Meanwhile 4D


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    Time to explore even more universes with some extra dimensions thrown in!
    Featuring Chris 'Crabstickz' Kendall ( )
    Written, Produced, and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell ( ) and Eddie Bowley ( )
    Cinematography and editing by Elliot Gough ( )
    Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton ( )
    Sound Design by Dan Pugsley ( )
    Sound Recording by Liam Abbott ( liambabbott96 )
    Narration by Jonti 'Weebl' Picking ( )
    with Daniel J. Layton (actor) as Dancing Police ( )

    CONTENT WARNING: Body shaming, general TomSka-esque mischief, and the probability of motion sickness

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    1. GoodGuy

      Hey. It says 'gullible' on the ceiling.

    2. Just a Dude man

      bruh, there is almost no recoil on a 5.56 (223 Rem)

    3. Ben Wallace

      LOOK UP

    4. Dustin Provost

      that guy on the couch's clothing is absolutely filthy. like jeans are supposed to be blue not brown broski

    5. F Cole

      had to downvote this because youtube sends me to this video randomly 5+ times a day, actually liked it the first time, however, now that i can recognize the vid only from the strumming during the opening, fuck it, it's so annoying, i hate you, and your comedy :]

    6. Neotoad

      Look up Haha stole your guts

    7. Dragonblast 557

      Hey, it says Gullible on the ceiling

    8. Aidan Rodriguez / GM&RSS&MLREst. 2005

      I noticed that it says gullible on the celling

    9. doggin6

      Get a left handed guitar.

    10. BloodHelix0

      It is very difficult to watch this video on the toilet

    11. supreme drip

      Being serious, this is actually really good. 10/10. would see movie.

    12. Michael Albert

      I just couldnt stop looking at the ceiling

    13. Tyron Meade

      It says gullible on the ceiling

    14. Celeste Fellers

      Hey, it says "GULLIBLE" on the celing.

    15. Amy Anderson

      You know what would be great. It would be great if youtube stopped pushing this video on me. Not ever related to what I am watching. No idea who creator is, never seen nor care to. so like for the 10th time.... fuck you yt algorithm.

    16. VibeCraft: Minecraft& More!

      It says gullible on the ceiling

    17. Snek Rek

      Oh you've stolen my lungs

    18. Pigeon

      *i feel threate-* oh good it’s the wrong universe

    19. Moonfox_anima

      What if we are not the original univers?? 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    20. Atlas _311

      look up ;)

    21. Earth

      Hey look, it says gullible on the ceiling.

    22. Jett Bender

      I love the gullible on the ceiling

    23. Eradicator687

      What's for dinner.

    24. supreme drip

      My Mom: "My daughter must be working on her exam! Me: " Ha ha tom is pigeon.

    25. imakegames79

      oh hey it says gullible on the ceiling.

    26. Dat epic boi H S

      Hey it says gullible on the ceiling

      1. Dat epic boi H S

        Ha stole ya lungs

    27. Bob-omber

      it says “gullible” on the ceiling

    28. Alexander The Best

      0:33 among us public lobbies

    29. Alexander The Best

      Meanwhile in a parallel universe where LittleBigPlanet A: hello B: hi *but it’s the day the ddos attack happened* RandomPerson123 has been disconnected OtherRandomPerson456 has been disconnected 3rdRandomPerson789 has been disconnected RandomPerson147 has been disconnected RandomPerson258: Wait a minute, how was there more tha- *Network Connection Lost*

    30. Arty GamerTT


    31. LOL RIP


    32. Gawin Studio

      If you look up it says gullible so I guess I am

    33. Jessica Blackhall

      It says gullible on the ceiling

    34. FC ULTIMATE 🗸


    35. Adam Green

      Hey it says gullible on the ceiling

    36. TubbyTheClown _

      Lol “gullible” on the ceiling

    37. LoganIsBroken

      look it says gullible on the ceiling

    38. Jason Bowers

      Why did I watch this all the way through even though I accidentally clicked on it

    39. RoboDuck

      I’m a big fan of the universe with slightly more ducks

    40. NateToons

      I put this video screen on the ground and realized how unleveled my room is

    41. Mega RainHunter

      Anyone else notice the alien baby thing in the doorway

    42. Etarnalazure

      Whats with the doll in the doorway half way through?

    43. Alka Srivastava

      Hey Its written gullinle on the celling

    44. NuggetIsHere

      It says gullible on the ceiling

    45. Mini Garcello

      t h e e n d

    46. Ashley Wentzlaff


    47. Aliza Pangaibat

      Wait the cop wasn’t dancing so

    48. Ty 7689

      I wish the pigeon one wasn't in 4d

    49. Harry Kim

      hey, it says gullible on the ceiling

    50. Gacha_brody

      1:10 when your kid comes to tell you something at 2am in the morning *what they say*

    51. Raiden

      Hey, hey guy it says guliable on the ceiling

    52. my tiny corner

      Meanwhile there's gullible on the ceiling

    53. mylilfamily 2021

      Holy shiiiiiii its a 3d video

    54. The KYLE Projekt

      How do you film like this wtf

    55. Jonathan Guerra

      If u look up u see gullble

    56. Mancubus Official

      This is amazing

    57. Ryan Latham

      I was the 6k dislike

    58. bj Max

      Hey, it says "GULLIBLE" on the ceiling

    59. ThetacocatxD

      Hehehe it says gullible on the ceiling.

    60. Anakin Skywalker

      It says gullible on the ceiling

    61. A Ginger Red Head


    62. Crackerjack

      hah. computer.

    63. Stan Joannis

      i have nothing against this dude. never watched his videos, never will. but this fking video has shown up on my autoplay over 20 times this month alone why

    64. The Pixelated Marshmallow


    65. Angry Slime

      0:32 look to the left 👁👄👁

    66. R.M. Rähm

      the fucking uzllible REEEEEEEEEEE

    67. celestefan139

      Hey it says gullible on the ceiling

    68. Faith Hyre

      Don’t try to swipe up, doesn’t fucking work for some reason

    69. Caden Bolt


    70. Jada Carter

      It says gullible on the ceiling in the video

    71. It's weird

      It says gullible on the ceiling

    72. Zasterez

      Gullible is on the roof

    73. Spectrum

      It says gullible on the ceiling XD

    74. Meep beep

      It says gullible on the ceiling.

    75. Khloe the furry

      Hey there's gullible on the ceiling

    76. jamesjturner25

      stop showing up on my goddamn feed i dont want to watch your shitty video. disliked because it wont stop showing up on my feed.

    77. Master of Blinchiki

      I HATE it, when a hyper-intelligent horse person comes to my house and blows me.

    78. Sliver

      Oh hey! It says gullible on the ceiling!

    79. Krystian Jaromin


    80. Cloudtail

      I love how it says gullible on the ceiling

    81. Shusji

      in the end your just like fuck

    82. Blitz_effect

      0:31 look down and to the left

    83. Chicken nugget overlord

      0:44 look in the door

    84. Marcus Okai-adjetey

      Can someone explain why everyone is saying gulliable is on the ceiling you stole my lungs I see it on the ceiling but I don’t see the you got my lungs

    85. CringeKid

      “Hey look, it says gullible on the ceiling”

    86. Mr.Goggles

      Look up it’s says gullible

    87. Danny watkins

      he-hey guy, look at the ceiling

    88. james jess

      Hyper intelligent horse people came, they saw, and then they hastily returned.

    89. Dark Light

      hey hey look their is gullible on the ceiling

    90. Chilled

      Hey, it says gullible on the ceiling.

    91. shaneyboi

      Hey, it says gulliblue on the seeling

    92. Alfredo Gaitan

      That's a neat ceiling fan!

    93. Hank J. Wimbleton

      Hey I found Chris

    94. Ingeborg Roland

      Omg it says gullible on the ceiling

    95. Tilon


    96. Natalia Heras Terol

      Hey guys there’s gullible written on the cealing

    97. Cyskull

      It actually says gullible on the ceiling

    98. EazyBreezyWasNotLost

      I need to watch this on my headset

    99. a good dude with a good 'tude

      Does it say gullible on the ceiling?