Holy Shit Cats 2


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    They're back and this time is purr-sonal... I'm sorry.
    Download Battle Cats for free (if you want to) hyperurl.co/vw1spu
    Thanks PONOS for sponsoring this video!

    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( youtube.com/tomska )
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley ( youtube.com/eddache )
    Opening Sequence by Jake Pemberton ( youtube.com//10000Hawks )
    Cinematography and Colour Grade by Max Brill ( maxbrill.co.uk )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( youtube.com/elliotexplicit )
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post ( youtube.com/hoolopee )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( youtube.com/lildeucedeuce )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( danpugsley.co.uk )
    Sound Recording by Dhean Morris ( dheanasaur )
    Camera Assistance by Lee Burnett ( leeburnett.co.uk )
    Stunt Coordination by Joe Golby ( joegolby.com )

    Starring Paula Kay ( actors.mandy.com/uk/actor/pro... )
    with Steve Holtham as Batman ( the_dark_knight_... ),
    James Bewley, Lewis Peploe, Tom Ziebell, and Eldredd Chester as Stuntmen,
    and Introducing Rik Bowley ( rikbowley )

    CONTENT WARNING: Gunfire, fist fights, 2D cats, and selling out.

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    1. Shelly Bjorkquist-Skuza

      We got battle cats reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Knight Gabriel

      What the hell did I just see ????

    3. Let's go gaming

      Pretty much every action movie sequel ever

    4. Nightmare GamingYT

      0:45 ... WHY IS THERE A BATTLE CATS CAT!?!? XD

    5. Jaxter The penguin boy

      Moral of the story; spray and pray

    6. Inferno A.

      I watch the 2nd 1st

    7. Morgan Shanafelt

      I love how This video was actually made six years after the first one

    8. Montesama314

      That "previously on" segment was unironically well-executed.

    9. Hank J. Wimbleton


    10. Pogchamp

      i knew whenever i saw the battle cat pawn i knew it was a sponsor

    11. Shadore Plays

      As a battle cats player, I can confirm this is pretty much the game, mhm, yes

    12. Sky Master0yt


    13. Sky Master0yt

      2:13 XDXDXDDD

    14. Sky Master0yt


    15. Liam Burger

      0:44 I was playing battle cats too what the hell

    16. Krystian Jaromin


    17. Rus

      I think the best joke you've ever written was "earth? But thats where I parked the car!" I still use that to this day. None of my friends find it funny. But I do.

    18. Attila D

      Tom, I love you but, if I see a third part to this thing on my recommend then I will love you more

    19. Dimension D

      I AM A CAT

    20. paeul

      Anyone else want tom to write something while being really drunk and then filming it to a video?

      1. paeul

        Or us it just me?

    21. Chill Yes

      1:25 NO PUT EM AWAY

    22. Unholy_king 7

      THE Battle CAT

    23. Aiden Nabhani

      When in doubt toss a baby at it…

    24. Spideybro213

      I think I just had a storke

      1. Spideybro213

        I misspelled stroke but it’s honestly even better

    25. Derek Cabrera soto

      Tom only cares about the car

    26. VIER_DaKing

      Tom are you doing Ok? Phisically and mentally

    27. Jonathan Padilla-Kirkland

      I’m pretty sure that room was a green screen. Everything else looked real though

    28. Antares

      it's back and more drunk then ever

    29. Raiden

      Listen I saw a battle cat I’m happy

    30. jetolero

      it's that the hole?

    31. high five

      Who else saw pewdiepie at 1:49

    32. Potato man

      Tom is really drunk

    33. Level 45 Mighty lord Gao

      This is literally battle cats and I love it

    34. Stardust

      Jennifer was pregnant for six years... wow

    35. Arthur surname pending

      When you skip am episode of a show:

    36. That One Guy In The Comment Section

      fun fact: they couldnt afford a doll for this, so they just always used the actual baby, they had to retake the shot where Tom threw it 17 times because it wouldnt stop crying

    37. Kenneth Sanmoeradi


    38. Caleb Yun

      Me at 3 am

    39. Xpt-i _

      I'm on drugs

    40. ZachattaxYT

      I don't remember any of this from the flashback.

    41. AlexicFFA

      Tom: earth? That’s where I parked the car! Also Tom: **pulls out dual assault rifles** Tom one more time: NOT MY AUDI RX!!!!

    42. The One With The Hat

      Anyone else going to comment about her being pregnant for 6 years?

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      The battle Cats

    44. Bloqqer

      Battle Cats

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      Battle cats is pog and all but the video is so much better

    46. Jerry Okazaki

      All cats and stuntmen were harmed in the making of this film

    47. Ladygirlmomo

      What happen to the oh girl?

    48. Margareth Costa


    49. Gamer of space 1684

      Thomas taking up some weight since the first video

    50. Vidar Budd Masters

      There's a few drawings of battle cats

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      Every scifi movie ever

    53. Shamposh

      Hol up she was pregnant for 6 years

    54. Karl Corey

      Battle cats

    55. Ace Animations

      Me casually playing battle cats The enemy:

    56. Simon Riley ghost

      Holy shit cats I get the title now

    57. Kylle Domingo S3-Callisto

      .... Who gave tomska the power of the budget?

    58. 096 eating flaek

      Oh no I downloaded battle cats

    59. • G A Y B E L •

      I wish the movie "cats" turned out like this

    60. The3pointer

      Love the intro


      Earth… but that’s where I parked the car. Fuck my life I’m gonna go get drunk now

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      What the 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      I downloaded THE BATTLE CATS lol

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      And the Oscar goes to…

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      awards for the best movie ever and for the best acting

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      I like how she stayed pregnant for 6 years.

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      My friends: I have normal dreams My dreams:

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      you have gained weight

    71. Since sliced Bread

      now i wonder if they will do HOLY SHIT CATS 3

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      We need more of this.

    73. Green Apple Pie

      1:40: recoil in movies be like

    74. ROB Bohea

      I love the stuntcrew's reactions to being killed.

    75. Olof Larsson


    76. Phantom _nation

      0:44 why is there a battle cat from the game battle cats? Oh...

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      What the fuck

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    79. d e a t h


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      Have you been working out? no

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      This masterpiece should remain here for the next millennia atleast. I will come again next year to check the progress

    82. Dulaman

      these sketches are almost better when Tom writes them drunk.

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      You can never stop the cat uprising

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      I aM An ArTIst really got me

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      There is battle cats in his video

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      Im on my mums computer now but i just want to say WOW AMZING BOOTIFUL!!!!! and i love your vids espesially this one when at the end it said "this script does not make any sense" and you were like "I don't care Im just a script writer" LOL I LOVE THIS VID SO MUCH!!!!!

    88. Gabriel Adams

      I love how the only reason tom cares about earth is he has his car parked here lol

    89. Muffin

      Are we not going to talk about how they threw a ‘baby’? IT’S FRICKIN HILARIOUS.

    90. Muffin

      Six years ago, we got the part one. Three years ago, we got part two. Expect another one this year. Totally makes sense.

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      Every action movie in a nutshell:

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      This is so bad, i Love it

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      I think people should know why I like this so much

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      What are doing batman here

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        Ayo why you hating on my boy tomska

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      And you are single

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        @cylia Ik right he’s such a good insulter calling people gay *wipes eye* SOME ONE GET THIS MAN A OSCAR also it’s double funny cause he’s hating a Tom yet he’s helping him in the youtube algorithm by putting all this comments

      2. cylia

        woah dude you're killing it with the insults

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      You have 32 years old

    100. exeboy xbox și yoyoboy PC

      You are so stupid