Wizzo The Wizard


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    A mighty wizard really has to spell things out.
    Starring Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley (brcall.info)
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    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (brcall.info)
    Featuring Harry 'Hbomberguy' Brewis (brcall.info)
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Max Brill (maxbrill.co.uk)
    Produced by Matt Holt (mattholt.co.uk)
    Edited by Elliot Gough (brcall.info)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (brcall.info)
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post (brcall.info)
    Sound Recorded by Tommy Bartlett ( bomtartlett)
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (danpugsley.co.uk)
    Additional Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien)
    Make-Up and Costume by Alexia Jade (alexiajade.co.uk)
    Random Voice by Jack Howard (brcall.info)
    On-Set Assistance by Theo Durrant (brcall.info/do/RJWXwOmLakVQzs94B679CA) and Elise Harbud
    1st Assistant Direction by Daniel Smith (www.independenttalent.com/below-the-line/daniel-smith/)
    Camera Assistance by Dan Williams (flashlighttv.co.uk)
    CONTENT WARNING: Blood, gore, fire, and the probability that you'll be reminded of Game of Thrones season 8
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    Facebook ( thetomska)
    Tumblr (thetomska.tumblr.com)
    Secondary Channel (brcall.info)
    Special thanks to Sophie and Stewart

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    1. Mark Chell

      0:40. The US courts rn.

    2. lathspelz

      But he makes Stuff from Clay, Much like you made this Video. Seems magical enough to me.

    3. Kyrie Melan Quinque

      harry the pot maker seires

    4. Anh Kiet P

      they just killed an innocent man

    5. Mr. Blue Animations

      I love learning history this way.

    6. superbadgerdoom

      Actual real life thought process.

    7. Henry Duke

      These asdf movie graphics are so good now

    8. Thunder Hunt

      Welp that was a unexpected ending

    9. Clara Monti

      This has some serious Monty Python energy

    10. Simon McNeil

      Ok but I would wear that outfit

    11. An Amusing Idiot

      This is some Monty Python quality shit.

    12. Man Ho Marcus Fan

      Lol burnt him at the stake never underestimate humanity.

    13. P1R0CK

      “IT’S NOT A BIRD ITS SO BIG” That’s what she said

    14. Banana King

      This video is magical

    15. Radioactivedinosaur42

      "Glad that's dealt with! He might've been a wizard!"

    16. Darkroe The Nin-Bot

      1:15 Everyone in 2020.

    17. the angry brit

      This reminds me of Monty python

    18. The Wolfster

      Yall remember this guy from the magic spoon?

    19. The Duke Of Gaming

      This plays out like a Monty Python sketch and I love it

    20. SaveTheAmazingCakes

      This entire sketch reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I have definitely watched both the movie and this sketch way too many times.

    21. Rhlgull

      Eddie hamming it up is incredible

    22. alfie griffin

      he is not a wizard

    23. Esteban Rodríguez

      Hbomberguy! :) explodes :(

    24. Carson Porter

      This gives off big Monty python vibes

    25. Loading 404

      Who's that hiding behind the curtains.

    26. Joshimations Boi

      Where’s the magic spoon?

    27. Jayツ

      Flashbacks to the magic spoon

    28. Sonic fan 2000

      This is like Monty Python

    29. James Eames

      'Oh shit he's a wizard!' has become part of my day to day vocabulary, usually in response to people doing incredibly mundane things. My brother: Finds his phone by calling it from a landline Me: Oh shit he's a wizard!

    30. Rookie Actor

      Monty Python would be proud

    31. Generic Terrorist

      This is like a monty python sketch

    32. Low budget production ye

      Oh shit he’s a wizard

    33. Joe Jasat

      They killed Harris ;-;

    34. caedmon


    35. Neumo500

      Where’d Harry Potter go? *The hole.*

    36. •xRainy Vibesx•

      The wizard started crying/Screaming I DIED 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg 1:16

    37. Toxic Waste

      Eddie did such a good job tom two

    38. TheWizard

      This sounds like it’s straight out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    39. ジャン・ザ・グレート

      i like harry potter cause he made pot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. I like Burgers

        That’s worded... unfortunately

    40. carole McGlinchey

      This seems like a horrible histories skit

    41. Iron Boy 170

      You never know who might be a wizard or a person on a rope

      1. Iron Boy 170

        I've only just realised we note that the Rope is attached to him but what else is the rope attached to

    42. Yeetus Deletus

      This seems like monty python would make this

    43. Some random Simon

      This perfect British of wizzo

    44. Gary O'Keeffe

      Something very Monty Python about this

    45. りず


    46. Sr. Cosmos

      Merasmus be like:

    47. PinkAza

      I love the way he says “EXPLODING?”

    48. Chicken Man

      wizzo, whats up with all these dead kids

    49. Julian Tiongson

      The wizard is funny that he complained about magic 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. 3OMARHD

      That wizard did what voldemort couldn't do for like 25 years .....

    51. Animarthonio

      This feels like monty python, and i love that

    52. Pickle

      0:41 is *gold*

    53. Hayden Miller

      Aaah Yes the back story of Tom's Roommate

    54. Darth Xeno

      "U wot"

    55. Luke Daniels

      This reminds me of Monty Python

    56. Ethan Osborne

      I love this

    57. The Koala

      Sorry mate the guy dosent know how to say wizard he mix them with magicians so wow

    58. wcmflips

      i still dont think hes a wizard

    59. Steel prime King of Dabbleyoo

      This is goddamn monty pythons levels of absurd.

    60. HM01

      Harris Potterguy

    61. Justin Y!?!

      Fun Fact: You thought I was Justin Y

      1. Matías García Casas

        @Justin Y!?! stop. Let the meme die.

      2. Justin Y!?!

        Then ur sus

      3. Matías García Casas

        No I didn't

      4. Matin Moncada Vasquez


    62. Random Person

      1:16 that scream though xD

    63. Arnal67

      This might very well be my favorite Tomska sketch

    64. GalaxyGamer5069

      This is how I would deal with a wizard lmao

    65. Potato

      Harris is so innocent in this.

    66. Jeff Peng

      This is definitely my favourite TomSka video

    67. Matin Moncada Vasquez

      1:14 He should have a wizard hat, and scream in it

    68. ShadowR_


    69. Jayah Gill

      wizzo: BOW DOWN TO ME people try to bow but fall in the hole

    70. Fredministrator

      lucky guess

    71. Jason Reacher

      Is this wizzo the wizard from the magic spoon?

    72. NS777

      Imagine making a D&D wizard whose powers are actually just random coincidences

    73. sohan sohan

      Harry Potter cause he makes pots... i see what you did there😀

    74. Dean

      No matter what this will always be your best sketch

    75. SerenityPrim3

      2021. Why am I only seeing this now?

    76. Reese phelan

      This is Merlin's brother that no one heard about

      1. wcmflips


    77. Sir Hashie

      I love knowing that Eddie was genuinely pissed off during the filming of this so it adds so much to the performance

    78. Vixorous

      Nat 1 intimidation

    79. Jonah LT06

      One of your finest videos

    80. JooliaGoolia

      The Monty Python vibes are STRONG with this one

    81. XIV ParrotLord XIV

      Harry Potter makes pot. 😂

      1. I like Burgers

        Maybe word that a little better

    82. Trevor Slinkard

      Monty Python written all over this

    83. Tytusthebikegod

      This one felt like straight out of monty python and the holy grail

    84. 3kholohan

      1:01 that what she said

    85. Marcus Does Miscellaneous

      Atheists be like;

      1. I like Burgers

        Don’t fucking bring religion into this

    86. Dante Rodriguez

      The "oh shit, he is a wizard" and cut to him being burned reminds me of one time my friend did a magic trick, and I yelled "witch" and took out my lighter

    87. Godly Gamer

      The first Voldermort

    88. Miz I Guess

      Think he was a wizard

      1. I like Burgers


    89. Krbo

      Hey wizzo where's the spoon? In the orb

    90. Finn Underwood

      Heavy Monty Python vibes here. ...yes that is a compliment.

    91. Nobody Special

      *I’m a wizard, peasant.* _You’re a wot_ ... *A WIZARD YOU STUPID GIT THIS ISN’T HARRY POTTER!!!*

    92. General Jake

      he cant bow if hes flying

    93. Sammify lol

      This is giving off flatearther vibes.

    94. Eddie ågren

      i wonder how the villager stopped the guy who can summon dragons.

      1. Eddie ågren

        @I like Burgers Plot twist: Everyone in that village were wizards aswell! Rope now i see!

      2. I like Burgers

        Well obviously they used the rope


      Ah yes, math. The true sign of wizardry and witchcraft in the olden times.

    96. DJ

      FTFE just used this video as a example of trying to explain science to a flat earther and it is so accurate

    97. The Origami Rhino

      This wins my favorite thing this week. Congratulations on winning something you don't care about, but is very important to me! I'm still laughing though.

    98. Garrett Gunnell

      This honestly feels like a scene out of Monty Python

    99. Tari The Lil Bean