Crybaby (feat. dodie)


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    Children should be seen and not heard but also not seen.
    Featuring Dodie 'dodie' Clark (
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Produced by Sammy Paul (
    Cinematography by Edgar Dubrovskiy ( edgardubrovskiy)
    Camera Assistance by Rachael Hutchings ( hutchrachael
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    Visual Effects by David Post (
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Makeup and SFX by Erin Stevenson ( ezinski)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Boom Operation by Liam Abbott ( liambabbott96)
    with Rik Bowley ( rikbowley)
    CONTENT WARNING: Basically child abuse and like I know that sounds bad but one day Rik is gonna grow up and see these videos and hopefully he'll laugh but maybe he'll sue me I dunno.
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    Special thanks to Eddie and Alison Bowley

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    1. Black Imposter

      And so the baby found a gun...

    2. Kellie Mac

      Wtf why ?

      1. I like Burgers

        What do you mean why?

    3. Insanebruh

      *Ah yes, father's dream*

    4. Sssummer :D

      Awww poor baby

    5. ClaudAnimate

      Tomska where did u get all ur baby for filmshooting? 0_0

    6. Bloxter912

      No babies were harmed in the making of this video. Well... besides the one that woman drop-kicked.

    7. Fallout_dude


    8. REEE boy

      Hey just like how my parents treaded me

    9. Laddie

      Damn I hate babies even more now

    10. InsertNameHere


    11. •Original_Furry Samyoung•

      This made my day worse...thank you :,)

    12. ?Lochi Clouds¿

      Poor baby the baby just wanted the manager

    13. Noa Edlund

      i was expecting a give and run situation

    14. Stonks_x2 The Russian Man

      WAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa- aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA- hehe

    15. Dolari GD

      Haha baby go YEET

    16. casgo

      So that’s why the baby had a gun..

    17. Pippy Barrow

      Father nooo!

    18. Ken Jvk08

      I wonder if its a real baby

    19. pateve Tan


    20. ThatOneHuman

      And thus the baby with a gun was born

    21. 《Marakuna》 Artz

      You Yeet At a Baby

    22. Family Cullen

      Dam it! It just missed the bin

    23. Jayah Gill

      rember kids if you have a crying baby give the crying baby to a stranger so the stranger can get rid of your child and never see them again * you just learned a lesson *

    24. Sapphire Gaming

      Whats weird is the baby was fine and happy

    25. Dedsec

      Well now I know how to deal with that kind of situation thank u

    26. Gamer Rat

      So this is where the baby went

    27. Thomas._.commie

      Is that his son 😀

    28. I_uKe

      Thank GAWD

    29. Turbulent01

      sir i drop kicked that child in self defense

    30. Jrsonic_yt Animations

      Wait that baby has the same color of hair as me

    31. Tracy McMinn


      1. I like Burgers

        Thank you this really put your point across

      2. Ian Watson


    32. Esther Alega8000


      1. Ian Watson


    33. DaAnimationOven YT

      Team rocket blasting off again!!

    34. LemonDemonFan YT

      God damn it I was hoping nothing bad happens to the baby but fuck that it's just fake

    35. Toffee Toffee

      The biggest question did the baby feel pain

      1. I like Burgers

        Yes. A lot


      I thought that the girl was going to give him the baby back

    37. ᗩᎩᔑᗩᖇᖇᗴし ᗩᖇᑕᖇ

      what the fuch :v

    38. Sundowns Gaming

      That actually terrified me

    39. Dualwing 108

      Plot twist: that was a prequel to baby with a gun

    40. Mantis Swarm

      I have mixed emotions from this, on one hand I feel bad for the baby, on the other i think it’s hilarious

    41. Mr Teleport1

      That should be an Asdfmovie sketch

    42. Elijah Herman

      Good thing this is not in 2020

    43. Eye of Ender Productions

      Ok, wtf

    44. Softie._. Nunag

      Bro you have just gave me the kid and I can have a baby brother TwT

    45. Kylle Domingo S3-Callisto

      Tom's gf:Tom wheres the baby? Tom:a girl kicked it Tom' gf:where did she kicked it to?? Tom: "In the hole"

    46. ketrab


    47. AgentF2S

      roses are red, this video being nice is a big maybe.. but when i looked at 0:36, i went "OH MY GOD SHE KICKED A BABY"

    48. KIDchannel23

      I hope they used a toy baby after the drop kick...

      1. I like Burgers

        That was using an editing software...

    49. Ej Gotgame

      0:51 HEHE 👶🏼

    50. BaconaterMcGee

      RTGames would approve

    51. Janelle Asencio

      He yeet the baby!!!!!

    52. Z3R0 W1NT3R

      Oh G#d no

    53. Staircase Animations

      Everyone's dream :)

    54. AB CD

      Comments: 6.9k Me: it's free real estate

    55. ImpactedPlayz

      was not expecting that

    56. norn't neithern't

      So this is the origin of baby with a gun

    57. SuperMario Bennett

      This Is Sad

    58. Curley DS

      The disrespect! You're supposed to throw it in the recycle bin! On top of that you even missed!

    59. Waleed Muqbel

      I didn’t expect that to happen.

    60. CocoBean 7

      The giggle at the end

    61. Julian Alonzo Jimenez Gonzalez

      So did actually make a baby cry for that?

    62. david losee

      Who trusted you with baby

    63. -pizza time-

      I feel bad tho ):

    64. Obelous

      Abortion center 2.0

    65. Angel Andres Aguirre Salazar

      Cute baby

    66. Cleary

      bab y

    67. SUPER Gordon

      So this is where the teletubbies sun came from

      1. AB CD


    68. Jerome Levi

      Well i dont expect that

    69. Bunta Fujiwara

      You're a fucking fat sack of shit

      1. I like Burgers

        What the fuck where did that come from?

    70. Stargazer 199

      Crybaby(with a gun)

    71. Mr. Absorbency

      Oh Tommy. Don't cry. Seriously, Timmy, cut it out! Timmy, this is the worst date ever!

    72. Snowpiercer

      DODIE, NO-

    73. Anna Woodard

      “LOoKS liKE tEaM RoCKeT’S bLasTING oFf aGaIN!”

    74. Elizabeth Philley


    75. Fhel Lorenz Sajor

      I think this is the backstory of the "Baby with a gun" and maybe that's why the baby went to tom's house with a gun to seek revenge

    76. PickleMip Gaming

      Baby: gets launched into a bin Baby: *laughs after being thrown into a bin*

    77. Otaku Nezuko

      TomTord shipers : ToMtOrD bAby

    78. Yaume Lepire

      I can’t believe this! What is society coming to?!? To litter like that!

    79. Exotic Butters

      I would do what the girl did 😂

    80. PinkFurret

      I expected him to just disappear or something

    81. Templar Cross

      0 to 10 real quick

    82. maple heeheop


    83. Wom8s12

      *They had us in the first half not gonna lie*

    84. •Aesthetic Clan•


    85. oWeNbUsTeRs

      Ok this was really funny and this is gonna sound really weird See dodie is such a kind soul and like pure of heart, imagine her (even if it's for a sketch) that "hey it's ok, everything will be alright" as a kid. That is just such a warm feeling ^^

    86. -•Kãthppuçhinø and Mâggarønī•-

      **Baby hits litter can** Also baby:,,Hihi!"

    87. JJasonW


    88. regular gamer mobile

      and that is why everybody hates tom

    89. Drake Ducharme

      You did the right thing and it was dope

    90. nasser tareq

      great parenting advice

    91. Jewel GirlyGamer

      ...did not see that coming 😂

    92. embxrinq _

      i am a psycho. I laughed.

      1. I like Burgers

        It’s a comedy sketch do you think this is supposed to make you cry?

    93. Ricer935

      I like to play a game where i try to guess the joke

    94. Sean Buchhalter


    95. KRD


      1. I like Burgers


    96. Skullbash Studios


    97. Fire Nightmare

      Just missed

    98. IDK

      Baby with a gun origin story right there

    99. sesame roll

      Wait is the baby okay or......😟😟

      1. I like Burgers


    100. Mal 0

      Imagine football with a baby

      1. Mal 0

        You just thought of kicking a baby didn’t you, you sick freak