What!! Tomska read the future!!!!

      1. SpaceBeezArt

        I KNOW RIGHT

    65. JoshuaTDGames X

      2:10 *YOU PREDICTED*

    66. Itz Izumi


    67. Abdelkarim Guiliz

      If I buy this I will through out the cards with any blood because I should not play anything with blood

      1. Abdelkarim Guiliz

        And it’s for my 10 year old son not me he wants to play but he’s not old enough to play with blood

      2. Abdelkarim Guiliz

        The point is that I wanna know if there is a children version

    68. Theo Given

      if you're watching this in the post-apocalyptic *near future.* the situation we're in is close enough to post-apocalyptic right? ri-right? maybe?

    69. Itz_M&M_SISTERZ

      1:48: cat face

    70. K9kid802

      Wait wuh

    71. Ryan Plushies

      Tiky 0:30

    72. Elad_27

      Wtf this was a year ago?

    73. SuperHamSniper

      "man i gotta search up sexy hores game then, wait" -my brain

    74. skya uwu

      0:06 1:47 I love these new voice lines ahshshhdsj

    75. Adrian Toons

      How did you know the near future was the apocalypse

    76. shiny gelatin

      0:04 XD

    77. ByJohan SK

      This is nice

    78. skelle o

      MORAL:Cards are very mean

    79. Samuel Obilie-Mante

      Aww, poor clown. I feel bad for him, maybe in asdfmovie 15, The clown can do something right? I don't want him to feel sad again...

    80. Luna Starlight


    81. Dylan Q

      2:37 wow this box can open and close

      1. DawSome986

        Yes it can

    82. Aryan Bakar

      Potato:*SCREAMING LIKE A GIRL* 1:44

    83. Some Guy on the Internet

      " the post apocalyptic near future..." TIME TRAVEL

    84. Cheetos Cheatado

      Yu-Gi-Oh still looks awesome!

    85. Caleb Clark

      Muffin guy sounds likes baby grizz from we bare bears

    86. Exquisite Fan

      1:53 hazbin hotel reference

    87. Bob, the awaken one

      Time of death muffin time, wait what

    88. Aiden Kennedy


    89. Juryll

      To those *over 5.2k dislikes* are who thought that this is an compilations of The Muffin and they said _"This is just a frickin' card game video bleh."_

    90. Josh Krueger

      I really want this game

    91. Aiden Dunn

      "In the post apocalyptic near future." AY~YO WHAT THE FU-

      1. lasses gamekanaal

        ‘Meanwhile in a parallel universe WHERE THEY KNOW’

    92. Gregory Henderson


    93. Wallace Ngan


    94. Ian Choo

      where can i get short-squared horse card game

    95. Rosabel Zarate

      But it costs $20.00

    96. Rosabel Zarate

      Was that muffin even real?

    97. Ems T.P.A.

      Everybody Do The Flop! *Flops

    98. Free Free cookie

      But if you have the do not want and ten cards hehehe you can’t win

    99. Loreto Daquioag

      Damn the games good

    100. To com fome

      2:10 *it is all your fault*