Wizzo The Wizard


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    A mighty wizard really has to spell things out.
    Starring Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley ( youtube.com/eddache )
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    Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( youtube.com/tomska )
    Featuring Harry 'Hbomberguy' Brewis ( youtube.com/hbomberguy )
    Cinematography and Colour Grading by Max Brill ( maxbrill.co.uk )
    Produced by Matt Holt ( mattholt.co.uk )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( youtube.com/elliotexplicit )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( youtube.com/lildeucedeuce )
    Visual Effects by David 'Hoolopee' Post ( youtube.com/hoolopee )
    Sound Recorded by Tommy Bartlett ( bomtartlett )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( danpugsley.co.uk )
    Additional Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ( ciaranobrien )
    Make-Up and Costume by Alexia Jade ( alexiajade.co.uk )
    Random Voice by Jack Howard ( youtube.com/jackanddean )
    On-Set Assistance by Theo Durrant ( brcall.info/do/RJW... ) and Elise Harbud
    1st Assistant Direction by Daniel Smith ( www.independenttalent.com/bel... )
    Camera Assistance by Dan Williams ( flashlighttv.co.uk )

    CONTENT WARNING: Blood, gore, fire, and the probability that you'll be reminded of Game of Thrones season 8

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    Secondary Channel ( youtube.com/darksquidge )

    Special thanks to Sophie and Stewart

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    1. Billy Whitten

      I like how he’s left handed

    2. Nnordbyy

      0:40 this didn't age so well

    3. 》Xian《

      I have been sent by an kind lord on realjake comment section

    4. Maxwell Of Gallifreay

      I can't belive how Monty Python this is

    5. Asha'man Sedai

      Plot twist: he knew from the start and was exhausting his mp

    6. Evan Mach

      U know it's a TomSka skit when there's blood involved

    7. Krystian Jaromin


    8. tri view

      Screw gravity

    9. tri view

      Who's harry potter ?

    10. centurion 621

      wizzo :)

    11. Mason Bennet

      The robot at the end said

    12. Raging Monkey Critic

      "What's the rope attached too?!" "Me obviously" This is a classic sketch

    13. AnimalAttic

      This is like a Monty python sketch

    14. Martyn Kernighan

      "I killed him" "no you didn't, he had a pre-existing condition" Pro-disease people in a nutshell

    15. WillowHub

      Viva la dirt league should take notes

    16. deja- vu

      the fact that it has milions of views and has only 700 dislikes is amazing

    17. Farhan Labib

      It's kind of funny for wizo to waste his time proving to someone he is a wizard when they were just distracting him to kill him in the end 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    18. Bigmac

      This feels like a Monty python and the holy grail scene

    19. Deathking 505

      I guessed 7 also

    20. Leo Melton

      this is giving me monty python and the holy grail vibes

    21. Boy2

      I love tomska. He makes me so happy. Thanks for everything you have done. Never stop making videos friend.

    22. TheUnOfficialFox

      Dude my grandma had a pre-existing for exploding… sadly she exploded a few weeks ago 😢😂

    23. yeet and yum

      the frustration of wizzo makes me laugh the most

    24. FunGi Channel


    25. carmen moor

      Oh wizzo! What are all these dead children doing here ! Reference from “magic spoon”

    26. Extreme


    27. Gabi

      "maybe he had a preexisting condition"

    28. Timmy

      Is this the wizard that turned Ben into a cake?

    29. Ole Ortmann

      this feels so much like a monty python sketch. very nice

    30. Spaceexplorer

      "hi, i'm harry potter." "what do you do?" "i makes holes." "thats a forced joke!"

    31. ItsGarfield

      Maybe he should have worn one of those big hats

      1. Evan Mach

        It doesn't make sense but that makes sense

    32. No name guy

      This was the last video of TURNO PUNCH intro

    33. Mr T

      “It’s Just A Birb”

    34. ThatWeirdSwedishGuy

      This gives me huge Monty Python vibes, good job

    35. Sans

      "Harry Po'er"

    36. SelFin

      But what if it was just luck ?

    37. IT'S ME GOOD BYE

      This is monty python levels of comedy

    38. Joseph Greer

      I'm getting Monty python vibes from here

    39. Yourantsally

      I don't know why, but that step back point thing is always funny to me

    40. Captain

      tom's character reminds me of my entire year level (year 9 (australian))

    41. P_Star

      What is the name of the film

      1. P_Star

        @Snake Sonic Thanks

      2. Snake Sonic

        Its made by them and its not a film 🤦🏼‍♂️

    42. Lilian David

      Dragons are birds.

    43. Notin7

      -Its not a bird its so big Best line in this clip

    44. Julien Pageaud

      I love how this reminds me of Monty Python Holy Grail. Especialy the coconuts stuff.

    45. Naval_Fear

      1:01 that's what she said

    46. Derp Siroop

      This is one of the few youtubers i have on notify all videos.

    47. Draxan06

      This Has the Same Energy as A Monty Python Skit.

    48. Tenzin Dowis

      monty python vibes

    49. Bario IDL

      you too know what it feels like to live in a world that cant keep up with you

    50. SMY

      Who else watched the rec room version before this

    51. NoOneLikesPokimane

      Wow, he’s a great potter.

    52. Pajaro Chango

      Are we just ignoring tom isn't in a sketch for the 1st time in all tomska existence?

    53. Sho.mp3

      DnD mfs trying to piss of their DM because they're drunk:

    54. Chara Dreemurr

      Wizard: “makes man fly and explode” Man: no he’s not a wizard wizard: pick a number man: ok “picks 7” wizard: was it 7 Man: SHIT ITS A WIZARD Made me crack up

    55. liav gavra

      sebee voice at the end :O

    56. iHuzkyy

      *looks afar* "Just a bird" *ITS NOT A BIRD, ITS SO BIG!* "Its just close up innit."

    57. Yonge Zu

      I feel stupid thinking that dragon WAS a bird.

    58. Gaming Gamer 521

      He sounds really like jacksepticeye when he says Yes finally after guessing the number lol

    59. Gaming Gamer 521

      Wizzo the wizard sounds like jacksepticeye xD

    60. Bartok and His Friends' Bad Ideas

      I forgot Wizzo was a recurring character

    61. Daniel Sangree

      this shit is like monty python

    62. AJ Animations

      I just realized Wizzo the Wizard just came back from Magic Spoon.

    63. Michaloskyyy


    64. Ethan Beczkiewicz

      This feels like something Monty python would do

    65. Anxious_ Possum

      This is a Monty python sketch you can’t convince me otherwise

    66. Hollowlive

      “He might have been a wizard” implies that they still don’t completely believe that he is a wizard.

    67. Tuna

      This is literally the Black Knight Monty Python sketch

    68. • That1RandomGuy •

      You can feel the literal pain in his words as he screams

    69. Thrace Burke

      This very Monty Python.

    70. Freddie

      This feels like Monty Python

    71. Nexus8846 Productions

      I didn't know Monty Python made BRcall videos

    72. Hugo Rignols

      just realised you made an actual backstory to the magic spoon wizard... yeah ... it took time for me to realise it

    73. Gavin Lepant

      This is my favorite sketch ever

    74. Catway Go

      Monty Python at its best

    75. Conor Crowley

      I just saw the cameo of the skeleton as Hbomb gets zapped. 10/10, would bone again.

      1. Conor Crowley

        aww shit there is a skeleton at the end too. Luckly, i will stand by my promise.

    76. Weird British Person

      Fun fact, I showed this to my DND DM and he said it was when you roll a 1 on intimidation

    77. swedish IKEA

      It took me 1 year and a half to understand the harry potter joke

    78. Chumble

      Eddie's performance in this is really good wtf

    79. David A.

      I love how this is historically accurate and the exact opposite at the same time. They would have burnt him for him just saying he was a wizard, but they burnt him for correctly guessing a number from 1-10

    80. TheLonelySausage

      1:27 I like how he moves like an NPC when he says "Oh shit, he's a Wizard."

    81. evann clark

      when you try to impress your dad

    82. Not the real Kermit

      Seems like a Monty Python skit

    83. Gandolf 784

      This is very Monty Pithon and the holy grail esque

    84. Jess W.

      battler from umineko

    85. the tall man in youre closet

      This is like a really violent Monty python sketch

    86. veikka toivari

      sums up the Hume Quillotine

    87. Sean Pride

      0:50 - 1:16 XD funny part

    88. Sean Pride

      "It's just a bird" I like that part

      1. A V E R A G E

        Nah just close up innit

    89. Buster B

      “Just a bird.” “ITS NOT A BIRD ITS SO BIG!” “Just a bit close innit?”

    90. Mad Lad

      This is so Monty Python like

    91. Alexandre

      Oh gosh I felt so bad when laughing about "pre existing conditions"

    92. No1

      Love this comedy. Makes me think of Monty Python. Good sketch!

      1. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

        Monty Python is very slow. They take jokes and go on about them for a long time, like the coconut gag at the beginning of Holy Grail. The Harry Potter joke in this video works in like 4 different levels in 10 seconds

    93. Thib L. Est.

      -A rope? What's the rope attached to?! -Well me, obviously

    94. Jacob Mattson.

      Major Monty python vibes

    95. Sir Henk

      0:42 "Maybe he had a preexisting condition" all COVID deniers right now

    96. R.I.P er

      This chanel is like the Smosh of our time

      1. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

        Tomska already existed in Smosh's prime and it's been better from the beginning

    97. defob

      *Appears out of thin air* *Makes a person explode* *Summons a "bird"* *Makes a person float* nah, he's not magic *Guesses the same number someone was thinking of* Yeah, he's a wizard alright

    98. Broccoli Dog

      Are u sure he’s a wizard

    99. voxti

      nah, if he was a wizard, he would have left the fire