Sam Kills Christmas


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    Settle down children, it's time for a story! But parents be warned: it gets kind of gory...
    Sam Kills Christmas Hardback ( )
    Animated by Ouros Animation ( )
    Narrated by Kevan Brighting ( kevanthevoice )
    Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( )
    Co-Written by Eddie Bowley ( )
    Storyboarded by Dorina Herdewijn ( dorinah_draws )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( )

    CONTENT WARNING: Violence, mild gore, Christmas in November

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    Special thanks to Rhiannon, Alice, Steve, and Aimie.

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    1. Maxien lol

      It’s like a German fairytale but in english

    2. LordLlamaOfDoom

      Sam is Danny Gonzales

      1. aaanyways animated

        Hello fellow greg

    3. Derp Derp


    4. ryttyr

      Wait, hold on. Is the Narrator in this video voiced by the same person who voices the Narrator in The Stanley Parable?

    5. Allan Ribergaard

      Okay then

    6. Miguel Buhatin

      :0 that was terrible

    7. MerlAnimates

      One of the warnings is: ''Christmas in November'' Didn't make me laugh, Tom.

    8. A Wild Candle

      Sam just looks adorable

    9. Mrew 601

      This is pico’s school but Christmas

    10. 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔰𝔲𝔱𝔞

      But what a lovely story :}

    11. 𝔥𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔰𝔲𝔱𝔞

      Fuckin Roald dhall

    12. Bonsai Gaming

      1:13 How did he shooted if he putted there traps? Why do santa was still alife? How did they survived? How did he getted on the top of the house? why do there was two reindeers not nine?

    13. Nerez

      Wait he same like tom

    14. RedKing MTX

      Well that was both wired and cool gg

    15. EazyBreezyWasNotLost

      Wow the the newest DrSues book seems promising

    16. JaqieDoesYT

      Lol 😂🤣😂

    17. DJ AM




    19. DarkRidese


    20. Sonya Griffin

      Did anyone notice that the narrator is the same one as the narrator in the Stanley parable

    21. Lee kelleher

      Tom be like: thanks Sam

    22. ShadowLucario7

      I recognized that lovely voice immediately

    23. The Ruby Red Gamer

      Weirdly I wanted it to be more dark and brutal

    24. Elias Howard

      The pre fat man good movie

    25. That One Guy In The Comment Section

      Non-binary child becomes ruler of Christmas

    26. Raphael's Epic Stuff

      "She would later admit to having a good time doing it"

      1. xavimacbash productions


    27. Psmart 911

      Is this the narrator from a Stanley parable? Edit: I just checked and it is

    28. -HelloimKoro-

      This is the best Christmas story I've ever seen. 10/10 show it to the toddlers

    29. LINX_Noob2

      I actually need this book right now

    30. Cube Blox

      a.k.a *Tom*

    31. That one llama

      This started out dark, but then became actually wholesome. She wanted to avenge her parents

      1. Ed E


      2. somethin funny

        Sam has no gender Even Tom doesn't know Sam's gender

    32. A_Gnome_

      Sam lived in house 247 on street 247, every Christmas he sat at the chimney waiting for Santa with a pocket knife, pushing buttons on the knife.

    33. Master Chief

      that was definitely the narrator for the stanley parable

    34. Therealgrimreaper

      This is the greatest christmas story ever

    35. C 3 gaming

      Wow this is dark

    36. Merio And luigi

      Ngl the ending is kinda wholesome

    37. steven dean

      Ah. Now we uncover mr teatimes past

    38. christopher corso

      Me dreaming on Christmas day

    39. Sebastian Lounsbery

      Is Christmas demolition pt.2 to this video?

    40. Ace

      As someone with a blond haired, Christmas hating sibling this story resonates with me.

    41. Bad Comedian

      Ayo The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe looks very holiday-ish.

      1. A_Gnome_

        I think this is the Samley Parable: Christmas special

    42. The Saucy Spatula

      How is nobody talking about how the Narrator is the same Narrator from The Stanley Parable?

    43. Green_wolfgaming

      At least Sam meant well

    44. Badly Drawn Medieval Lion

      Oh. So this is Zanta's Backstory

    45. Daniel Stewart

      Sam must have gone on to the black market to get that rocket launcher

    46. EddieCauseWhyNot

      YES, he (Santa) dies

    47. Parsa Ghorbani

      Stanley parable guy?

    48. Josef Kadlcek

      The grinches son

    49. Squido 2

      Im so happy this had a happy ending.

    50. Craigrock124


    51. Your Snow Bud'

      I mean, this was made by tom so...

    52. Porch Channel

      The voice actor from the Stanley parable....right?

    53. Arın Özgentürk


    54. Evan Mach

      Wo, is this what happens to naughty kids?

    55. Wirby

      Sam looks like teenager Senpai

    56. J- Film's

      When Sam came to a set of 2 opened doors, he entered the door on his left...

    57. VeryCoolName

      The narrator is the same as the Stanley Parable

    58. common568orange

      He didn't destroy Christmas he saved it

    59. Sniper

      I just realised that the narrator is the same voice actor as the narrator in the Stanley parable, my day is already great :)

    60. Wyatt Stringer

      “This is a story of a man named samley”

    61. Swirly Bulldozer

      This boy will rule the holidays

    62. Cedesect

      The non-binary icon we need

    63. The Stick Bug

      Tom during Christmas in a nutshell.

    64. Nitish Kumar Jurel

      I accidentally misread the title as "Sam kills Christians"

      1. Limess

        I mean, that would work too

      2. Cloudtail


    65. Sven Wallrauch

      Didnt know the doom slayer is called sam

    66. SpiderPlaysGames

      santa fucking accepted death and didnt bother to use magic lol

    67. Mr. Mirage

      How come no one talk about how Sam's adopted?

      1. ✭☽Andi-Dandy☾✭

        Well it’s literally mentioned at the end that they’re an orphan

    68. 1994 Honda Civic GLi

      Sam decided to go through the door on the left.

    69. Qzan

      Isn’t this the Stanley parable guy

    70. Edward Jafiarov

      And Tom from eddsoil

    71. Realest Boi

      Its the narrator from Stanley Parable

    72. Amazing Mario Bros

      Wait this is an actual book

    73. Dukefishmom

      Dude it’s the narrator from the Stanley pareble

    74. Gacha Nova!

      Wow i love thos :0 wven that i like cristmas i still love this story!

    75. Joseph MC

      The voice modulation of the melting snow queen is unexpectedly dank

    76. DangerousTeddyBear

      Hey... This isn't jingle bells...

    77. vegtibale destroyer

      Me and the boys going to kill santa

    78. hol horse41

      They got me in the first half, not gonna lie

    79. Todoranin

      on scale of one to Fucked Up, thats Fucked Up

    80. Silver

      this is literally the first time I watched this how have I avoided that for so long

    81. HighfireBois

      I was just watching Stanley Parable... Wtf...

    82. MrMischievous

      This is just Tom.

    83. Netanya Vincent

      So Sam didn’t actually KILL Christmas? Disappointing...

    84. Definitely a Magikarp

      Add another person to your "Non-binary child that commits murder" list

    85. Heather Ralston

      Sam sounds like they smoke Actually everyone sounds like they smoke

    86. DuckDog

      Sam-ley parable

    87. Toasty Bread

      He fact that Kevan Brighting from The Stanley Parable narrates this is the best part of this.

    88. JamAttack

      undertale genocide route be like

    89. bryce

      Why are Sam's parents look like barack Obama and his wife

    90. random

      Sam be like: RIP AND TEAR UNTIL ITS DONE

    91. Gabe

      I just realized why sam wants to kill Santa, his real parents died and hes adopted with other parents

    92. 🇸🇯the nørski you call issy🇸🇯

      I kinda get this He's a jehovas witness And he hates Christmas

    93. my money now

      6:52 *BFG Division Starts Playing*

    94. Game Hypothesis

      Love how Sam isn’t a boy or a girl

    95. Asankanu 457

      Sam sounds like a badass

    96. C B

      so thats thatszanta orgin story

    97. MrPineapple

      So his anger against Santa is justifiable. Yes I know the gender is not known, Sam can be short for Samuel and Samantha, but if you freak out at me about this I will be quite angry, so don’t be coming after me.

      1. Why • 234 years ago

        Theyre non binary And it doesnt really matter because theyre a kid

    98. Benry_passport

      Idk why but this feels like zanta claws

    99. Callisto64

      literally the frost moon in terraria