Holy Shit Cats 2


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    They're back and this time is purr-sonal... I'm sorry.
    Download Battle Cats for free (if you want to) hyperurl.co/vw1spu
    Thanks PONOS for sponsoring this video! #ad
    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (brcall.info)
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley (brcall.info)
    Opening Sequence by Jake Pemberton (youtube.com//10000Hawks)
    Cinematography and Colour Grade by Max Brill (maxbrill.co.uk)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (brcall.info)
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (brcall.info)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (brcall.info)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Sound Recording by Dhean Morris ( dheanasaur)
    Camera Assistance by Lee Burnett (leeburnett.co.uk)
    Stunt Coordination by Joe Golby (joegolby.com)
    Starring Paula Kay (actors.mandy.com/uk/actor/profile/paula-kay)
    with Steve Holtham as Batman ( the_dark_knight_cosplay),
    James Bewley, Lewis Peploe, Tom Ziebell, and Eldredd Chester as Stuntmen,
    and Introducing Rik Bowley ( rikbowley)
    CONTENT WARNING: Gunfire, fist fights, 2D cats, and selling out.
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    1. Shay Cherniavsky

      0:44 you could see a cat from the game "battle cats"

    2. Sergeant Meme’s

      A sequel to my favourite movie

    3. okyanus incesu

      maw meow meaw zzzzzzzzzzzzzkkkk

    4. Jameson Martin

      Still drunk?

    5. Ruby Klau

      Now that explains why tom's scripts r always...weird to say The least

    6. Asra The Un-Hinged

      Fulfill your destiny!! _Have you been working out?_ *_.....No._*

    7. Asra The Un-Hinged

      *_Wait_* _--puts hand in mouth-_- *their back*

    8. Ruv

      I also parked my car on earth

    9. Rolan Bo

      "Have you been working out?!" "no." Same Tom, saaame.

    10. MiniMineMaster2

      “Earth?! But that’s where I parked the car!”

    11. Creoxtian

      :( why cats :(

    12. CuttyKitty37

      *Foolish mortals. My underlings were a mere distraction while we prepared to open the intergalactic worm hole located somewhere on one of Trump's golf courses.* *And yes, we're taking your car.*

    13. Paul Axl

      Space Caaaaaats

    14. Zane gamer

      its actually 6 years later

    15. Juan Camacaro

      Welcome to the internet guys

    16. The caterpillar guy with an extremely long name

      But that’s where I parked the car

    17. mr man

      Dear Tom, please loose weight. It's just un-healthy. Crazy bonkers video. Well done

    18. Jeffrey Sturm

      After watching this 20 times I realized that she was pregnant for 6 years

    19. ll-fxsion-_-

      Earth but that's where I parked a car I am so drunk

    20. Biskits101

      That one guy: oh no you killed m e.

    21. Yozora

      I like how the guns just appear

    22. SonRay Wright

      This is how the hole was made.

    23. M.C and Springs

      This perfectly describes most action movies

    24. Jabrannn

      Did i just see battle cats the game

    25. YourLocalTrader

      Why the hell was battle cats in the background

    26. TheWeirdGuy2007

      Lol Im watching this in a tesco car park and the people in the car next to me are like WTF

    27. Robin Jankovic

      2:38 idk, maybe a ton of anime references, adult humour, and LOTS OF SPONSORS? *oh yeah, they got that too!*

    28. 45 Potato


    29. pixelplayz yt 95

      Friend: where did you park the car Me: E A R T H

    30. mr orange

      I think Tom is a little drunk

    31. Exoskeleton 2921

      Lol, that battle cat at the beginning Oh wait, the end

    32. Jeffrey Sturm

      Earth? But that’s where I parked the car!

    33. pyromaniac1783


    34. Lucky Luck

      0:29 thats a bit racist

    35. Lucky Luck

      Me : I must have by high by creating this movie. The guy : You tried to kill someone ofcourse your high.

    36. A-potential-friend Yeates

      Hmmmm no but why

    37. kewldude_117


    38. Sidney Ghatisingh

      Completely The Same!!!

    39. _Cross_

      Battle cats. lol 😂

    40. DownTownDK

      what the f*** is this s#/7

      1. • -

        he was probably drunk. The rest of his videos make sense.

    41. Team Gamers

      Well...I play it on my friends iPad

    42. Team Gamers

      I already have battle cats

    43. Mr. Video

      Boomerang babies: adopt one in centers today!

    44. Mr. Video

      “UGH! My integrity!”

    45. EverydayCrev

      THats where i park the car!

    46. EverydayCrev


      1. • -


    47. Random guy

      All for a ad

    48. Laddie

      Goddamn cats.... again

    49. Jakub Watras

      He really sold himself. End of this film make this fact true.

    50. F.

      i want to see this as an actual movie lmao

    51. Golden Cheetah26

      6 years to have a boomerang baby

    52. Bolt Down42

      Just how drunk

    53. MewMew dj

      Kids playing hero's belike

    54. Batmans Dad

      this is better than most sequels to action movies

    55. Terry eoa

      When i was watching this my tooth came out

      1. • -


    56. FurryEskimo

      Serious question, I love your content but Are you physically ok? You’ve got a nice sort of, bigness, to you now, but I worry for your long term health because you seem nice and I want you to live a long time.

    57. Zabian Gottschall

      Oh no hes drunk at the end

    58. Intercepticon .3

      The first one was better

    59. Aiden Hickey

      Battle cat

    60. Kai Park

      i love the death voice lines

    61. enderman

      Why is no one saying anything about the sponsorship it's the best game ever

    62. Brayker Nielsen

      my friend: "this script doesn't make any sense"me: " I am an artist"

    63. LazyChocolateMilk

      It's been 6 years how could she not have given birth!

    64. Boss Bentley

      #ad @boss bentley

    65. InHijact

      Is Jenny really black now or is that another girl playing as Jenny

      1. InHijact


    66. LiamDiamond

      Wait took 6 years for a child?

    67. Jhun D

      Tomska is king cat

    68. Chicken Man

      she was pregernante' for 6 years i see

    69. mr. whale squid

      I like how he was a bomb in the previous holy heck cats and thats why his child is one too

    70. the Irishman

      If you know why she's black that's sad

    71. Riley Swapp

      I saw the battle cat

    72. Animation Bomby

      Movie logic at its finest: INFINITE AMMO until its really needed

    73. CatalinRo72

      Literally 6 years later

    74. potato sama


    75. Boom Box

      1:07 let’s give this mate props for that flip tho

    76. Talei Jackson

      Make A part three also don’t be drunk next time if you do you make one

    77. food_police

      What fun to make a movie after six years get ready because the next movie will be 2023 Whoever wrote the script will be drunk with vodka

    78. Salvatore Rampello

      Jusus i really want a film written by a drunk Tom

    79. Thuy Pham Thanh

      Hes killed me -random stuntman

    80. Spaceman

      0:19 i like how happy she says that

    81. Kid who sits in the corner

      My cat is looking pretty sus rn...

    82. 10krekt

      what happened to white jenna tho

    83. Cipher 032

      “His killed me”

    84. Skinny

      "You've killed me." Best death line ever

    85. Ryan Pedro

      Was that a battle cat reference

    86. Calvin Flowers

      “Oh I’m dead” lmao

    87. Capitol Controversy

      Sequels are never the same as the original.....right?

    88. The man of the meme

      Everybody gangsta till fat terminator gets a gun

    89. RSD 5512

      i Am aN aRtiSt!!

    90. liam Cash27

      This is basically doom but with cats

    91. Marcos Basbus

      Pause and then go to 0:51 It's the first caracter from the game "The balttle cats" Forgot waht i said, i wrote this befor watching 2:07

    92. C Buongiorno

      Eh, original was better than the sequel

    93. TheJamJar

      *Everyone is dead* Me : does batman have physic powers?

    94. Evan Johnston

      One of the most underrated sequels in the franchise.

    95. one gone

      Shoudnt the baby be 6 years old and he souldnt br born now

    96. the warlock

      i guess that guy was REALLY drunk when he wrote this film

    97. Cup o' tea gaming

      Uurgh! My integrity *tomska(2019)*

    98. 周一

      Everytime Tom makes a video: *I was drunk when i made this*

    99. Christopher Naglestad

      Earth? (Proceeds to snap stunt man’s neck) BUT THERE WHERE I PARKED THE CAR!

    100. Benjamin Curran

      Somehow, that intro reminded me of the game "Legend of Bumbo" because of the home made cardboard aesthetics.