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  1. CaillouFTW PawPatrolFTL

    0:45 when the last day of school begins

  2. voltz playz

    plot twist some wierdo came and kidnaped the baby and buirred the baby alive

  3. Mert Yanar

    I am a time traveller and a fish to this video

  4. Brogan Somerville


  5. Pavel Ac


  6. Charles Toonz

    2:46 this ended unexpectedly

  7. Evelyn Kinson

    Heheh hedy manbeast😂😂

  8. Retroboy2006

    1:29 "The orphans, they're all dead! What kind of man would do this?!" Anakin: *Monkey face meme*

  9. MR,cone

    lol its says gullible on the sleling

  10. Tony

    ...and I used to find this kinda funny....

  11. Deron Every

    🎶it's a lovely day to walk down the road, and if I ever stop singing I will explode🎶

  12. Fnaf Fans fnaf roblox plush vids and more!

    If tiktok touches this i will want to die die die

    1. يوسف شقر

      right lol

  13. Page's Waffles

    Violence is never the answer IT IS A QUESTION AND THE ANSWER IS YES

  14. I J


  15. Sonic fan 2000

    Talk about too much of a good thing

  16. Fujiwara no BIO

    video games didn't cause violence. Homework cause violence action. video games violence idea tho

    1. Fujiwara no BIO

      my experience

  17. RECMonika

    The anwser is 9

  18. Mert

    cok mutlu sarki takla aticam simdi

  19. whø¿

    Gen Z be like:

  20. Kevin Getzoff

    This was made in 2014 and he said "POGS" I have no idea what time is anymore when did this become a thing?

  21. Edwin Bolaines

    When he said HEY are you a alien? Because your out of this world. I thought he was going to pull a gun out then shoot him but instead the romantic song came on then THEY KISSED.

  22. The Beka Show

    My mom: why did you pause At 1:14? Me: *_y o u w o u l d n ' t u n d e r s t a n d_*

  23. marshmellow fluff


  24. Kevin Mitchell

    I am surprised this video has Caddicarus

  25. Onchion


  26. Sam_playz ttv

    I'm here before WW3 to appreciate this song before I DIE, DIE, DIE!!!!

  27. Deron Every

    2:00- 2:03 Me trying to start the same thing my friend started

  28. Jess Jones

    nvm its 2:27

  29. jarrett webb

    Where's dababy

  30. Jess Jones

    im pretty sure wilbur voiced 2:28

  31. Tanaka Gotora

    How tf does this have 3 mily likes 💀

  32. TT 56

    I met u at birmingham comic con

  33. Lkb troopa

    0:30 is that a body in the lower corner

  34. Nathalie Louise

    this is such a cute animation but also such a dark story XD

  35. Simone Cau

    I hear a car alarm

  36. Fallenkiller89

    When is next asdf movie?

  37. Boyfriend

    I can hold a grudge forever! next time we meet. I will

  38. itsthatguyagain

    It says gullable on the seiling

  39. Lenilson Ramos

    𝒾𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒽𝑜𝓁𝑒.

  40. Mikeneboo YT

    It’s human time cause I want to die die die

  41. Sansco

    these songs are always so upbeat

  42. King Dedede


  43. Effectivefox2


  44. Alexgaming

    good song

  45. Indra in Korea

    This song is like the celebration of all the asdfmovie that comes before, and Tom's journey in making them. I love it, such a throwback!

  46. josiah Castillo

    The end is near man predecteted the future

  47. ThatCat

    *santa was the imposter*

  48. Peacock

    Barbershop quartet Dan ow Ow OW OWWWWW

  49. Mr. Suspicious

    OMG this has 100M views

  50. zeffery


  51. Benjamin Acosta

    asdf the poster at the start

  52. Maria Graça

    Serra que só tem eu de brasileiro

  53. augmented u-turn

    america is really outsourcing to other countries to make songs about america

  54. The Lizard Doctors

    Asdfmovie in the future

  55. Poland //CountryHumans//

    1:56 ;-; I cried when he disappeared

  56. Korvin and the Cartoon Characters

    Is that Francis aka Boogie2988 2:23

  57. The Lizard Doctors

    In this video we learned that Tom hates gay people...

  58. PurpleToons

    when a human speaks to a neanderthal

  59. Teresa Hoxie

    Hey it says gullible on the ceiling

  60. Whip Plays

    I like how he says: 'ah shit'

  61. Mark Chell

    0:40. The US courts rn.

  62. Lacho

    BadBoyHalo must show up

  63. TheBritishWolf

    Wow, he was killed over a sandwich? ... Now I feel kinda bad for eating it and planting that note from Tom to frame him.





  66. The Lizard Doctors

    Remember on asdf movie where the girl asked where the baby was at and he said I think he went out side and he was inside the guy “you fool”

  67. Lo-fi UwU

    muffin:kill me my brother: O_O

  68. WolfieDoesThings

    "HOW COULD YOU LOSE THE BABY??" "I NEVER EVEN WANTED A BABY!" *Top 10 Anime Betrayals* (has this been done yet?)

  69. IMMORTAL17

    i bet badboyhalo hears this all time

  70. itsthatguyagain

    Favorite one "Thats my boy" "No my boy" "Father help"

  71. WildWolfMaster

    Essentially since cartoons live forever Desmond: ...

  72. CrazeeAte


  73. Boyfriend

    Girl:who are these people? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLLEE!?!?

  74. Crash Dummy

    Im adding this to my playlist

  75. santiago medina

    i m are is roblox is piggy are not are stupid 😁😁

  76. FortniteZero ,

    Danny let go



  78. a mustycow

    at 1:58 i wish i could relate but atleast i can relate to 0:15

  79. fxorever brxken

    who alse noticed that its that dog from that one show😂🤣