Sam Kills Christmas


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    Settle down children, it's time for a story! But parents be warned: it gets kind of gory...
    Sam Kills Christmas Hardback (
    Animated by Ouros Animation (
    Narrated by Kevan Brighting ( kevanthevoice)
    Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley (
    Storyboarded by Dorina Herdewijn ( dorinah_draws)
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
    Edited by Elliot Gough (
    CONTENT WARNING: Violence, mild gore, Christmas in November
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    Twitter ( thetomska)
    Facebook ( thetomska)
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    Secondary Channel (
    Special thanks to Rhiannon, Alice, Steve, and Aimie.

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    1. Su蘇Christian Yu昱Hsiang翔

      This is a hundred times better

    2. Tyrant-Den

      Moral of the story: androgynous people are evil.

    3. Annie News

      I just realize that they use the same guy who was the reaper in things that can kill you from a to Z in this story

    4. Dio -E

      The best story I listened

    5. Bruh Gaming

      Wait the narrator is the stanley parable narrator?!?!

    6. I don’t understand.

      Never would I think that Santa was a psychopath.

    7. Peter_Pansexual

      Simpsons did it.

    8. ralph RMFG

      Is sam, gordon ramsay?

    9. **just a stranger**

      kinda ryhmed

    10. Mister

      Anybody notice the Narrator is from the Stanley Parable?

    11. ollie time beech

      sam could kill god if they wanted.

    12. MMR Basketball progress & gaming videos

      Why do I want to hate Christmas now?

    13. A_sour_personality

      Is Sam non-binary?

    14. Ted Dillon

      Sam sucks

    15. Alexander Heidner

      Isnt this guy voice from the stanley parable?

    16. Mrbot plays

      Is sam a boy or girl

    17. Maree Playz

      WAP am I right

    18. Samuel Han

      tom: dont try this at home me who is in a coma: OH ITS ON

    19. Andrew Angelescu

      This is tom in a nutshell.

    20. abdougamerLOL

      I'm having an odd feeling that the narrator sounds like the narrator from the stanley parable. Change my mind.

    21. Epic Mafia

      The best narrator

    22. Dr. Coomer Clone


    23. Mr. Vinegar

      I watched this a while ago yet I only noticed now that Sam was called by they/them pronouns throughout the vid . . . . I'm Non-binary so this is absolutely awesome 👌

    24. OctophonesTheSanitizedOctoling

      I still think its better than Rudolph.

    25. greybear world

      Hey I'm in a Tom ska video I MEAN WHAT

    26. Table 2.0

      My favourite non-binary representation Sam’s motivations and identity are both really fucking valid

    27. Hola Amigos

      Stanley parable flashbacks

    28. foquita jeej

      "Sam is non binary" I don't think the child who killed santa needs a fucking gender just let people call him as they please

    29. That one autistic DOOM fan


    30. •-Seaweed-•

      I'ma just say that this did have a good lesson in the end though- Kinda-

    31. James Miranda

      Sam is just hank j. Wablleson. He renamed himself for being wanted in 50 states. He kills everyone in Nevada including Jebus and tricky. So yea, that explains it

    32. Umit efe Sarisoy

      Did the narrotor from the stanley Parable narrate this

    33. Gamoment

      "You wil never find the underground factory" Me: why would you say underground and why would you say it exists

    34. historia chan

      Checker gun

    35. Kim Click

      I like how the narrator is the same from the Stanley parable there both narrators

    36. Brix Marin

      Sounds like tom hmmmmmmm

    37. ItsCforChomper - Roblox & More!

      “Shh, no witnesses.”

    38. gramp lmao

      This is the same guy that said "The Administrator is very concerned than we could get a sample" in black mesa

    39. John Erick & Josh Espinosa

      dont kill santa in real life

    40. Bleach and a Blowtorch


    41. EverydayCrev

      Hello stanley

    42. dairy manatee


    43. dairy manatee


    44. dairy manatee


    45. dairy manatee


    46. Brayden Eaves

      Sam:you killed my parents Me:S A N T A D I D W H A T

    47. Potato Knishes

      Technoblade would be proud of Santa

    48. ken boy

      Ryms like this people like this Should deserve a clap OF CHRISTMAS CHEER

    49. Makenna Gering

      This radiates enby energy

    50. The Haunt King


    51. roseabella gumdrop

      So thats how zanta was born lmao

    52. Hayden Avellona

      Why did I just notice 5 minutes into the video that the narrator sounds like the guy from The Stanley Parable.

    53. Tren TR

      Dark and wholesome. He is certainly a grey area

    54. Red Room

      I’m starting to think how good are those rhymes are you reading scripts

    55. Username Not found

      Takes dip breath* you stupid

    56. Mr cheese

      Why Santa have to kill Sam parents ?

      1. Mr cheese

        Me either

      2. Username Not found



      :crab: SANTA:S GONE :crab:

    58. eddgamer 11 :3

      I like how One of the content warnings is : christmas in november

    59. Colin Superstar!

      I can’t wait for Sam to face off against Mokey Mouse

    60. SpinBurn_Yt

      I friggin love the Rhyming narration

    61. Benjamin Ziyue PAN

      uhhhh i feel uncomfortable after hearing this song

    62. pinky

      Sam, the non-binary child who wanted to fucking murder Santa to be at peace

    63. Krpto

      You could have just sent him into space with the jet pack so he could suffocate

    64. Pikachu Cute404


    65. Alexander (Samuel) Hazan

      Ice Queen: “You’ll never find the *UNDERGROUND* factory!” *Congratulations, you just outplayed yourself.*

    66. Noxoreits

      You’ll never find the underground factory! Sam : *bet.*

    67. EddieTheGuy

      bro the Ice Queen literally almost killed Sam

    68. Lambor Gauntlet


    69. Mr. pancakes

      What the f....

    70. Jack Christensen (student)

      Its... Always... LAZERS!

    71. Peelyeet :]

      Why wkuld sam kill christmas

    72. Tecton Boom

      Lowkey the narrator is the Stanley Parable narrator

    73. Enzo Aringo

      Just imagine santa is krampus...

    74. hunter clark

      Isnt sam a boy

      1. Tren TR


      2. Squints


    75. Dragon Pl

      Play of the game

    76. Katie Cox

      I do not>:(

    77. Hello mfkr

      why does the narrator sound like the Stanly parboils narrator

    78. British Porygon

      Isn’t this guy the guy that does gingerpales episodes sometimes?

    79. רועי אור לוי

      yay death

    80. DeltaDex

      fun fact: this is the sequel to Christmas demolition

    81. Victorchu YT

      Oh my god I don’t know what to say😕😐😑

    82. martinoxa 2.0


    83. TheEternalPeanut

      help me I just discovered this, I need to know what else I missed from the Internet golden vault

      1. Nerfaderf 607

        Me too

    84. Chrisifreegita

      This feels like an animated "christmas demolition"

      1. triggered funtime freddy

        Cause it is

    85. Tina Quilitano

      When John Wick gets coal for Christmas:

    86. Seeker of Darkness 0013

      Jesus in this story Santa is a cold hearted jerk😡🤬💙

    87. Donovan Teague

      Definetly kid friendly :)

    88. Rileyalt Studios!

      sam? more like stanley

      1. Rileyalt Studios!

        tbh at first it sounded like wallace so i thought it was peter sallis but nvm

    89. ScouTT! :D

      who else is watching this in the middle of fricking february

    90. Exoskeleton 2921

      What the hell-

    91. Spider Light

      Haha I get it. If you scramble the letters in TomSka and remove the t, o, k, and then you get Sam

    92. Scribbledon

      Is this the origin of Zanta Claws? lmao

    93. Andraz Prelec

      them sam is them explain

      1. Tren TR

        XD Man or women, theres two

      2. Elijah Larson

        Non-binary, they don't have a gender.

    94. Alpha Wof

      why do i feel like sam is going to be krampus(chilllllllllls)

    95. Aiman Salehuddin

      Why sam want to kill santa claus

    96. golden plush life

      1665070th veiw

    97. BobaxPearless


    98. sus

      sam wish for some jam

    99. Theo McGee


    100. Takeo Gyobu Masataka Oniwa Masaki

      He looks a little like dio. KONO SAM DA!